An Important Message for Ted Cruz Supporters

I have an important message to Ted Cruz supporters.

More specifically, the Ted Cruz supporters who did not support Ron Paul. If you were a Ron Paul guy in 2012, consider yourself excused from this particular admonishment, but if you opposed Ron Paul, and now you’re calling into talk radio talking about how Donald Trump is not a “constitutional conservative” then do us all a favor and end your miserable fucking life. I don’t care if you do it with a rope. I don’t care if you do it with a gun. Just don’t waste my time with any of these plea for attention took too many pills things or the cliche horizontal wrist slitting like you’ve never heard the correct way to do this. Do it right the first time or by all means vote Democrat. I’m sick of having you incoherent retards in my primaries.

An Important Message for Ted Cruz Supporters

An Important Message for Ted Cruz Supporters

I don’t want to hear another word about Ted Cruz’s constitutional credentials. If Ted Cruz gave a fucking shit about the constitution, he would not have been running around touting the USA Freedom act as some kind of win for liberty. In case you’re not familiar with that, it took the old federal surveillance model where the federal government disastrously tried to store all the communications records of everyone in America, and it essentially half privatized it. Instead of the federal government building these massive datacenters and getting their water supply cut off by the state of Utah etc… They just forced the communications carriers to store your records and give them to the federal government upon demand. Ted Cruz, voted for this, and in a manner that would make George Orwell frightened, he went around simultaneously calling it a victory for privacy, and saying it expanded the surveillance apparatus of the federal government. Sorry there Teddy, you can’t have it both ways, and last I checked there was nothing in article 1 section 8 about compelling Verizon to spy on me for the federal government.

So you people had more dirt, and blood, and constitutional violations on your hands going into this, than Donald Trump will have at the end of his second term. If you wanted a constitutional conservative, you had Ron Paul. But Ron Paul didn’t want to run around dropping depleted uranium in every third world shithole you can’t find on a globe, and so you supported Mitt fucking Romney and John fucking McCain. So I’m not gonna listen to your whining for one more day.

All these idiots are still clinging to the foreign policy madness that gave us the Iraq war. That’s what Never Trump is about. That’s what took Ted Cruz from long shot underdog to 1st place loser. If you want your war, and your police state, and you don’t even want to use it to execute the communists amongst us, then your whining about the constitution is no better than that of Barack Obama.

The Republican party has a presidential candidate, and he is going to brutalize Hillary Clinton for the next 6 months, and in November you will go to your polling place, and you will vote for him. And if you do not, then you have no more love of liberty or the constitution than does Bernie Sanders. I will not suffer another 8 years under Democrat rule. So either get on board, or lock and load, because the time for Americans to start shooting back was when the first American tax collector was hired. We should have finished that revolution and freed mankind instead of setting up this monstrosity that rules over us today.

Here’s the sad truth, and I don’t like it any more than you do. The Constitution is a dead letter. It’s an ancient text, written by dead men, who aren’t around anymore and in all likelihood had all manner of corruption in their own lives that they weren’t exactly anxious to see history record. The left doesn’t give a fuckin shit about the constitution, they will use every dirty rotten trick they can conjure to destroy you, and if you use the constitution as some kind of excuse not to brutalize your enemies, then you’re not a principled conservative, you’re a fuckin pussy.

The modern electoral process is the only shred of supposed adherence to that document that still exists, and understand something, the smart money is on ending that process too. We don’t need better or fairer elections, we need to end elections. This democracy thing, whether you call it a Republic or not, is overrated. Somebody with balls is on their way to the highest office in the world. And if all he does for the next 8 years is remind Democrats that government is a violent monster, that’s just god damn fine with me. If he buys the genetic integrity of the United States a little bit more time, even better, but if you weren’t a Ron Paul supporter don’t talk to me constitutions, we had the referendum in 2012, and you voted against it. From that point forward the gloves were off, the referees were executed, and there are only three objectives in front of us today.

1. To defeat, permanently weaken, and ultimately destroy the left.
2. Stop the systemic extermination of white people from planet Earth
3. Undermining the foundations of democratic government

Once we accomplish those goals, I am very happy to discuss limited vs. no government, protectionism vs. free trade, anarcho-capitalism vs. national socialism and yada yada yada. Believe me, I think those are all conversation worth having and I consider it very important that my viewpoints win on those arguments because I believe they have factual answers. But every last drop of energy that every single one of us has must be devoted to stopping Hillary Clinton in November. I know people say this every four years, and in some years it may have been truer than in others, but this election is the most important one in mankind’s history. A Clinton presidency will be our fucking doom, we will have nothing left to fight for if she is not stopped. So all you self important libertarians, all you Fox News zombies, who think that your bruised fucking ego is more important than our survival, either get with the program, or GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HELICOPTER.


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  • Rascal

    Great article. Most of them will come around. Unfortunately a few will have to take a helicopter ride to be convinced.

    • paendragon

      I dunno if any of these Sore Cruzers will ever come around.

      Right now most Cruzlims are becoming radicalized cruzhadis.

  • Richard Chiu

    I like that one of the next links after your video is cleansing a hornet nest with fire.

    It’s time to lock and load (an odd phrase, what would be wrong with saying “load and lock”?). I’m not opposed to people voting for Trump, and I am opposed to them voting for anyone else at the moment, but my opposition to Hillary is not contingent on the outcome of an election.

    Of course, the #NeverTrump’s are concocting some insane strategy to try and have a third party candidate (selection heavily influenced by #NeverTrump defectors from the GOP) win just enough electoral votes to prevent an outright majority of electoral votes going to anyone, and then use their influence in the #NeverTrump dominated House to put someone who won just a few tiny states in office. This is silly because it will just infuriate both halves of the country, and because it is basically impossible. But it is harmless because the entire plan hinges on ensuring Trump wins a bunch of states that he has almost no chance of winning without active support from everyone but the hard left. So mostly they’ll have to help Trump win a bunch of states and try to put maybe three in play for the third party candidate.

    Clever as all of this is, it seems to ignore that it was just such cleverness by the #NeverTrump establishment that killed Cruz’s hopes of casting himself as anything other than a shill of the deep state. So all their manipulations are likely to convince even more voters that Trump is the only real choice for opposing the political elite. But like the saying goes, it is not who votes that counts, but who counts the votes.

    Basically, my perspective is that if it were possible to vote our way out of this, there is no way we would have gotten into this situation in the first place.

    So practice locking and loading (or loading and locking) so that when the time comes you can vote from the roof-tops.

  • Shitlord-Twitsock

    LMFAO, it’s fucking 14420 (instead of 1488 or 1433, LOLOLOL)
    14420 goys!

  • Bryce Corbin

    Another crybaby Chumpster…talked tough, but now begging us to play nice.

    • Mortado

      Sorry your loser candidate was such an embarrassment, but no need to be angry with the winners