Radical Agenda EP124 – Walter Block

Walter Block is a senior fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute, a regular columnist at LewRockwell.com, author of hundreds of articles in various libertarian journals, and author, editor, and co-editor of many books which include Defending the Undefendable; Lexicon of Economic Thought, Economic Freedom of the World 1975-1995; Rent Control: Myths and Realities; Discrimination, Affirmative Action, and Equal Opportunity; Theology, Third Word Development and Economic Justice; Man, Economy, and Liberty: Essays in Honor of Murray N. Rothbard; Religion, Economics, and Social Thought; and Economic Freedom: Toward a Theory of Measurement.

Radical Agenda EP124 - Walter Block

Radical Agenda EP124 – Walter Block

His libertarian credentials, I would say, are beyond reproach.

So how could he possibly be supporting Donald Trump? To hear much of the “liberty movement” tell it, Trump is literally Hitler! Surely no libertarian would support Hitler!

But Walter sees it a bit more clearly, I’d say, than the aforementioned buzzing flies. Walter’s primary concern is foreign policy, and on that front anyone who has paid attention must acknowledge that Donald Trump is far less offensive to libertarians than the rest of the available options. Donald opposed the war in Iraq, wants to reduce or eliminate our involvement in NATO, and improve relations with Russia.

To the extent Trump does see fit to engage in foreign conflicts, I suspect he would attempt to do so more efficiently than previous leaders. As Ron Paul used to say, if you’re going to go to war, you go in with overwhelming force, accomplish the objective, and then you come home. No more of this nation building world police nonsense, and Donald Trump seems to see it similarly.

My own focus on Trump has been his agitation of the left. Making liberals want to flee the country is good policy in my book. Preventing hordes of leftists from flooding in through open borders seems like sound strategy as well.

Walter will join us for the first hour to discuss his new “Libertarians For Trump” group, and making the libertarian case therefor.

There’s a lot more to get to in the second hour, but that’s the blog post for this show. We’ll see you on the air, and of course take your calls at 747-234-2254 or RadicalAgenda on Skype.

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  • I’d love to hear some commentary on the new outfit, background and stuffed animal.

    • I found the answer.. surprise.

      • UsedtobeaSuitBoi

        i hope he keeps the tshirt, i really like it :p

  • Doop-doo-doop

    Chris, I want to share a comment I found on takimag highlighting the differences between left and right:

    A truism on the differences in the social value of men and women is that
    men are valued for what they do whereas women are valued for what they
    are. This is rephrased as human doings vs. human beings.

    The reason, I believe, that the largely feminized Left is particularly incensed by identity-based killing is that it targets even the most empty-headed human beings, including the willfully and stubbornly empty-headed, or those otherwise unwilling to even recognize the reality of the violent effects of their ideology. This is an attack on the Leftists’ feminine existence of being.

    Whereas to willfully articulate an idea, exercise reason, and produce together represents the province of the mature or masculine human being, on a spectrum, of course, and therefore, are not activities available to the average Leftist simpleton. The Leftist believes that sitting around like a sack of flour is the only definition of a human being that need apply. If a Rightist fails to feed, house, and utterly cater to that sack of flour, then he or she is Hitler.

    To the Leftist all thoughts are thought-crimes.