Twitter Counts Political Statements as “Violent Threats”

So, you may have heard I got “suspended” from Twitter the morning after the New Hampshire presidential primary. I make no secret or denial that I said cruel, racist, things on Twitter. Nor do I make any secret or denial that I sincerely want terrible things to happen to my political enemies. I’ve even gone so far as to suggest the government should exterminate them.

Twitter Suspension

Twitter Suspension

What I have not done, however, is make personal threats. I have not said “I will murder/hit/kidnap/rob/rape you.I have not said “John should murder Fred” or “Bill must rape Jenny

I have said things like “Let’s skip the elections and go straight to the part where we pave the streets with dead liberals” and “@realDonaldTrump I’m armed to the teeth & I hate democracy. Why wait for November? Let’s TAKE America Great again!” and “I woke up with a ‘Vote for Bernie’ door hanger on my door knob and thought ‘I need more lethal booby traps on my driveway'”

You might not like those statements. You might think them quite vicious. But they are no more threats than saying “Let’s throw people in prison if they discriminate against homosexuals” or “Anyone who resists the tax collector ought to be shot”. I wonder how many people who called for the deaths of the Malheur occupiers were suspended by Twitter? I suspect not many.

Your account has been suspended for posting a violent threat.

Your account has been suspended for posting a violent threat.

Twitter seems to disagree. After receiving notice of my suspension, I waited 24 hours before filing an appeal. I got no answer. I waited another 24 hours, then I filed another. Today I got a reply claiming that I was suspended for “posting a violent threat” and that since this was against the rules, my account would not be restored.

That might not seem like a big deal to some of you, but I spent the last seven years building that Twitter audience with over 20,000 tweets. I had nearly 8,000 followers, over 1,000 of which were gained in just the last 90 days. Twitter is my third largest traffic referrer behind Facebook and Google. I do not use Twitter for my own personal entertainment. It is a part of my business, and my business is shocking political commentary. Unfortunately, it seems Twitter has reserved use of their platform for that trade, to the left.

Feel free to look over this PDF of all my Tweets and replies from the 3 days leading up to my suspension. You’ll find a great deal of cruelty, sarcasm, and racially insensitive material, but no threats. Twitter’s new “Trust and Safety Council” is predictably being dishonest and taking sides in political battles. They are coming first for mid level commentators, but you can be sure that extra scrutiny is being paid to anyone on the right, and given enough time, higher profile people will follow.

What made social media great was it created massive platforms for people to engage one another on a wide variety of ideas. What made Twitter better was that it allowed people to do so under pseudonyms, and without the hypersensitive censorship policy of Facebook.

All of that is gone now. Leftists have seized control. They will use any dishonest, violent, or otherwise despicable tactic made available to them to silence their opposition and control the narratives. That’s the only violent threat I see here.

If I could offer Twitter some advice, it would be that the last thing anybody needs is another Tumblr. Moving left of Zuckerberg won’t make you as profitable as Facebook. It will only descend the level of conversation to that of a rainbow room safe space for borderline retarded children. But perhaps limiting those retarded children to 140 characters or less is a policy our college campuses should consider.

I’d love to walk away from the platform for good, but I’m going to give it one more shot. My new handle is RadAgenda (someone already took RadicalAgenda, dammit). Follow me and help me rebuild what was unjustly taken from me by our enemies.

UPDATE 03/14/2016 I was banned again, my new Twitter handle is FUFeelinz

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  • Adios mi general

  • Goyish Normie

    When the empire falls, I’ll be sure to mention your name to the Twitter employees I behead.

  • paendragon

    Rebel Media recently proved Twitter was hijacked by fascist leftards:

    youtube /watch?v=2djwNByTk_0

    • marlene

      That’s right, And guess what? cruz has a data-mining company of 200 million unwitting Americans with personal information collected on them through back-door access granted by Facebook, AOL, Verison, Microsoft, Skype Division, Google, YouTube, Yahoo, Apple, and PalTalk and soon,, Twitter. READ: “Cruz’s Unethical Profiling of Americans” by Anita Hodge on newswithviews.

      • paendragon


        That’d be here:

        newswithviews /Hoge/anita125.htm

        • marlene


    • marlene

      The link doesn’t work.

      • Swifty_s

        in the URL replace the space after “youtube” with “.com”

        • marlene


  • Anti512

    I think we should all create multiple accounts and flood twitter with your tweets…

    • marlene

      Great idea – let’s do it!

  • SimonH

    Sucks to hear Chris, they will use any excuse to ban you, nothing you could’ve done

  • The Dead Baron (Dindu Nathan’)

    Thw problem is that the Right, reactionary as it is, always follows the Left.
    Think of…white, douchebag frat-boys partying to hip-hop.
    Its kinda like that. Basically, cucking.

    Enter: the Alt-Right. Zero cucks. Zero fucks.

    Now. Good for Richard Spencer… But. Radix journal isn’t cutting it.

    We need to forge our own media. The Left can interact therein, or they can fuck off.

    We don’t need them. We need to dismantle, decapitate, them. But, we might tolerate them, for the sake of “democracy”.

    We need to not be the faggot bro’s cucking to hip-hop at the all-white party.


    • marlene


  • marlene

    The only ones allowed to make death threats on twitter-dumb are the jihadists, muslim, illegals, black racists, and the liberals themselves. If you had threatened to kill Trump, Rev Graham, gun owners, pro-lifers, patriots, or conservatives, you’d have gotten a special spot on twitter-dumb with a letter of thanks!

