Fash Britannia Episode 15: America the Beautiful

This Sunday I had the opportunity to join “Fash Britannia”, another fine production from TheRightStuff.biz, as a guest. Their description is posted below

Fash Britannia Episode 15: America the Beautiful

Fash Britannia Episode 15: America the Beautiful

Continuing in the series of the British Empire/Commonwealth podcasts, the Privy Council (Cathy, Welga, and Ollie)are joined by the most belligerent of colonists, Christopher Cantwell, Jazzhands McFeels and How About This. They talk about Trump, Islaaaaam, Brexit, and countless other things.

2:45 Trump update
32:08 Britain First Christian patrols
39:00 Overton window
46:30 Joining ISIS: a new way to signal
54:40 German cuckdom (Merkel is destroying Germany)
1:00:04 Symbols
1:03:06 Are Russians huWhite?
1:05:50 Homogeneity is not enough
1:15:07 The worth(lessness) of (((education)))
1:20:24 EU referendum update
1:26:49 Emma Watson petition
1:29:19 Busload of kebab
1:30:40 Documentaries on Africa
1:32:44 Hamtramck, Michigan
1:38:46 Book recommendation – Hive Mind by Garett Jones
1:41:00 Degenerate of the Week







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  • Marlow Mosier

    Listen to Molyneux’s You tubes eviscerating Sowell’s critique of Trump. That’s right. He put out not one, but two two You tubes rebutting Sowell, along with another rebutting the National Review’s anti-Trump issue and a great one on why Trump did the right thing in refusing to be a part of today’s FOX debate. Molyneux is on fire on this issue. By the way, I love your your blog and podcasts also.

  • Are these the same nut jobs who think monarchy is still a thing? much less a good thing. I couldn’t help but notice the repeated mentions of the Jewish Question. Are they looking for a replay of insane racist nationalism too? The big Question in question is absurd. There are two reasons Jewish people are so successful in Western society. The obvious one is networking. They have an effective in group. The other is historical. Historically, it was a sin for Christians to be money lenders. As the enlightenment progressed us out of the Dark Ages with its religious insanity, absolute monarchy, and the basic anti-capitalist attitude the times, Jews had an inside track on capitalism. If you bothered to check out the nature of Nazi propaganda it was tied to the National Socialist anti-capitalism and anit-individualism. Marx was an ethnic self hating Jew who basiclally hated money and the entire idea of property rights. Many Jews, such as Leon Trotsky, became atheistic Marxist Communists. Communism was the main rival to Nazi totalitarianism. Thus, it was easy for Nazi propagandists to associate the Commies with the Jews. The Jewish worldview still suffers from this split personality disorder as evidenced by extreme differences from Ayn Rand, Rothbard, Alan Greenspan, and Nathan Blummenthal (aka Nathaniel Brandon) to Burnie Sanders, which makes them exactly like everyone else.

    • Randall Stevens

      Still waiting for a reply on my question I posted to two different articles at TRS:

      “I’m new here and still don’t get the hostility towards ancaps. I don’t want to be robbed at gunpoint to fund the state. If I wanted to be robbed, I’d live with niggers. Why is it acting like a thieving nigger is suddenly acceptable when it supports your agenda?”

      • What the fuck does this have to do with anything I wrote?

      • Mortado

        I don’t think it’s hostility so much as it is just thinking that ancapism is inadequate for facing our current issues and maybe not realistic. I’m an ancap and consider myself a part of the alt-right, same with Cantwell. So long as you don’t go full autist and sperg out about the NAP, I doubt anyone would have a problem with you.

    • Mortado

      What’s wrong with monarchy? Monarchism has proven itself far more conducive to libertarian ideas than democracy. Also, monarchy most definitely is “still a thing”, just look at Liechtenstein. Not at all prominent, but still exists to some extent. Reading the rest of your asinine comment, you don’t really seem to know what you’re talking about. Try actually reading some opposing viewpoints instead of just attacking caricatures.

      • I’ve studied history, you idiot. You should try it. It is the only cure for your delusions.

      • Assuming you are capable of reason and not simply an ignorant and emotional female who only sees what is in front of her face, Liechtenstein is puppet state of the EU, a founding member. The only actual independent monarchies are in Arabia, where the Dark ages mentality is still in force. You should go check it out in person if the only way you can learn is by experience.

        • Mortado

          The question wasn’t whether or not Liechtenstein is the best example of monarchy ever, but rather a question of whether or not monarchy still exists. Also, Arab countries =/= European countries. European monarchies were never like Saudi Arabia and the fact that you think they are just shows your ignorance. Again, actually read and familiarize yourself with concepts before making retarded statements. Do you actually think democracy is a superior system from a libertarian perspective?

          • Democracy and Autocracy are different sides of the same authoritarian coin. I lean toward meritocracy. For example, the Chinese socialists learned from their experience with Maoism that socialism does not work and mob rule (the cultural revolution) achieves insane results. They shifted right and adopted a mixed economy like Nixon and Kissinger suggested. It’s working out better except for the nasty boom bust cycle. The one party system stripped of its ideology is an oligarchy. Oligarchy is the most stable form of government. The one in the Vatican has endured for centuries. Weather or not stable is good depends on the ideas being conserved. The insane tendency to switch from one form of authoritarianism to another will not achieve different results.

          • Mortado

            So would you accept aristocracy as a superior form of government? Also, monarchy is not really authoritarian at all. Under traditional monarchy, the typical state was so much smaller that it would barely qualify as a government in modern terms. Under monarchy, the modern warfare and welfare state didn’t exist and only came about because of democracy.

          • To repeat, you need to study history. Monarchy came about as the result of military conquest and only existed because it kept a standing army. Monarchy invented modern warfare and the welfare state. And that was a “limited” monarchy in Germany. The modern system is even named after the King of Prussia’s main mass murder, Bismark. Even if you want to go back further, the welfare state was first instituted under Elizabeth, in Britain, after centuries of trying to conquer France. You are an historical retard.

          • Mortado

            Where did you study history? This is blatantly wrong and shows total ignorance of the actual facts. Come back to me when you learn how society was actually ordered under monarchy.

          • Wrong again, the only reason Western society ever returned to order after the barbarian invasions destroyed the Western Roman Empire were the result of the survival of a residue of Roman Republicanism in Italy, which was able to re-assert itself in many Italian city-states. Feudal rulers progressed only to the extent that they were able to ape Roman law. The main positive influence of feudal autocracy was the expulsion of Islam from Spain by military conquest. Then, under the Christian autocratic regime they ruthlessly exploited the wealth of the Jews and hold out Islamists by the horrifying means known as the Spanish Inquisition, just has a French Monarch had done to wealthy militant monks a few centuries earlier. That was not order. That was systematic looting. Monarchs are merely to chiefs among looters and murders.

          • You should begin by reading the Federalist Papers which explain how democracy fails and why a balanced federated republic is the best form a government, one in which only significant property owners are allowed to vote. The ideas of limited and responsible government were overthrown by Jacksonian Democracy in the western states first with the establishment of “one man one vote”. Then they let women vote and it was all over. Women voted in the degenerate welfare state.

          • The early US system of federalism was oligarchic, an oligarchy of politicians representing the several states. Democracy destroyed a fine limited republic. The Articles of Confederation had very little power, but politicians in the several states were terrified of local democracy running amok. The Constitution tried to limit the several states as well as the new super state in the DC. It was a system based on representation, not pure democracy. Democracy in America is our big lie.

    • paendragon

      The nazis were so obsessed with associating communism with Jews that they allied with uber-socialists Mussolini and Stalin.


  • Guy From V

    Totally installed the (((Coincidence Detector))).