The Daily Shoah! Episode 66: Amerikan Kulak

I had the chance to join the boys over at for another episode of The Daily Shoah last night to discuss the Oregon “occupation” story and some other topics.

The Daily Shoah w/
The Daily Shoah w/

The Death Panel’s jimmies are in ORBIT over what has been done to the Hammond family in Oregon. Featuring a new Moonman song and The Merchant Minute.

Death Panelists: Mike Enoch, Ghoul, Alex McNabb, Seventh Son, Christopher Cantwell.

  • 0:00 Intro: Rocktheme ’16
  • 1:45 #OregonUnderAttack
  • 1:32:00 Moonman and the Triple K Mafia Raid
  • 1:40:00 D’nations
  • 1:54:24 Some good press
  • 2:16:30 Eminent Domain
  • 2:50:15 The Merchant Minute


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