  • Swifty_s

    Although I may disagree with some things you say, I defend to your right to say them.

  • IRONMANAustralia

    Again, I’ll reiterate what I said when I called into the most recent show. The solution to this problem is to be found focusing on maintaining the connections between you and your subscribers regardless of what third parties do, by having some kind of system that does not rely on the platforms themselves. Even if it’s not fucking feminist SJW cunts appealing to the idiot owners of the platforms to silence people they don’t like, it will be some other pack of fuckheads, the government, or just dumbfuck company policy in general.

    Nobody likes Facebook’s bullshit, nobody likes Youtube’s bullshit, or at least a significant number of people are sick of being herded around like cattle and would rather have other viable options. We need a technological “magic button” that allows normal economic forces to come into play.

    Frankly Cantwell, I found your objections to what I was suggesting to be knee-jerk simplistic and prematurely dismissive, but I was glad to hear you’d at least thought about it before. You started going on about the size of the Bitcoin blockchain, which isn’t really so much the problem here because it’s not individual transactions we’re processing, we’re just disseminating the small amount of information in each “wallet”, (which can only be changed by the owner), to interested parties – essentially a list of links to the sites at which your content can be found, (I would have thought that obvious so was a knocked off my train of thought a bit when you brought up blockchain size).

    It’s more akin to peer-to-peer, because everyone subscribed to you would download those details, then have them at hand for other subscribers. So if you have one subscriber, he has one seed, (you), which is not very taxing to your system. If you have two subscribers, they each have two seeds, (you and the other subscriber). So the more subscribers you have the quicker and easier it becomes to disseminate any updates to that list of accounts. This transfer is only occurring between your subscribers the same way not everyone who uses uTorrent is involved in the transfer of a particular torrent, and compared to a torrent the quantity of data is positively microscopic, relatively constant, (not exponentially increasing), and changes are infrequent.

    The comparison to Bitcoin was for the sake of encryption and the ability to create a secure “wallet” to hold an identity independent of any centralised system.

    The details don’t really matter. What does matter is that the subscriber barely notices the change of account – as in this case where you are changing from one Twitter account to another one you opened, (because fuck Twitter), or in the case where you’d transfer from Twitter to another service, (because fuck Twitter). Which is why you’d want some free open source software to handle to the raw information and your subscriptions locally, (just making the protocol public would mean anyone could write their own software – it’s the underlying protocol that matters).

    Telling me about your e-mail newsletter was likewise missing the point.
    On a sidenote: I rarely even check my e-mail, so I’m not even subscribed to yours. If you disappeared off the face of the Internet I’m pretty sure I’d find out where you’d got to from Max over Skype before I’d check my e-mail, so I’m not worried about that.
    The problem is that not everyone uses it, or wants to, but mainly that it only helps me stay subscribed to you – one person – and I’d have to manually make any adjustments to Twitter subscriptions anyway based on the information from it.

    I already do maintain my subscriptions locally in some form. I use an add-on called “Update Scanner”, that scans a variety of sites I follow for changes rather than me manually checking them, (including Youtube channels and Twitter pages). What I am proposing isn’t that much more than a version with which I can subscribe to an online identity and have the various accounts associated with that identity kept up-to-date automatically. That way, content producers like yourself could chop, change, and ad accounts frequently without your subscribers being inconvenienced or even noticing.

    As an added benefit you wouldn’t have Youtube, Facebook, advertisers, and the NSA having direct and easy access to a list of shit you subscribe to. So there’s a privacy aspect there to for what it’s worth.

    Also since you would be using a local program rather than Youtube’s subscription feed or whatever interface Facebook uses, they wouldn’t be able to shit it up with their ads or incessant recommendations that you subscribe to that faggot Pewdiepie and dumb crap like that.

    I also said that I have Youtube channel pages on Update Scanner – these are people and channels from whom I don’t want to miss a thing. I can’t rely on the Youtube subscription feed to not bury shit I care about under a pile of shit I don’t. That’s another reason I’d like to have more control of my subscriptions, as well as having a number of sites integrated into one feed organised according to my priorities.

  • Budthestud

    I think it might have been the “@bsonk I’ll show you tough, you jew motherfucker you.”. The JIDF got you, not the lefties (same people really).

  • Richard Chiu

    Really, the only way to respond to the efforts by those in power (and make no mistake, facebook and twitter et al are not spontaneously moving to favor Marxism without considerable influence being brought to bear behind the scenes) to shut down free speech is to prepare to resort to force in defending your life, liberty, and property against those who will not listen to reason.

  • Shitlord-Twitsock

    This bullshit! Cantwell dindu nuffin! Fuck Twitter.

  • Thomas Gordon

    I would tend to agree with Twitter that some political statements really DO constitute violent threats. The trouble is, they’ve misidentified them. When someone campaigns for a law enabling them to steal from others in the future, backed by threats of violence, that really IS a violent threat. Sadly Twitter has no problem whatsoever with that: on the contrary, Twitter regards protest against violence, and (a fortiori) promises to resist violence as threats of violence.
    It’s the topsy-turvy world we live in, in which a burglar entering your house is a misunderstood soul but if you shoot the mother fucker in the face you’re (somehow) a bad guy.

    Tony Martin for UK PM

  • Nick

    You forgot the #BLM. You can say anything if you tack that on.

  • So true.