Facebook “Auto Reports” Fox News

Facebook tried desperately to quell fears it was suppressing trending topics along ideological lines. Later, leaked documents showed the trending topics question had a lot more to do with choices of Facebook staffers than anything that was actually “trending”.

Facebook "Auto Reports" Fox News

Facebook “Auto Reports” Fox News

None of this should have come as any surprise to anyone who had been paying attention. Facebook has gone on a censoring spree, trying to turn its network into a safe space for the fragile little minds that are destroying the American political discourse, and our once prestigious universities in particular. Basically everything falls into their definition of “hate speech” yet it is perfectly acceptable to threaten the life of the Republican presidential front runner.

Recently I noticed Facebook had a new “auto report” feature which would flag content their system deemed offensive when posted to groups, allowing group moderators to screen the post. At first it was kind of funny, since the first appearance of this was from an archive of TrigglyPuff’s OKCupid profile. Then it was a little bit more concerning, when I saw they had used the tactic against LifeSiteNews.com on a post about a lawsuit concerning a transgender child.

This was troubling, but you could say the dating profile was harassing of some sort. You could make the case that LifeSiteNews is a controversial website discussing a controversial topic. What I saw today really puts the nail in the coffin of any notion that Facebook is not actively trying to suppress anything right of Karl Marx. 

Today, a story from Fox News discussing Seldon Adelson’s support of Donald Trump was “Auto Reported” by Facebook in the Radical Agenda Listeners group on Facebook.

Facebook "Auto Reports" Fox News

Facebook “Auto Reports” Fox News

The only way you could term this as offensive is if you consider funding the Republican Party’s presumptive nominee offensive. I’m certain that Mark Zuckerberg and the other left wing fanatics who work at Facebook see the world this way, and I’m not surprised that this is the case.

But this has gone well beyond questionable statements about stopping harassment and hate speech. This is flat out electioneering from people who claim to be trying to give everyone a voice. It would appear that Facebook employees’ question about what responsibility they have to stop Trump has been answered. They will lie and cheat and censor even mainstream news sources to accomplish their political goals at the expense of their users and advertisers.

On another note, you know that Facebook, Twitter, and other major website are deceiving you for political purposes. Why are you trusting them with all your personal information? You can protect your privacy online with a VPN connection from Private Internet Access. I use it, and you should too.



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  • paendragon

    FASCBOOK was started by the CIA when one of them accidentally mis-spelled FACtBOOK!

  • Don Bryan

    TRUMP = HATE and More HATE and LIES and More LIES

    • Randall Stevens

      Go kill yourself.

    • IRONMANAustralia

      You had me at the first ‘HATE’.

      I can’t vote in a US election, but you’ve more than convinced me I should give Trump my endorsement with your post. Thank you.

      As for all-cap ‘LIES’, I’m afraid that accolade goes to Hillary – with bells on.

    • Trump quote on politicians, the news media, and, autistic leftist nitwits like you: “They lie all the time. It’s what they do.

    • Nuke Mecha

      Alas, I do not live in the US and cannot vote for him

      I wish I could though, just because it would make people like you really angry :3

  • northern_confederate

    Is there any chance the post was reported for the virulent anti-semitism rather than the attached news story? :^)

    Considering Fox News is infotainment at best and controlled opposition at worst, getting people riled up by censoring it is far better than letting them read it and be lulled to sleep.

  • MillennialTrashCan