Anarcho-Lobbyist vs. Free The Nipple

Last year a transgender person and a feminist came to a New Hampshire beach to show off their repulsive breasts in front of children. They thought this would be a great way to battle their favorite bogeymen “rape culture” and “the patriarchy”. Thankfully, they were charged with lewdness for their efforts.

Anarcho-Lobbyist vs. Free The Nipple

Anarcho-Lobbyist vs. Free The Nipple

Sadly, they defeated the case in court. So the New Hampshire state legislature took action and proposed a bill that would explicitly make it illegal for women to go topless in public. House Bill 1525 was before the House Criminal Justice & Public Safety Committee today, and I testified in favor of it.

This didn’t come naturally to me. I’m a libertarian and don’t usually think laws are good was of solving problems. The case made in my testimony however, was that since the people of the community are compelled to pay for the beach through the tax code, whoever used the beach was essentially receiving a subsidy from the taxpayer. Libertarians are generally not big on government subsidies for any behavior, but if a subsidy is going to exist, we can exercise a preference on what is subsidized.

Clearly, the raising of children in a healthy environment is a socially desirable thing. Plenty of private businesses surround this function of society, most people opt to have children, and it is in all of our best interests that those children grow up with healthy ideas about sex and morality and social interactions. If I had a choice not to subsidize this, I would choose not to subsidize it.

The choice the feminist and the tranny tried to impose upon us, was to subsidize their far left social and political agenda. They assert that we live in a “rape culture” where it is somehow socially acceptable for men to rape women, and simultaneously assert that they should be out in public waving their bare breasts around in front of children. Someone named Barbara, who has breasts big enough to notice, simultaneously claims to “not identify as female” and thought it was quite absurd for the prosecutor to ask if she had a vagina in order to ascertain whether she was in fact female.

If I am compelled to choose between subsidizing the healthy rearing of children, or a far left mentally ill agenda, I’ll choose subsidizing the raising of healthy children. So I supported House Bill 1525, and I condemn its opponents as either poorly informed libertarians, or communist degenerates worthy of a Pinochet helicopter ride.

We also talked about this tonight on Radical Agenda EP109




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  • John Cook

    This whole ‘rape’ thing is so ironic. They say things like ‘All men are rapists’ yet it could be more truthfully said that ‘All women are rape lovers’.
    The facts are that an enormous percentage (some women say it’s virtually 100%) of normal woman fantasize about being raped – vastly more than the tiny percent of men who do so. And, even more sad is the fact that many (some say as many as 60%) of the women who experience violent rape have an orgasm during the episode. I couldn’t believe this when I first heard about it but it is confirmed by a simple google search. (Try searching “Orgasm during rape”) Many woman are deeply disturbed by the fact that their rape experience was ‘the best sex of their lives’

    • Richard Chiu

      It’s a really sad commentary on how pathetic most men must be as lovers when women actually find rape more enjoyable.

      • John Cook

        I’m used to discovering ‘opposites principle’ facts but this floored me. I feel betrayed by women in general now and I’m glad I’m old enough to be ‘out of the game’ – I just don’t want to play in such a disgusting field – So many lies, so much deception. It makes me wonder how many foolish men have been, perhaps unconsciously, lured into a situation that results in years of jail, and universal condemnation.

        • Richard Chiu

          Well, much as I’d like to commiserate, it isn’t women that betrayed men. It was other men, and ultimately it was human nature.

          As mammals, human follow a reproductive strategy in which the mother is far more crucial to the survival of a child for longer, and thus to maximize reproductivity while still allowing natural selection to cull bad genes, it is males that bear the larger burden of selection while women do the work of reproduction. We’ve gotten used to the term “woman’s work”, well we need to remember that there used to be jobs that called for a man, and generally speaking it was anything other than childbirth where you might get maimed or killed.

