Bernie Sanders Is Racist

By the thinking (if you can call it that) of Bernie Sanders and most leftists, the fact that black people make up a percentage of the prison population disproportionate to their representation in the general population, is prima facie evidence of a racist criminal justice system. The choices those black people made have absolutely nothing to do with it. Whether or not black people commit more crime than whites is irrelevant. The rampant single motherhood, welfare dependency, and cultural degeneracy of black communities is not worthy of any consideration. Readily available FBI crime statistics never even enter the discussion. One need not study the specifics, the demographic disparity is all the evidence one needs to claim racism.

Well, let’s take that thinking to its ultimate logical conclusion. Most black Democrats support Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders. In fact, the Washington Post credits Bernie’s recent primary victories to states with a lower percentage of black voters.

Bernie Sanders Is Racist

Bernie Sanders Is Racist

By the reasoning (again, I use the term loosely) of your average Democrat, this too must be a prima facie case of racism. The demographic disparity alone obviously indicts Bernie Sanders for being a racist. It doesn’t matter that blacks are choosing to support Hillary over Bernie on their own, or that Bernie is completely powerless over their decisions. It doesn’t matter if blacks are supporting Hillary Clinton because they are low information voters supporting her solely on the basis of name recognition. It doesn’t matter if blacks secretly hate Jews and are shunning Bernie Sanders for their own racism. It doesn’t matter if Bernie Sanders has insane economic ideas that would bankrupt America and throw the entire planet into a financial freefall. All that matters is a demographic disparity between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. 

Then there’s the fact that Bernie Sanders is opposed by Black Lives Matter. They even disrupted his event and took his mic away from him a few months back. By the rationale (again, generously applying the term) of your average leftist this is incontrovertible proof of racism. According to the left, Black Lives Matter is an eminently reasonable organization which has only one message, black lives have value and should not be senselessly snuffed out by racist cops. To be opposed by this movement, is to say that black lives are valueless.

Not only that, but Bernie was essentially called a racist on the pages of Salon. By the logic (again, giving the term some slack here) of your average Democrat, to be called a racist is to be a racist, especially if the person calling you a racist is a raving leftist. Bernie’s “urban vs. rural” comments on gun control were seen as racist because to them, “urban vs. rural” really means “black vs. white”. Remember, Democrat, context is irrelevant. Bernie cannot say that his comments weren’t racist, because it is not up to his pastey white ass to decide, only people of color get to decide if white skinned commentary is racist or not.

Now that we have established that Bernie Sanders is a racist by any liberal standard, the question turns to what we should do about it. Obviously it isn’t good enough to vote against him, otherwise leftists would simply vote against Trump. Since Bernie Sanders is a racist, the only correct action for leftists to take is to assault his supporters at rallies, send anthrax threats to his family members, and burn cities to the ground in opposition to him.

But none of that is going to happen, because Bernie Sanders is a leftist. The complaints and threats and assaults and riots perpetrated in the name of “fighting racism” never had anything to do with the KKK, Jim Crow, neo-Nazi’s or any of the claims made. They were always little more than leftist rallying cries that had no attachment whatsoever to reality. Bernie Sanders could get on a stage tomorrow and call Sabrina Fulton “Aunt Jemima” and nobody would attack his supporters because Bernie promises to play Robin Hood with the United States tax code.

Democrats don’t care about racism. They’re the most racist people on the planet. They use blacks, gays, women, and Muslims as political pawns to get what they really want – political power. If slavery were a real vote getter, they wouldn’t even wait for the law to pass before they started chaining up their black neighbors and putting them in the fields. After all, what is slavery besides an extreme form of wealth redistribution?


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  • Mr. Michael

    Sums it up nicely. Leftists only see value in a person when they can tell them are a victim thereby securing themselves a vote. They talk about ending racism, but they are the ones who see everything in terms of race.

    I hate them.

  • paendragon

    Too true! Burn-out Sanders spews shit!

  • paendragon

    Bang on, Chris! Let’s not forget the racist Democrats created the KKK!

  • paendragon

    Burnie’s economic plan:

  • northern_confederate

    >tfw the racial disparity in lynching was less pronounced than the current system

    Segregation now; segregation forever!

  • kid_you_not

    I love pointing out how Sanders moved to Vermont to move far away from Blacks. Any time these liberals try to pull some White guilt crap on you challenge them to move to a Black area.

  • OT: There was a little misprint on the new banner down at church, and we were wondering if you’d be interested in taking it off our hands at an extremely steep discount…

  • Hendrik Jordaan

    Does Sanders support “open borders for Israel”?

  • adam smith

    Saying someone who votes for Hillary Clinton is low information is total bullshit. Explain how it benefits anyone Black, Hispanic, Jewish, Muslim, female, handicapped, poor, former POWs, etc to vote for Trump. Those are all people he regularly talks shit about. Trump ONLY supports rich Whites and he panders to the truly low information Whites, otherwise known as trash who have zero chance of ever being in the 1%.