Be Not Ashamed, White Male

Over the weekend at the Libertarian Party Convention, losing presidential candidate John McAfee added to a growing and troubling anti-white trend in libertarian circles. He told those gathered for the convention “When I first joined the Libertarian party, two things stood out very starkly. One, 75% of you are men. Number two, 99.8% of you are white. Shame on you.” McAfee went on to say “and shame on me for not bringing it up sooner” before lauding himself for marrying a nigger prostitute. That’s right, white man. John McAfee thinks you are less than him if you don’t travel to some third world shit hole and marry a dark skinned hooker.

Be Not Ashamed, White Male

Be Not Ashamed, White Male

Moreover, it’s your responsibility, white man, to make sure women and non-whites have the correct ideas. If they disagree with the politics of non-aggression, if they want to initiate force against you, then that’s your fault. You see, in the mind of John McAfee, women and non-whites are not responsible for their own ideas or behaviors. Only white men are capable of having agency, and it is unto them that all responsibilities ultimately fall. 

John should know, after all, how the non-whites operate. He fled his white country, and took all his money south of the border where he married a nigger prostitute and spent his time with black and brown people who kissed his ass over his money. He knows better than anybody just how easy it is to manipulate these inferior races because his failures in the United States were immediately forgotten once he was the richest whitest guy in the poor brown and black neighborhood.

How many of you have McAfee installed on your computers? Those of you who raised your hands, how many of you installed it intentionally? Very few I imagine. John’s software company survives on legacy alone. If your computer didn’t come with McAfee installed, or if McAfee wasn’t installed by some third party bloatware nonsense, you are terribly unlikely to use it because it is garbage. Just like John is, just like his relationship decisions are, and just like his politics are.

John is representative of a growing cancer in our civilization. One that praises failure and seeks ever lower standards for performance, behavior, epistemology, and genetics. For John, it wasn’t lousy enough to make a bloated worthless piece of software. It wasn’t lousy enough to marry a nigger, even if she was a prostitute. It wasn’t lousy enough to lose the libertarian presidential nomination to the anti-libertarian Gary Johnson. His streak of failures and destruction had to continue by shaming the high genetic and intellectual quality of the people in attendance. Don’t let him fool you. This is not about opposing “racism” or trying to bring liberty to more people. He’s trying to take a good thing and ruin it, just like he’s done with everything else in his miserable excuse for a life.

Libertarianism appeals to white males, just like Bitcoin, science, and lots of other awesome things. White men tend to be ahead of the curve on subjects that require some thought, because we’re fuckin awesome (John excluded, of course). Electricity for example, you know, modern medicine, everything we would today recognize as science, these are all products of white males. That other groups came to benefit from them later is a testament to how we benefit the world, and yet these inferior peoples continue to insist we’re somehow “privileged” and in need of having our “privilege checked” in the name of equality.

Well, libertarianism is not about equality. It’s about merit. If non-whites see a competitive market economy as not in their best interests, then they are not going to vote for it. They rather enjoy a system that takes wealth and prosperity from well performing whites, and subsidizes the irresponsible breeding patterns of wild animals in inner city housing projects.

This is why libertarianism is inherently anti-democratic. We cannot cater to the will of the majority while the majority of people are worthless garbage. The horrible quality of the populace is not going to improve, if white male libertarians spend their time fraternizing with intellectually inferior non-whites on the off chance one of them might mindlessly parrot the complex and meaningful ideas of libertarianism. All that can possibly come from intentionally marketing libertarianism to non-whites is that libertarianism’s meaning will cease to exist and the Libertarian Party will have no more principle than the Republicans or Democrats.

What I’ve said here to you is fact. You can oppose it all you want. You can call me a racist, I clearly haven’t bothered to paint myself in any other light. But when you’re done hurling your stupid epithets at me, the facts will not have changed. Libertarianism will still be a political philosophy which almost exclusively appeals to white males. And if white males hope for anyone to live in a free society, then they are going to have to stop listening to the whines of their inferiors, and forcefully deprive them of democratic government.



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  • Cucker Punch

    “They rather enjoy a system that takes wealth and prosperity from well performing whites, and subsidizes the irresponsible breeding patterns of wild animals in inner city housing projects.”
    Nailed it. “Diversity” is just looting white people.

  • Hound of Sauron

    Hilarious and insightful as always, Chris. You have to question the intelligence of anybody who insults his would-be voter base and still expects to either be successful or respected.

    Do us all a favor and go back to South America, McAfee.

    • Libertymike

      When I was a high school senior many moons ago, I submitted an application to Cornell University.