          Of course there have always been weasels that got out of their share of the men’s work by claiming they had some super-duper important role that didn’t involve risk to life or limb. And the upper crust of society usually eventually becomes corrupted with the idea that the work they do of telling everyone else how to do their jobs is so important that they don’t ever need to risk themselves actually learning how to do those jobs by actually doing them. And then the men who do all the actually hard, dangerous, dirty work figure it out and blood flows in the street and someone else gets installed as the aristocracy or nobility or management or whatever and the cycle begins again.

          But in modern Western civilization we’ve managed to push the aspiration to be an effete snob to characterize a truly unprecedented proportion of society composed of incompetent managers. Women end up sexually frustrated and unsatisfied, because as women they instinctively want men that have been seriously tested against physical danger, but they also want the social status which now doesn’t go to anyone who actually does hard, dangerous work for a living.

          But it is men that are really betrayed. Because this division of social status and physically dangerous work is always unsustainable, it invariably leads to the physically dangerous underclass rising and slaughtering their effete ‘betters’. If you did get thrown in prison and lost your effete social status while learning to survive among violent criminals, then you’d be better off than most men when the SHTF. Of course, it’s better to have mastered the work of a dirty, dangerous, but actually useful line of work, but who does that anymore?

    • Doop-doo-doop

      If I’m not mistaken the figure is 13 in 15 women climax during rape

      • John Cook

        Wow! Source?

        • Doop-doo-doop

          Like I said, if I’m not mistaken…

          The only source I can point to is a study called “Shame and Guilt in the Aftermath of Sexual Attack” which supposedly counted on anonymous therapy transcripts of 5,000 women receiving treatment for rape of which 87% claimed to achieve orgasm.

          And by supposed I mean that I can’t tell if it was real and deep-sixed or was never true to begin with.

          • John Cook

            Thanks for that info, it will be useful if I decide to ‘out’ this on FaceBook or other such media. I didn’t doubt you, just the stats so amazed me when I first discovered them. To learn that my info was ‘moderate’ boggled me further.
            My info came from the first couple of google links – I didn’t go looking for further, even worse figures.
            I think this is one of the most ‘incredible’ facts I’ve ever come across. It is SO revealing of the inner workings of human society and our problems. All this time we have been told the opposite. Men have been turned into wimps in the attempt to become what they think women want. And women are just as confused – they just are not attracted to what they can’t help but see as weakness.
            All my life I’ve been boggled by the way women are so attracted by bastards – now I finally (way too late) understand. It’s basicly only men who really experience romantic love, only men who want to make beautiful, tender love with the woman they want to have children with. Only men are not lying.
            I wrote a poem once, before I knew any of this:

            Men brag, boast and bullshit,
            Women Lie, Lie and Lie…

          • Doop-doo-doop

            Not that I’m cynical, though I have been, but it comes down to respecting women’s natures.

            It ain’t pretty¹ but it’s a winning recipe otherwise we wouldn’t be here.

            ¹ Women “lose up” civilization-wise, that’s why many of them are so eager to be raped culturally enriched, by MENA hordes.

          • John Cook

            I’m slowly getting used to the implications – I admit that it made me bitter at first. Thanks for this conversation, it helped. I’m kinda glad I’m old and single so I don’t have to deal with it in real life. And I feel sorry for women, it must really suck to have such urges in total contrast to their surface convictions.
            It’s made me much more respectful of the traditional ‘repression’ of women, maybe the ‘patriarchy’ was necessary for civilization after all. I’m just trying to imagine a way forward, a way we can be honest yet still have loving relationships.
            BTW, the original article that you quoted has been scrubbed from the net (supposedly by ‘feminists’) but many references to it still remain, probably because the feelings of guilt caused by so many raped women having orgasms is a major problem.
            The internet is incredibly good, this is just one more fact of reality that would never have been known without it. Like many other such facts it’s hard to deal with but necessary if we are to have a full understanding of the way things really are, which is my reason for living.

  • Freek314

    Anarcho-anything my ass.

    • Christopher Cantwell

      Shut up, nigger.