Chris Cantwell vs. Lauren Southern

Awhile back I was invited to be a guest on Standoff with Lauren Southern of to talk about my support for Donald Trump. I don’t think she was quite ready for my answers. I told her, amongst other things, that freedom cannot exist in the presence of leftists and a democratically elected government. That I would prefer to take from leftists the opportunity to elect a government, but failing that, a brutal regime to throw them out of helicopters would be the next best thing.

Chris Cantwell vs. Lauren Southern
Chris Cantwell vs. Lauren Southern

Lauren, visibly disturbed by the statement, quickly stated that I was surely kidding and that it was “just banter”. Take a look at my face when she says it, I wasn’t kidding.

After speaking to me, Lauren had “That Guy T” on to get the opposite side of the argument.

Lauren was later a guest on my show, Radical Agenda Episode 122.


It’s worth mentioning that this interview happened quite some time ago. Rebel Media charges $8/month for a premium subscription to their site, and it took almost a month for this interview to become available to paying subscribers. It took weeks after that for it to appear on YouTube publicly.

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Christopher Cantwell is a former political prisoner, and current host of the Radical Agenda. The most entertaining podcast of the Alt Right.