      At the time, Henry Kissinger and David Rockefeller were on Cornell’s Board of Trustees. In an essay accompanying the application, I blasted Kissinger and Rockefeller and questioned the university’s judgment by having them on the Board of Trustees.

      Yes, Cornell rejected my application – but hey, I was 17 and dumb.

      Now, upon reflection, maybe I wasn’t so dumb after all.

  • Doktor Jeep

    The only “cover” libertarian white males can get now is to be a tranny or homo (or both).

    Or a cuck, apparently. Goodbye libertarianism.

    Hello nationalism.

  • Richard Chiu

    For all that some of the criticisms here are not very well-researched*, I do have to say that McAfee does manage to personally give new meaning to the term “cuck” (or at least revive and exemplify the existing literal meaning).

    I’m not favorably inclined towards the theory that genetic predisposition is destiny, since the vast majority of the world’s billion-odd Chinese people are supporters of communism (willingly or not). Of course, one could also observe that the vast majority of people who’ve fought communism to the death were also Chinese…but that strikes me as attempting to gild a particularly vile turd.

    There are simple accidents of history, or what might be termed such. White males are the current focus of the really obnoxious attacks of ‘social justice’ Marxism, and thus have the least incentive to go along with it…except for the chance to cuck it up with an SJW (I don’t care how white a woman’s skin is, the rainbow-flag personality is severely off-putting, but apparently not everyone has a functioning gag-reflex). It may be that the pre-history of especially Nordic peoples inculcated a greater genetic predisposition towards freedom, but so far the role of white people in the development of libertarian ideas can be mostly explained in terms of historical forces.

    The test, of course, is to start applying some historical forces towards libertarianism elsewhere.

    *An entire generation of computer users were introduced to computer security through McAfee software. John McAfee founded the company in 1987 and left in 1994. McAfee’s security software brand had lingering negative associations from the early 2000s, becoming notorious for either failing or slowing down computers to a painful crawl. Intel, the current owner of the software company, has decided to rebrand it as “Intel Security”.

    For his part, McAfee himself was thrilled with the news. “I am now everlastingly grateful to Intel for freeing me from this terrible association with the worst software on the planet,” he told the BBC. “These are not my words, but the words of millions of irate users. My elation at Intel’s decision is beyond words.”

    It is possible that at least some of McAfee’s notorious antics were part of a deliberate ploy to bring about this result. That doesn’t mean he’s not literally a cucking cuck, though. I mean, metaphorically speaking, being world famous for decades for shitware you hate that bears your name is kinda epic-level cuckery, but at least that may be coming to an end.

    • Shaggy

      In response to the history of predisposed Nordic folks being more freedom oriented, I’ll just point to their current democratic socialist countries. You are right, though, it does impart a sense of accidents of history.

  • paendragon

    WHITES ARE PRIVILEGED – we’re privileged to be smarter (well, more intelligent) than non-whites. For the overly intelligent but DUMB ones, like John MCAfee here, the ones who fall for feminism, they are part of the problem:

    ALL women are liberals. They are all “socialist” extortionist gangsters. Because, while men will never defend another man against a woman, (as they will instead try to undermine and eliminate him as a rival, to get laid) women will always defend other women against men, presenting a united gang-front so they can all withhold sex to name their terms.

    Feminism also causes Jihad treason simply because beta-cuck males will always seek validation from outside of their own demographics, when they are rejected by women.

    LIKE I SAID HERE YESTERDAY: ALL LIBERTARIANS ARE BETA-CUCKS, because they know they cannot win an election. EVER.

    The sooner you cucks, like Cantwell, wake up to the FACT that you are really only atheist (and therefore smarter than the average delusive) Conservatives, ones who, like McAfee, are trying to be big fish in a smaller, “libertarian” pond, the saner your lives will be!

    • Karl Schipul

      getting bored at Stormfront?

      • paendragon

        Getting bored at SALON and the PuffHo?

        • Karl Schipul

          I would have to visit them from time to time for that, or even once in a blue moon.

          You know who I think are cucks? Those who act like right wing versions of leftists and try to trash talk and insult others into joining their ranks rather than taking the time to form coherent arguments and rational responses to compare talking points and facts in an adult like fashion.

          • paendragon

            “Project,” much? LOL! That sounded like a CONFESSION.

            I only said “Whites are smarter than the other breeds.”
            To which you implied “You’re a Stormfront-dwelling racist!”
            …in stead of say, politely or rationally asking me to prove it.

            Here, try out these coherent talking points:

            “I’m proud to be Asian!” said the Asian.
            “I’m proud to be Black!” said the Black.
            “I’m proud to be white!” said the RACIST.

            Starting to see your SELF in that racist presumption, yet?