Radical Agenda EP137 – K.O.

After getting trounced in Indiana’s GOP primary last night, Ted Cruz finally took the hint and suspended his campaign. John Kasich still hasn’t gotten the message yet, but Donald Trump is the presumptive presidential nominee for the Republican party and will most likely be going on to face Hillary Clinton in the general election. The odds of it going in any other way are too small to calculate at this point.

Radical Agenda EP137 - K.O.

Radical Agenda EP137 – K.O.

In my book this is one of the greatest moments in American political history. Donald Trump completely threw out the rulebook and took the fight to anyone who dared to challenge him. This is a far cry from the old “don’t make the Democrats angry” nonsense we’ve seen from the GOP for decades. When he beats Hillary Clinton in the general election – and he will trounce her, I’m sure of it – America will be a decidedly different place politically.

What comes now is suffering. The #NeverTrump cucks, National Review, the talk radio hacks, the race baiting filth of the Republican Party are all left with a rather unappealing set of options. Eat all your insults and slander, support Hillary Clinton, or get out of politics. No matter what they do, they’ll always have the contempt of the new face of the Republican party trying to chase them into obscurity.

On the left, riots, chimpouts, and hissyfits will occupy all of their time from here to November, and probably for the next 8 years after that. They are about to learn a very difficult lesson in democracy – your anger level means nothing to the vote count. A government entirely hostile to their worldview is about to come to power, and they will be violently suppressed thereby.

I’m absolutely ecstatic about all of this, of course. Last night was my most difficult night of sobriety yet. I wanted so badly to pick up some whiskey, and drive around town shooting my guns in the air screaming “Make America Great Again!” But I had decided to sober up back in December, in large part thanks to the Trump campaign, and that seemed a terrible irony to relapse over it as well.

Politico contacted me about that phenomenon. I was interviewed by Ben Wofford on the subject and that story should be coming out in a week or so. I recorded the call with Ben and will be releasing it, but I agreed not to release it until after the story was published. I will play a short clip from it on the show today though, because it illustrates quite well the driving narrative.

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  • IRONMANAustralia

    How long do you think it will be before Glenn Beck has another one of his little epiphanies and changes his position again?

    I suspect he’ll go on some kind of fantastic voyage of internal self-discovery in his own mind, pray to his god, stick his finger in the wind to check which way it’s blowing, and find some reason to support Trump before the week is out – then bore us all shitless with the melodramatic tear-jerking story of how he came to this sudden realisation.

  • Richard Chiu

    #NeverTrump’s are already concocting a fantasy in which they manage to get a third-party candidate to win 15 electoral votes (thus denying a majority to both Hillary and Trump) and put the selection of the next President before the #NeverTrump-controlled House. I’m guessing Glenn Beck will be at least considering that for a while yet.

    I’m not sure whether that counts as “Eat all your insults and slander, support Hillary Clinton, or get out of politics”, none of them, or possibly all three at once.

  • lowell houser

    Trump will win in November, but he is not going to violently suppress anybody. He’ll make deals, because oddly enough, that’s kinda always been his thing. Kinda even wrote a book about it.

    Two party electoral politics function as a bleed valve – one side takes power and the pressure begins building. Eight years later that side loses, and the bleed valve opens letting the pressure out before a catastrophic explosion. Hillary would mean either a military coup or an outright civil war after she threw another Big Texas BBQ. It would mean real violent change that would have a tangible effect on the landscape and actually give us the chance to do all the awful things that need doing in order to actually salvage the country and plug the holes that allowed the rabbit-people to drag us to this place. Instead Trump is going to make the pundits look stupid in November like he just did on Super Tuesday.

    Do you know what the worst thing that could have happened to Ron Paul was? Winning.

    President Ron Paul would have gone down as the great unifier, the only man that ever inspired a truly bipartisan coalition dedicated to over-riding vetos. He would have set the record for them. The economy would have been decimated, and they would have blamed libertarianism. We would have been sunk for a generation or even two. Now they are going to do that to Trump, and the military will sit back and watch, as will the Three Percenters, because the bleed valve let the pressure out.

    No mass deportations. No helicopter rides. No leftists fleeing as refugees. No limits placed on democracy. Assuming the Donald wins we’ll be right back here again eight years from now. And then it’ll take eight more years for the anger to hit this level again when the latins have had time to multiply that much more. So the can just got kicked twenty years into the future. Hooray.