Radical Agenda EP153 – Raping Culture

I tore into some lunatics on the street yesterday, and while there are plenty of more discussion worthy events in the news today, I figure we’re going to have to discuss this one. I saw these feminist maniacs protesting “rape culture” in Central Square and decided to go talk to them on camera. Predictably they started uttering complete bullshit, so I stopped being polite and told them off rather belligerently.

Radical Agenda EP153 - Raping Culture

Radical Agenda EP153 – Raping Culture

It’s a change in strategy that came as a result of arguing with people for years and realizing that it didn’t matter how factually correct or persuasive your argument was. When talking to a leftist, all that matters is their fragile emotional state and the lies they tell themselves to build up the walls that shield them from reality. As long as they are permitted to have a safe space, they will retreat to that safe space and externalize the costs of their terrible behavior on the rest of the civilization.

There can be no reasoning with someone who says we live in a “rape culture”. If you try to argue with someone who says this, the joke is on you. You’re being tricked into having a serious dialogue with someone who reached their conclusion by purposely avoiding reason and evidence. The only thing worth doing to these fools – in terms of words anyway – is to make them sad, embarrassed, and afraid. If their fragile emotional state is threatened by their activism, then they won’t be activists anymore. All of this reasonable discussion and treating them like legitimate debate opponents only emboldens them. If the laws were just they would be physically removed.

These people have to be stopped, and they will not be stopped by reason, logic, or evidence. They will rape our culture, our economy, and everything we hold dear with no concern for consent.

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  • paendragon

    What!? No previous comments? I guess all the libertardian cucks were too uncertain of how to respond in PC to yesterday’s fiasco to dare to comment.

    I work nights so I just got up – it’s after 4PM now, so there’s no other explanation.

    Well, let me have at ‘er, then!

    Re: “As long as they are permitted to have a safe space, they will retreat to
    that safe space and externalize the costs of their terrible behavior on
    the rest of the civilization.”

    Yes, that’s true. Like all criminals, they want to have rights by offloading their responsibilities onto their victims.

    And, Re: “If the laws were just they would be physically removed.”

    Well, Yes indeedy! See, what these SJW extortionists are attempting, is, well, extortion, and it’s based on mass-slander: They are slandering all white males as inherent rapists. Slander is (at least, attempted) fraud against the person, and since fraud is a crime, so should slander be, in a rational, just world.

  • unfortunately, the women peacefully holding up signs (easily ignored) were overshadowed by the yelling rant. (why is that idiot with the camera barking like a junkyard dog at those nice little ladies?)

    I think the better activism would have been to throw water all over their shirts as you speed away, or send a super soaker water cannon from across the street.

    • IRONMANAustralia

      Ignoring this kind of stupidity for far too long is what created this problem in the first place, as did trying to be polite about it.

      Your supersoaker idea is just as impotent because there is only water in it.

      • paendragon

        Yeah! A true Muslim would soak them in ACID!

      • I was only offering constructive criticism. Tom Woods has a point when he talks about sending a clear message to onlookers. let the fem/sjw play the fool, not the rest of us.

        • IRONMANAustralia

          Pfft! Tom Woods. What’s he done for us lately?


          But seriously, I put it to you that this is a case where actions such as Cantwell’s aren’t negative as much as neutral at worst and positive at best.

          Think about the ‘optics’ when (((Ben Shapiro))) was grabbed by that disgusting tranny on TV. The way he handled it didn’t make that particular situation “worse” per se, but he still came off looking like a bit of a pussy for letting that faggot get away with it. Which only makes other faggots think they have free reign to pull that kind of shit, making the overall cultural climate worse for everybody in the long-run.

          Meanwhile he’d be perfectly entitled to forcibly remove that faggot’s hairy paw, and use further force as necessary. Assuming he were willing, able, and particularly if successful, he would have been seen in a positive light by those on the side of rationality, and no worse, (or not much worse), by SJW faggots.

          Once they’ve painted you as a racist, sexist, homophobe, and – in short – pure evil, there’s not much more spin they can put on any subsequent words or actions that cast you in a worse light. Worrying about them doing so is like the accused at a Salem witch trial worrying about looking “more guilty” if she objects to the irrationality of the proceedings.

          The kind of people who recite shit like, “My right to swing my arms ends where your nose begins”, complaining when anyone swings their arms is ridiculous – especially if they’re he same kind of arseholes who will show up to, (or otherwise support), pot heads smoking in public in defiance of the actual law and don’t think that could be used to make them look bad as a collective by those already predisposed to think so.


          • except that every law meant to prosecute a victimless crime should be instantly void.

          • Jeremy Woods

            Should doesn’t make reality.

    • paendragon

      But that would have been physical assault.

  • Richard Onley

    A Super-Soaker may constitute aggression, but what if you released a few rats under their feet … ?

    • I understand your point but you might want to read a little on why not.
      Search on “Contra @realDonaldTrump, @Nero, @StefanMolyneux – and Eric Cartman: Tu quoque is never okay.”