Radical Agenda EP083 – It’s The Current Year!

Good riddance, 2015! Finally, liberals have lost the “It’s 2015!” excuse for their bad policies. Though upon stating this, I was rapidly reminded that 2015 had nothing in particular to do with it. Leftists simply view their regressive agenda as the future, and all the excuse they need for pursuing the destruction of Western civilization and generally everything good and decent in the world, is the passage of time. All “It’s 2015” ever really meant was “It’s the current year” and such obnoxious slogans will continue until the helicopter brigades run out of liberals to execute.

Radical Agenda EP083 - It's The Current Year!
Radical Agenda EP083 – It’s The Current Year!

It was a year of record breaking expansion of federal regulations. Unsurprisingly, that had some remarkably negative effects on the economy. 2015 was the worst year for the stock market since the 2008 crisis. It was the toughest year to make money overall since 1978.

Contrary to the insistence of politically correct thought police and social justice warriors, that a callout culture and awareness of “microaggressions” would make our society more peaceful and welcoming to people of other cultures and racial minorities, race relations are the worst they have been in 20 years. Black on black crime has skyrocketed in Democrat run cities throughout the country. And now an openly racist (by liberal standards) billionaire is the 2016 Republican frontrunner, and immigration is a front burner issue.

The failures of left wing demagoguery have not been so pronounced in a civilization since perhaps the fall of the Soviet Union. From bad economics, to cultural conflicts, right down to degenerate sexual behaviors, liberal narratives are in free fall collapse at speeds which make the 9/11 commission report seem credible by comparison.

Here at the Radical Agenda, 2015 marked our first year of regular production. The show started off in 2013 as “Some Garbage Podcast” with my business partner Eddie Dunne in New York. We tried to do it as a weekly show, but after almost two years we had only produced 36 episodes.

In 2015 I began doing the show weekly from my apartment here in Keene, New Hampshire, with a rotation of different cohosts. When cohosts were in short supply I began doing the show on my own to keep schedule, and realized that while difficult, it was not impossible for me to do this. Shortly after having Walter Williams on as an honored guest, I decided the intentionally self deprecating name of the show was no longer suitable, and having changed the format considerably already, I opted to rebrand the show Radical Agenda. Since doing so we’ve more than doubled the size of the audience and gotten finances to the point of being sustainable. That’s not something many productions of this nature can lay claim to, and I’m quite proud of that.

In 2016, I’ve got a number of goals. There is of course the usual sober up, get in shape, make more money routine so many of us go through. More relevant to your interests, I plan to get the show running five days a week, we’ll see the return of Anarcho-Lobbyist next month, and I am determined to get a book published before the end of the year. Look forward to lots of gun videos as well.

In other news,  “Free the Nipple” has gone mainstream, leftists attempt to normalize bestiality, Ron Paul is wrong again, even atheism is rejecting cultural marxism, a militant feminist changes her mind after giving birth, gun control cometh, and if you thought that was scary, we also take your calls at 218-936-0815 or Radical Agenda on Skype.

Join us, this and every Friday (as well as Mondays and Wednesdays) from 5-7pm Eastern for another exciting episode of the Radical Agenda. It’s a show about about common sense extremism where we talk about radical, crazy, off the wall things like narrative collapse.

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