Radical Agenda EP120 – #DFL

For those of you who didn’t listen to Episode 109, I released a clip titled “Degenerate Female Libertarians” which gained a bit of traction. Yesterday, the females in question got uppity about the video and it was quite the thing to see before I got sick of it and muted them on Twitter.

Radical Agenda EP120 - #DFL

Radical Agenda EP120 – #DFL

Short version, I called out three feminists who are semi-recognizable in libertarian circles for their shitty behavior and promiscuity. Unsurprisingly, they haven’t improved their condition any. In fact, they proudly proclaimed their own degeneracy and started a damn movement out of it. They launched a Facebook group, Twitter account, and WordPress blog all centered around their “Degenerate Libertarian Female” status. They’ve recruited others to their cause, like Lauren Rumpler, Carla Gericke, and Josie Wales.

It is the perfect exemplification of exactly the problem with these people, and why they are helicopter/oven worthy.

You want to smoke some weed? Have at it. You want to go screw a stranger? Do ya thang gurl! You promote your vices and irresponsibility as “alternative lifestyles” – well, now there has to be a reaction.

The funniest part of this is, and perhaps funny isn’t the word but I get a chuckle out of it – all these r-selected vermin are running around demanding they not be judged for engaging in “peaceful” activities such as promoting rampant female promiscuity – while simultaneously judging the entirely peaceful activity of calling them whores and degenerates. These are the same people who will tell you that “racism” is such a plague on society, that anyone who observes the scientific fact of racial gaps in IQ must be ostracized from polite society, due to racism’s negative impacts on society. But the negative impact on society that feminist voters have, the negative impacts of single mothers, sexually transmitted infections, and all the rest, those are just supposed to be ignored.

Science = Bad. Me doing whatever I want with my pussy to the detriment of mankind = Awesome.

There’s a lot more to get to, of course. But that’s the blog post for today. We take calls of course, at 747-234-2254 or RadicalAgenda on Skype. Perhaps one of these parasites will call in instead of screaming into the ether on Twitter.

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  • Greg Thompson

    Exactly on point, as usual. You need to also add that the only reason these degenerates get any traction whatsoever is because of all the desperate guys following them, commenting on their pseudo-intellectual vomit, and whatever whims they happen to feel this current second in hopes that one day, maybe… just MAYBE one of these women will take notice and whore around with THEM instead. They want their turn on the carousel too. After all, being a degenerate ain’t so bad when you feel like you have a chance with a somewhat cute one.

    • Avens O’Brien

      Are you saying that men are only motivated by sex? Wow. That’s misandrist as fuck.

      • Greg Thompson

        Next time you’re balls deep in Lauren’s Rump-ler, tally up the number of times you think of individualism, economics, Murray Rothbard, or Tom Woods. I’ll do the same. Then get back to us and we’ll compare notes.

      • dorknerd

        He was talking about “all the desperate guys” who hope for “their turn on the carousel.” That implies neither ALL men nor that they are motivated by sex ONLY which your reply makes it sound like.

  • Avens O’Brien

    You’re welcome. Hope the extra clicks bought you something special.

    • Christopher Cantwell

      Shut up, mudshark.

      • Avens O’Brien

        Maybe you could buy a copy of Rothbard’s Man, Economy, and State and you could read it aloud to your viewers so they don’t talk to me about bullshit collectivist notions like “society determines value” instead of INDIVIDUALS determine value.

        Seriously. The problem with leftists is often they don’t focus enough on economics and their followers as a result are economically illiterate… but that’s exactly the same goddamn problem with you people on the right. Too busy talking about your collectivist theories on race and social structures and not enough time teaching people what economic liberty is and how it leads to all liberty.

        Whine whine whine.

        Enjoy the ad revenue. As you may recall, last year you & I briefly discussed your YouTube channel and how my company could help you, per Kokesh’s referral. I know the business you’re in, and hey, congrats on the extra $1 or so we helped you earn. Don’t spend it all in one place. 😉

        • Christopher Cantwell

          Stop pretending you can read, especially stop pretending you’ve read Rothbard, and don’t for a second expect me to believe your r-selected rabbit brain got through Man Economy and State. Go have some literate friend (if you have any) read “Rothbard’s Time on the Left” out loud to you.

        • Richard Chiu

          Are children individuals with the capacity to determine value?

    • Max Sand

      And, who are you? Some internet slut? Deadly serious, no idea in the blue hell who you are.

      • Guy From V

        This ep’s video stillshot: firecrotch on the far right.

  • paendragon

    Cantwell, didn’t you used to date the now “helicopter-worthy” Josie Wales?


