Twitter Counts Political Statements as “Violent Threats”

So, you may have heard I got “suspended” from Twitter the morning after the New Hampshire presidential primary. I make no secret or denial that I said cruel, racist, things on Twitter. Nor do I make any secret or denial that I sincerely want terrible things to happen to my political enemies. I’ve even gone so far as to suggest the government should exterminate them.

Twitter Suspension
Twitter Suspension

What I have not done, however, is make personal threats. I have not said “I will murder/hit/kidnap/rob/rape you.I have not said “John should murder Fred” or “Bill must rape Jenny

I have said things like “Let’s skip the elections and go straight to the part where we pave the streets with dead liberals” and “@realDonaldTrump I’m armed to the teeth & I hate democracy. Why wait for November? Let’s TAKE America Great again!” and “I woke up with a ‘Vote for Bernie’ door hanger on my door knob and thought ‘I need more lethal booby traps on my driveway'”

You might not like those statements. You might think them quite vicious. But they are no more threats than saying “Let’s throw people in prison if they discriminate against homosexuals” or “Anyone who resists the tax collector ought to be shot”. I wonder how many people who called for the deaths of the Malheur occupiers were suspended by Twitter? I suspect not many.

Your account has been suspended for posting a violent threat.
Your account has been suspended for posting a violent threat.

Twitter seems to disagree. After receiving notice of my suspension, I waited 24 hours before filing an appeal. I got no answer. I waited another 24 hours, then I filed another. Today I got a reply claiming that I was suspended for “posting a violent threat” and that since this was against the rules, my account would not be restored.

That might not seem like a big deal to some of you, but I spent the last seven years building that Twitter audience with over 20,000 tweets. I had nearly 8,000 followers, over 1,000 of which were gained in just the last 90 days. Twitter is my third largest traffic referrer behind Facebook and Google. I do not use Twitter for my own personal entertainment. It is a part of my business, and my business is shocking political commentary. Unfortunately, it seems Twitter has reserved use of their platform for that trade, to the left.

Feel free to look over this PDF of all my Tweets and replies from the 3 days leading up to my suspension. You’ll find a great deal of cruelty, sarcasm, and racially insensitive material, but no threats. Twitter’s new “Trust and Safety Council” is predictably being dishonest and taking sides in political battles. They are coming first for mid level commentators, but you can be sure that extra scrutiny is being paid to anyone on the right, and given enough time, higher profile people will follow.

What made social media great was it created massive platforms for people to engage one another on a wide variety of ideas. What made Twitter better was that it allowed people to do so under pseudonyms, and without the hypersensitive censorship policy of Facebook.

All of that is gone now. Leftists have seized control. They will use any dishonest, violent, or otherwise despicable tactic made available to them to silence their opposition and control the narratives. That’s the only violent threat I see here.

If I could offer Twitter some advice, it would be that the last thing anybody needs is another Tumblr. Moving left of Zuckerberg won’t make you as profitable as Facebook. It will only descend the level of conversation to that of a rainbow room safe space for borderline retarded children. But perhaps limiting those retarded children to 140 characters or less is a policy our college campuses should consider.

I’d love to walk away from the platform for good, but I’m going to give it one more shot. My new handle is RadAgenda (someone already took RadicalAgenda, dammit). Follow me and help me rebuild what was unjustly taken from me by our enemies.

UPDATE 03/14/2016 I was banned again, my new Twitter handle is FUFeelinz

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