Radical Agenda EP109 – Power and Nipples

I spent my morning in the Legislative Office Building in Concord today before the House Criminal Justice & Public Safety Committee. A piece of legislation was pending before them “relative to the circumstances that constitute indecent exposure and lewdness.” House Bill 1525 would make it unlawful for women to go topless in public, and drew a great deal of attention from left wing media outlets.

Radical Agenda EP109 - Power and Nipples

Radical Agenda EP109 – Power and Nipples

While many “libertarians” jumped for joy at the realization that New Hampshire had no such law in place, and scrambled to be the first and loudest to condemn the legislation. I saw matters quite differently. The controversy had arisen when a feminist woman and a tranny showed up to a beach in New Hampshire to disrupt the family activities taking place at the beach that day, by publicly rubbing lotion on their bare breasts in hopes of combating “rape culture“. It seemed obvious to me that this was a leftist agitation designed to do something that was very far from anything a reasonable person would recognize as freedom.

So I testified in favor of HB1525, much to the chagrin of many in attendance. This doesn’t come naturally to me since I almost always go before such committees to restrain or abolish a government power. However, with the Free State Project actively recruiting dangerous, reality detached, left wing lunatics, and their move recently having been “triggered” by the 20,000 signers mark, I knew something had to be done. An influx of left wing maniacs trying to turn public spaces into whore houses and our public schools into gender abolition concentration camps is not going to bode well for the cause of liberty.

After all, if these people claim to be for freedom, I invite them to show me all the privately owned places that encourage transgender people to get naked and rub lotion on one another. There are no such places outside of the most degenerate sex clubs in the worst places around. So since the market provides no demand for this degeneracy, they are left to forcing it on the rest of society through government in the form of “public spaces”.

We’re all compelled to pay for these spaces, and the idea that we should all be forced to pay for spaces which allow things no place we pay voluntarily for is objectively ridiculous. It has nothing to do with freedom, and everything to do with promoting a far left agenda.

Video of my testimony is soon to come.

This brings us to the subject of power, which I briefly discussed in an article yesterday. Reasonable people who believe in freedom might look at this issue and think themselves quite powerless to do anything about it. They might think to themselves that in order for them to have freedom, they must fight for the freedom of others, or at least not infringe on it. Those people fight for the interests of their enemies and predictably they lose as a result.

Power is a fact of life, as displeasing as some might find it. It is as much a part of our experience as is waking up with the urge to urinate before you feel like getting out of bed. In the latter case your options are to get up and go pee, or sleep in your own piss, and in the former the choice is to wield power or to have power wielded against you.

Make no mistake about it, feminists and transgender activists are not fighting for freedom. They are fighting for the power to impose their degeneracy on the rest of us. When we come to their aid, or allow them to pursue power unimpeded, we assist them in their efforts to oppress the rest of us. The power will be wielded, the only question is, to what effect?

I far prefer to see it wielded in a way that builds a healthy society which births and raises children. But right now it subsidizes birth control and abortion, introduces the few children who are born to sexually explicit actions and material, preaches unrealistic notions of equality, and harshly punishes anyone who dares to speak against it.

I will no longer stand for this. How about you? Let us know at 218-936-0815 or Radical Agenda on Skype.

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  • Richard Chiu

    I’m opposed to the use of public spaces to foster degeneracy of a degree which is offensive to the vast majority of those who pay for and utilize such public spaces.

    But I also think that we need to emphasize the inherent evil of public spaces which most people are given no reasonable options to avoid funding and utilizing. Pointing out that the fostering of degeneracy is profoundly harmful to the values and environment necessary to foster a healthy libertarian society is all well and good, but rather than support laws defending the current system of public spaces, the costs and use of which are imposed on people without their consent, I should think this is an opportunity to discuss the divestment of such government-run public spaces to private sector management and competition so as to ensure that people have more choice about which public spaces they wish to use and fund.

    This is of course a far more complicated subject, and involves notions of corporate ownership (with local residents presumably being the initial shareholders) and the topographical difficulties of maintaining access to private property while keeping participation in adjacent public spaces fully voluntary. But it needs to be raised at every opportunity if we are to move towards it. At some point, political pressure to design government-run public spaces with eventual privatization in mind and to divest such spaces into the private sector whenever feasible must become a constant for local governments.

  • IRONMANAustralia

    For anyone not paying attention, Nikki Haley’s whole line of bullshit was solely for the sake of pushing one single talking point:

    Hillary has “legal problems”, and Trump has “legal problems”, so they are totally equivalent – it’s a wash.

    Forget the fact that old, ugly fucking whore Hillary is an incompetent shit-for-brains who can’t keep state secrets safe at best, (and certainly shouldn’t be trusted with more as President), or she’s a double-dealing self-interested betrayer at worst, and belongs in fucking prison. Either way she’s a fucking lying sack of shit, and deserves the full force of law just for that.

    While on the other hand Trump is a businessman – and since you can’t run a fucking lemonade stand without winding up in civil court over some kind of bullshit – it’s hardly equivalent no matter how questionable you think his business ethics are.

    It’s like saying Jeffrey Dahmer broke the law, and so did a jaywalker, therefore they are exactly the same. Hell, I wouldn’t even put Bernie fucking Madoff into a hole as deep as I hope they bury that lying cunt Hillary.

    No sale.

  • sth_txs

    Oh, goodness! Trump may be a fraud! Horrors! A politician would lie to us?!?!

    You mean the fraud like Bush II who promised a humble foreign policy?

  • SimonH

    jesus the trolls were out last night, any idea where they came from? Great episode despite the stupidity

  • Fl Cracker

    Chris, you are officially crossing over to the cuck world. What a shame.

  • Nicholas Evans

    haha I fucking love your show. It’s been a while since I’ve listened, but its hilarious and philosophically accurate.