    • Richard Chiu

      He did indeed, and wrote about his personal awakening to what a woman can do to a man’s sense of self-control and commitment to principles in the face of potential loss of access to sex.

  • dorknerd

    I fail to see how it could be a detriment to mankind what a woman is doing with her pussy. After all, a woman is the owner of her pussy. And as long as whatever she is doing with her pussy adheres to the nonaggression principle, it couldn’t possibly be to the detriment of mankind, as far as my libertarian views are concerned. (And this is not a defense of anything other than self-ownership.)

    • Richard Chiu

      Do children also own themselves?

      • dorknerd

        I did not have children in mind, and in Christopher’s original post, there was no mention of children either. I do agree that children are a different matter.

        • Richard Chiu

          There is a pretty distinct connection between what a woman is doing with her pussy, as you say, and the lives of children.

    • Libertarian solpsistic autism.txt

  • Richard Chiu

    I think there is a bit of a misunderstanding here with regards to what Cantwell is saying, and perhaps he’s not being perfectly clear. He’s not saying that women can’t go around being moral degenerates…in fact he explicitly says so, “You want to smoke some weed? Have at it. You want to go screw a stranger? Do ya thang gurl!”

    The line Cantwell is drawing is at promotion of vices and irresponsibility as “alternative lifestyles”. And the point is that, in a libertarian society, there must be special consideration of the rights of children because of their exceptional vulnerability to the illusions of authority…especially that of their parents. Everyone, but especially children, needs to be exposed to truthful information about the moral failings of anyone claiming authority over them.

    And that means calling whores out. It is not just a genuinely peaceful activity, but an activity necessary to the creating and maintenance of a peaceful society. Children don’t get any alternatives to the birth parents they get because of the decisions, prudent or irresponsible, of those people. So calling what you do with your ability to bring children into the world an “alternative lifestyle” is an extension of the same lie that killing someone else is pro-choice…keeping in mind that I’m all for the full decriminalization of properly reported homicide, but such a system can only work as long as everyone else is willing to judge the validity of your reasons for killing someone and act appropriately in response.

    Yes, being allowed to kill people is a necessary freedom…but being accountable for doing so is also necessary, there is no freedom without personal responsibility for your actions, whether or not you like the consequences more than the activity itself, if you aren’t rationally taking both into account then you are merely enslaved to your base emotions.

    Which is what degeneracy advocates want…because they believe they’ll excel at manipulating people through appeals to their base emotions. But most of them forget that fear is also a base emotion, and in every contest of raw emotion fear always wins, which is why the state endures throughout history. Not just in spite of how much worse it makes life for everyone, but precisely because it generates and cultivates fear. No other base emotion will aid you in overcoming the fear of the state, and degeneracy advocates prove this time and time again with their slavish behavior.

    Moral responsibility for your actions isn’t an inhibitor or limitation on freedom, it is a fundamental prerequisite…and anyone trying to further erode moral accountability cannot be a genuine ally of freedom.

    • dorknerd

      There might indeed have been misunderstandings here, especially when it comes to what exactly it means to “promote” an alternative lifestyle. But that aside, you write: “Everyone, but especially children, needs to be exposed to truthful information about the moral failings of anyone claiming authority over them. And that means calling whores out.” What exactly do you propose? Telling children “Your mother is a whore?” I don’t really see what that would accomplish.

      • Richard Chiu

        It gives them exposure the the idea that perhaps their mother isn’t the ultimate arbiter of all moral questions, and for a child whose mother really is a whore, that probably is a pretty important development.

  • Karl Schipul

    I usually agree with most of what you say, Chris. I might also have some agreement with this article. Though I’m not so sure that Lauren Rumpler plays the egalitarian / social justice warrior game, but I am more than happy to be corrected.

    I even once saw a talk by her and she just did not rub me that way. I quickly go through her material and she seems to talk a lot about Objectivism. I can’t seem to find anything favoring egalitarianism or political correctness with a 5 minute scan, but I am happy to be corrected.

    I also disagree that smoking with weed and sleeping with strangers automatically makes you a degenerate or even a loser. Sure, there are many degenerates and losers who do these things, but so do many hollywood stars, famous musicians, artists, even straight laced business people and Wall Street types. I am not suggesting that you or anyone else try it, or even that I try it, I just want to set the record straight.

    • Citing Hollywood, musicians and artists might not be the best proof that something ISN’T degenerate.

      • Karl Schipul

        What might be some better groups? Or were you okay with business and wall street types?

  • cocosims

    These women sound more like SJWs than libertarians… You can’t be a feminist and a libertarian at the same time, sorry whores.