How To Debate Rape Culture

Today I came upon some feminists who were protesting “rape culture” in Keene, New Hampshire’s Central Square. It’s a popular destination for activists of differing viewpoints thanks to the constant stream of traffic and high visibility.

How To Debate Rape Culture

How To Debate Rape Culture

Unfortunately, no viewpoint is quite so toxic as that of the feminist. Particularly feminists of the “rape culture” fringe variety. They are trying to redefine the term rape in order to fit a twisted worldview where men are perpetually victimizing women like some kind of sport, and that society condones this behavior. This is ridiculous, of course.

Nobody thinks rape is okay. The idea that we live in a culture which encourages or allows rape is so stupid it wouldn’t even fly in the company of people who respect other violent crimes. Go do a little time in prison. Murder, armed robbery, assault, kidnapping, all these things are fine with the inmates. You can even earn some respect if your crime was particularly brutal. But even murderers and thieves look down their noses at rapists, and in prison, rapists usually have to be put into protective custody to avoid being attacked by other inmates. Nowhere, not even in prison, is rape okay.

So what feminists are referring to when they say “rape culture” is their new definition of rape. One where no rape need take place for a crime to have been committed. In their twisted worldview, we’re all supposed to get a “verbal yes” before each stage of a sexual encounter before moving forward, otherwise a rape has occurred. So, for example, if I say, “can I kiss you” and you say yes, and then I kiss you and say “can I touch your left boob?” and you say yes and then I touch your right boob, I am a violent felon who needs to face 25 years in prison. Nobody actually has sex this way, feminists know this, and yet they want to criminalize everyone who doesn’t obey their stupid rules.

Why? Because communism.

The goal of the rape culture feminist is not to have a real discussion. What the lunatic is really saying is that the State should emasculate men and make them incapable of defending the civilization. All men should be subject to imprisonment for perfectly normal behavior, and any woman should be able to sentence any man to prison without any proof whatsoever.

So how do you debate this subject? You don’t. You treat them like fucking garbage, because that’s what they are. You cannot have a civil discussion with somebody who is foundationally dishonest and/or detached from reality. There is no point in negotiating with them. They have to be treated badly, and if the laws were just they would be physically separated and removed from society.

Check out the video below of me talking to these worthless pieces of filth.


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  • Jonathan Nugent

    Well done Chris!

  • John

    Good job hunter

  • FlameOfEuropa

    Excellent work!

  • Chris, you have done what so many of us have been yearning to do. Mad respect, man. Keep it up!!

    • IRONMANAustralia

      Yearning to do? Wait … you don’t do this kind of thing yourself?

      I do this kind of shit all the time. Like to the commie faggots that hand out the “Green Left” newspaper in my local mall when I happen to run into them. I’ll look at their rag and can call bullshit on just about every article off the top of my head. They’re not used to anyone questioning them, and they can’t back up any of the horseshit in it when asked.

      I’ve been promising the Irregulars an audio recording, but these particular arseholes are usually there the exact same hours we’re doing the show, so it’s been a while since we’ve crossed paths.

      At any rate, everyone should be doing this kinda shit, all the time. There’s sure as fuck no shortage of bullshit out there, and I’m sick of these self-aggrandising fucks getting away with their feel-good bullshit unchallenged.

      Last time I had an incident like this, I accosted a couple of tax leeches in a shopping centre who were getting money for nothing by promoting some government programme where they swap your halogen bulbs to LED bulbs for “FREE”!

      I’m like:

      “Are they better?”

      “Oh yes, yes, they’re way better?”

      “Are they cheaper to run?”

      “Oh absolutely!”

      “Then why the FUCK does anyone need you arseholes sitting here giving away their fucking tax dollars?! Nobody had to give away LED flashlights to get people to use those! Go FUCK YOURSELVES you time-wasting, tax-money wasting cunts!”, (or words to that effect).

      Try it. It’s quite cathartic and downright fun once you get going.

      Even the average cocksucker collecting for charity doesn’t know what they’re talking about, (often because they are paid employees of third party marketing companies). I’ll intentionally stop and talk to them even if it’s just to have the pleasure of saying ‘no’ without apology, explanation, or attempt at justification.

      Really good practice. The kind the supposed rape victims mentioned in Chris’ video apparently need.

