Radical Agenda EP253 – Ending The Argument

It was just this past Monday when I said to Radical Agenda listeners to watch out when more poised content producers realized there was no hope for peace with the left. Last night, it seems the riots over Milo Yiannopoulos’s speech pushed Stefan Molyneux at least one step closer to that point. In a video released the night of the riots, Stefan questions whether the time for talk has passed, and the time for less verbose warriors is upon us.  Lauren Southern made an outright call for defense.

Radical Agenda EP253 - Ending The Argument

Radical Agenda EP253 – Ending The Argument

Unrelenting in their efforts to shut down debate, Reddit shut down the /r/alright and /r/alternativeright subreddits, accusing one of publishing personal information, while providing no explanation for the other. But we all know what this is, because we’ve been seeing it on TV, newspapers, radio, facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google for years. It’s the left trying to silence their political opposition, because they know that once the truth gets out, they will be killed.

A brilliant psychology professor by the name of Jordan Peterson once said “You know you call people you can’t talk to? Enemies!”

Look at what we have seen. Hillary Clinton was caught rigging her primary against Bernie Sanders, and still got the Democrat nomination. She was caught colluding with the mainstream media. She was caught destroying evidence after being subpoenaed by Congress. She still won the popular vote thanks to California, New York, and probably several million illegal immigrants. The American left was perfectly willing to let a confirmed criminal rule us as a kleptocratic warmongering communist regime.

Losing the election to Donald Trump taught them nothing. They continue to scream racist and bigot at anyone who opposes them, and in their minds this is excuse enough for any level of violence. That is why they are calling us Nazis and Fascists, because to them these are words which describe the worst evils, thus justifying their criminal behavior.

Police stand by and watch as rioters loot, burn, beat, and even kill. Why? Is this the so called “Ferguson effect”? Perhaps. Or perhaps the purpose of law enforcement in these jurisdictions is to protect the rioters.

That certainly seems to be the case for Allen Scarsella. Allen shot five people in self defense in November of 2015. His assailants confessed to assaulting him, chasing him down the street as he attempted to escape, and assaulting him again. Unfortunately, his assailants were Black Lives Matter “protesters” and Allen was deemed a “racist” so he was convicted on 11 counts of rioting and assault.

A Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, who was unanimously confirmed by the Senate to the 10th circuit, is now deemed a right wing extremist because he doesn’t celebrate the abortion lobby. The media continues to run stories about how Donald Trump displays symptoms of mental illness in an effort to undermine his legitimacy as President. Temporary immigration restrictions from a small number of countries are deemed a “Muslim Ban” and hysteria ensues. The acting attorney general had to be fired because she refused to defend the president in court.

We are only two weeks into the Trump presidency, and this list could go on for an eternity. Hopefully this brief summary is enough to draw the picture clearly. This is not about reason, evidence, morality, or truth. This is about reality detached communists coming completely unhinged and trying to violently destroy western civilization. They cannot be reasoned or argued with, they can only be contained or killed.

You can make a debate out of who should be doing the killing, or how best to go about it, or who exactly it is that needs to be put down. But the argument is over as it pertains to peaceful coexistence. Our survival is at stake, and at this point it isn’t even a matter of us vs. them. They cannot live without us, so either we stop them, or they will get all of us killed.

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  • paendragon

    The real racists are the crybully libtards who want to bring these muslims to Western countries simply because they imagine them to be swarthy mentally inferior oppressed and exploited victims of the mentally superior whites, and they want you to pay to support them and their families for life in “reparations” for your and your ancestors’ past racist actions. Victimology is extortion! And EXTORTION IS SLAVERY! SOCIALISM IS SLAVERY! COMMUNISM IS SLAVERY!

    Like most criminals, delinquent libertine “liberals” are SLAVERS. That’s the end result when you expect to have rights (like, to other peoples’ stuff) without any responsibility (like, to earn or otherwise pay for it!) especially by offloading one’s own responsibilities onto one’s victims, by taking away their self-defense rights.

    Leftists are lying hypocrites, all about the subjective double-standards where only they have rights, and everyone else only has a responsibility to them, while ignoring all objective universal facts and truths. Every excuse is a lie, and every lie seems like abject stupidity and convoluted insanity when compared to the simple factual truth. All criminals wants rights (like, to our stuff) without any responsibility to have to earn or otherwise pay for it – and they will always seek to divide pleasure from pain, fear from hope, and rights away from responsibility, BY offloading their own responsibilities onto their victims, by taking away their victims’ self-defense rights. In other words, all criminals – especially these delinquent, libertine “liberal” ones – are SLAVERS. Socialism is gangster extortion leading to SLAVERY. Despite it’s fluffy label, that’s all it is – and there’s nothing at all “sociable” about trying to enslave other people! They always try to shame and cajole their victims “TO GO ALONG” (with criminal lies) “TO GET ALONG”(with all the other lying criminals)!

    THERE IS NO REASONING WITH A SLAVER! In their fearfully fearsome greedy masochism, they always seek to control the pains they fear the most, BY causing the problems (like, antagonizing innocent others) which cause the pains they fear the most! They know they refuse to agree to the social contract and not attack first, so they slanderously blame their victims as being criminally the exact same!
    “If I don’t attack and enslave you first, then you will surely try to enslave me first!”

    • UncleVladdi

      Delinquent Libertine “Liberal” Criminals Are SLAVERS.
      Socialists are extortionist gangsters.
      Fascists are extortionist gangsters.
      Muslims are extortionist gangsters.

      ALL of them took and used SLAVE LABOR. American Democrats championed slavery in the United States. Gangsters are, by definition, against universal equality and individual human rights. They idolize the group gang and government over real people.

  • Pelafina

    How can we remove their voting rights?

    • UncleVladdi

      Arrest them? Felons no longer get to vote, right? Because they gave up all their citizenship rights when they abdicated their concomitant corollary responsibilities to the other citizens!

  • Richard Chiu

    Just wait until Trump starts getting serious about cutting spending.

    Oh, there’s plenty of low-hanging fruit like grants for ‘art’ made from human waste and ‘science’ to tell us how conservatives are ‘less evolved’ than Marxists, but that just serves as a prelude to get the academics and chattering classes screaming slogans. When Trump tries to cut entitlement spending…behold your DOOM!

    The cuts won’t even have to reach through the bureaucracy to actually affect payouts, once the people administrating the programs start telling their clients that Trump is attacking their entitlements, the size and anger of the resulting riots will make anything you’ve seen so far look like childish mischief.