Dave Smith vs. Chris Cantwell

I had the pleasure of joining Dave Smith this morning as he guest hosted episode 303 of the Gavin McInnes show. Dave is a comedian from New York who came up on a prior episode of Radical Agenda (263) after referencing me on the Tom Woods show. The incident started off somewhat confrontational, as is often the case in my dealings. Dave, however was very good about the whole thing and invited me to come on Gavin’s show to discuss the direction of the libertarian movement and its relationship with the alt right.

Dave Smith vs. Chris Cantwell
Dave Smith vs. Chris Cantwell

The audio will do it more justice than I’ll bother to write here, but here is the basic underlying premise I’ve taken as of late. Libertarianism, understood as a society governed by private property and contracts, in many ways resembles a totalitarian state. Private property owners are not restrained by constitutions or human rights tribunals, only the property lines of others and whatever contracts they consent to. So if libertarians are taking the stance that all government control is inherently wicked based on the initiatory violence of the State, that’s fine, but all libertarianism really advocates for is a reassignment of who gets to call the shots.

In this sense, trying to get the State to legalize drugs, or going topless in public, or whatever silly leftist social issue one might pursue in the moment, does not bring us closer to a libertarian society. In fact, it draws us away from this world in which we wish to live because it promotes practices that produce incapable people. So, to the extent a libertarian might comment on public policy of the day, he is not necessarily obligated  to demand the abolition of every State function. Rather, the State should behave (to the extent possible) as a market actor, and promote virtuous behavior amongst the citizenry.

If we raise a generation or three of capable, intelligent, strong people, then perhaps we will finally achieve a free society. If we continue subsidizing bad breeding and insisting the State stay out of our personal affairs while it remains in everyone’s wallets, then we are going to drift ever further therefrom.



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