Facebook is Censoring LifeSiteNews.com

Facebook has adopted a new addition to its algorithms that “auto reports” group posts to group admins, giving them the option to allow or delete the post if Facebook deems the post “offensive”. I had reported last week that they had deemed TrigglyPuff’s OKCupid profile offensive, and while the new feature troubled me, I did find it humorous and understandable. Firstly, that woman is repulsive and so the idea of her dating could be quite triggering to decent people, but moreover I can see how Facebook would see the post as a form of harassment.

Facebook is Censoring LifeSiteNews.com

Facebook is Censoring LifeSiteNews.com

Today’s revelation was a bit more disturbing. A post to a group I administer was held for moderation by Facebook’s auto reporting feature, but this time it was considerably different. It was an article from LifeSiteNews.com covering a court case out of British Columbia, where the court ordered a father to start treating his 11-year-old daughter as a boy. It contained no photographs, and no personally identifiable information. There was no way it could be deemed harassing or sexually graphic. The only image was a stock photo of a judge’s gavel, and it referred to the litigants by their initials. 

See the screen cap of the moderation panel below. I have blurred the name of the poster, and the name of the person he tagged in the post. There was no other description made by the poster, so Facebook had to be censoring LifeSiteNews and not the content of the poster himself.

Facebook is Censoring LifeSiteNews.com

Facebook is Censoring LifeSiteNews.com

There are only two possible reasons this happened. Either;

Facebook is censoring the LifeSiteNews.com domain name, in which case Facebook is taking a side in the abortion debate and purposely hiding content from a pro life group. or;

Facebook is censoring the subject matter of a court case involving a child who has been influenced by transgender activists.

Neither one would surprise me. Facebook has long censored right wing pages and groups as “hate speech”. I have personally been blocked from posting for a month at a time more times than I can count (which is why you should sign up for my mailing list). Facebook employees even asked Mark Zuckerberg “What responsibility does Facebook have to help prevent President Trump in 2017?” Zuckerberg himself has said he considers the phrase “All Live Matter” to be racist.

Facebook continues to look less and less like a social media website, and more and more like a dangerous left wing activist group.



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  • Charlie Chaplin’s Mustache

    Facebook has gotten so bloody ridiculous. It’s turned into a progressive anti-free speech circle jerk. I deleted my account months ago. Twitter is much more fun, although you can get banned much more easily. You can open new ones as quickly as they delete you. I’m up to ban #5 with Shitter (Twitter) & I’m ready to open another shitlord account. Btw, Thanks for the shirt & stickers! I was one of the morons that was too drunk to enter the shirt size. Speaking of which, I was at the liquor store today & did a taste test of “Devotion Vodka”.
    They took a picture of me holding up the bottle. I also happened to be wearing my “Radical Agenda” shirt. I sincerely hope they are dumb enough to post it on the internet somewhere… I’m keeping my eyes peeled.

  • Alex Ohannes

    This is why I use Google+. It’s superior in just about every way, including respecting free speech.

    • Charlie Chaplin’s Mustache

      I agree, though I wish more people would use it. Then again, if more people did use it, they would likely ramp up the anti-free speech garbage like all the other social networks.

    • UsedtobeaSuitBoi

      Superior, you say? Respecting free speech, you say? Well, might be worth keeping this christophercantwell . com/2015/03/05/googles-fact-checking-scheme-a-war-on-truth/ in mind…

  • paendragon

    FASCBOOK, “a dangerous left wing activist group!”? Say it isn’t so, Chris LOL!

  • Richard Chiu

    Some of us just aren’t popular enough for facebook to care what we post, I guess.

    They did remove a comment I made about not wanting to have faggots show up at my house as the result of Craigslist trolling…this was in the middle of a very large thread about why I thought killing cops was morally justified. But I’ve never been to facebook jail, and they removed that comment about not wanting faggots over a month after I made it. I was a little miffed, but the thread was already dead by then, and the comment was pretty tangential anyway.

    I secretly imagine it’s because they fear my righteous wrath should they do anything. But really I’d rather kill cops than facebook moderators…killing facebook moderators is still more satisfying than killing fags, though. Unless they’re rapist fags.