  • Nationalism Rising

    I find it funny how feminists try to say 1 in 4 women are raped every year. If that is the case every woman in this country has been raped on many occasions. LMAO!

    • CounterfeitFrenchman

      You can tell it’s but because if 25% of all American women were being raped every year, FEMA would have us all living in gender-segregated quarantine camps by now.

      • Ciaran Reid


  • Chris,

    The thing is- these “women” took a “womens studies” class, and to get a good grade they had to dump their brains and reinsert propaganda to pass the test. The problem is, feminism is not just a class, but a complex religious cult, like scientology, which forces these women to unlearn correct thinking, and to disconnect completely from logic and reason, in exchange for a supplied list of responses to questions- like talking points.

    If they memorize the bs good enough, they get a C.
    If they become a sign-waving activist, they get a B,
    and if they turn lesbian, they get an A.

    If you date any of them, at some point, you go to jail.

    • Mark Butterfield

      Yes. Don’t date them. Any ‘Western-nation’ woman could become one of them at any time. They can make up a ‘rape claim’ ex post facto, essentially ‘revoking consent’ days, weeks, months, or years after the fact, so having sexual relations in the West is like playing a game of Russian roulette. Oh sure, she loved that bottle of wine and lovemaking at the time but, later, after speaking with some ‘feminists’, she realized it was ‘wrong’, so you need to go to Prison – to experience ‘real’ rape.

      But that doesn’t mean you must become a monk. If you go to the Philippines, Thailand, or somewhere else to get a real woman, be sure NOT to bring her back to the USA. Women are easily influenced by their peers, and the degenerate Western-culture of feminism will destroy everything you loved about her.

      But then, why would anyone want to live in the USA any more? If your income is derived from online work, why not have 3x the spending power for the same income, no police-state, plus the benefit of lovely, cuties who absolutely adore you? They are great for dating, and an absolute must, if you want to have children, and want a mother who believes that you, as ‘dad’, is critically-important for the well-being of those children.

  • Striding Huntsman

    I’ve watched this like six times over because it is so damn satisfying

  • CounterfeitFrenchman

    Great showing as always, Chris.

  • Jonathan Nugent

    lol like everyone from the forums is in this thread

  • Rebelfire

    I had to pause this several times, because I would just burst out laughing.

  • Shitlord

    Just like ya goy, CC tells it…this is how you treat RADICAL, Left wing, feminazi CUNTS. These whores were lucky there were no helicopters close by.
    Well done, Chris.

  • Ciaran Reid

    Those same sluts be like…

  • Ciaran Reid

  • Richard Onley

    Loved when the red-light “cuckoo” noise began just as Fembo began speaking!

  • Falcon NineHeavy

    I think the main reason you are so angry is because you are a vacuous human being, and all these years of being rejected by women due to your very obvious misogynistic insecurities have left you bitter and lonely. In a way I feel saddened for you, but mostly you just disgust me and most of all educated humanity.

    • IRONMANAustralia

      Even if the above were true, those high-horse, grandstanding Feminist cunts would still be stupid whores peddling retarded SJW bullshit, who deserve every single fucking word at twice the volume.

    • SimonH

      oosh, pretty brutal statement there! Cant tell if you’re an angry woman, or a faggy white night. Either way, good to see you went through all the trouble of making a sock account just to post on cantwell’s site. Lots of effort for someone that just disgusts you

    • Penny Pearl

      I’m pretty sure his girlfriend is holding the camera. You don’t speak for women and you don’t speak for me. You speak the language of self-righteous indoctrination. Go fuck yourself!

    • Christopher Cantwell

      Shut the fuck up, kike.

    • GodSaveTheMachine

      The best response Chris could come up with was to insult you with a racial slur. Cool. Well, at least we know he’s a fucking moron with nothing worthwhile to say. He must be utterly empty inside. He’s super sensitive since he was accused of rape himself, so now he runs around projecting his insecurities publicly on film. I fear for the people who are forced to interact with this sociopath.

  • 4 minutes and change. I’m gonna press the play button and hope.

  • Tranny Nanny

    Them snowflakes just had a meeting with reality. Fantastic!

  • SimonH

    This really did make my day, thank you! Please do more of these

  • The Trotsky reference was GENIUS. They looked really confused!

  • TrvmpInvictus483425

    You look kinda like this guy.