Radical Agenda EP266 – Witchcraft

Here at the Radical Agenda, we’re not big on superstition. We’ve developed an appreciation for religion insofar as it has served a vital purpose to man, but we don’t typically get worked up about the supernatural. Over the weekend however, a group of mentally ill women gathered in front of Trump Tower to cast a “binding spell” on the President of the United States, in the hopes it would prevent him from governing. While the likelihood of success for such an operation remains very low, the opposition to this presidency seems to call for special provisions.

Radical Agenda EP266 - Witchcraft

Radical Agenda EP266 – Witchcraft

When a bunch of people complain about “religious discrimination” even as they try to summon demons to curse the most powerful man on Earth, it’s easy to take them for a joke. It seems silly that banning travel from seven Muslim majority countries identified as terrorism hotspots by the Obama administration would be seen as a “Muslim ban” to begin with. If we were in the habit of banning odd religious practices, it seems that using spells on a public street to hinder the federal government might top the list of banned practices. But if Trump’s opponents gave a damn about being reasonable, they wouldn’t be opposing him to begin with.

Whenever one tries to  talk about how irrational people can be, it always seems the Salem Witch Trials are used as an example. Surely, they claim, it is the height of insanity to hang and burn women just because they stand accused of using magic. Even if they had attempted to do so, surely magic isn’t real and so the justice system should permit their odd practices.

But if we have learned nothing else from the Democrat party, it is that reality is no prerequisite for political action on the part of leftists. The more deranged the idea, and the more catastrophic the outcome, the more leftists will demand it be implemented. What starts off as that which we must allow, eventually becomes that which we must support, subsidize, place upon a pedestal, and be forbidden from discriminating against or saying mean things about.

From that perspective, tying these pigs to a pole and setting them on fire seems downright reasonable. Why even bothering to hold a trial? They live streamed it. Let’s string these swine up for the sheer joy of it. It’s not irrational, it’s not religious superstition, it’s just a little bit of chlorine for our gene and information pools to remain sanitary.

If anything is superstitious, it is the notion that leftists are entitled to so called “human rights” as if they were actually human. Whenever any other parasite comes into a place and begins to consume and destroy resources without any giving back, we rightly call an exterminator and have the pests killed as quickly as possible. Just because leftists resemble actual human beings and attempt to mimic our capacity for language, reason, and caring, does not make them human beings. Being able to actually reason is an essential feature of the human condition, and creatures which resort to black magic when their democratic deity fails, do not fit that description.

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  • goodmatt10 1

    That is a hilarious (yet true at the same time) description of leftists in those last two paragraphs. I wish you could get a job at Breitbart, take Milo’s place, but I know they’d never go that far.

  • paendragon

    Chris is right, and it’s true: leftopaths ARE animals, if only simply because as psycho-paths (Greek for thought-killers) they deliberately dummy down their inherent pattern-recognition cognitive discrimination focus to the worst-case scenario fears of the problems which cause the most pain, AND STAY THERE. Everyone else learns through desensitizing habituation that although possible, these aren’t likely to occur, and so can broaden their focus to enable the necessary hope to solve the problems and fix the mistakes and so avoid the damage, pain and fear entirely. But “socialists” (extortive gangster slavers) aka “activist agitators” who make a living by inducing fear in others, must present a perpetual stance of victimology to the world, implying there is also a class of permanent oppressors to oppose all the time, or they’d be out of a “job.” Therefore their slanderous stance of paranoia also actually takes up one of the (average of six) multitasking slots available to humans, further dummying them down in comparison to honest folks. Keeping all those extortive lies straight takes effort and concentration, people! So they tend to act like rabid dogs or cornered rats even when nobody else is cornering them, and – having less coping space available in their craniums – also tend to chimp-out and get more easily “triggered” than saner, more conservative people all the time.

  • Richard Chiu

    I am inclined to the view that practitioners of this sort are more useful as objects of public scorn and ridicule than as object lessons on the limits of ‘freedom of expression’.

    By all means, should they attempt to resort to actual violence rather than ludicrous fantasy, let every sane person be armed and ready to deliver an effective reply to physical attack. But nonsense about casting spells merits nothing but open contempt. I see no reason to dignify it with a response that would imply it is a real danger. Of course, if they are feeding their bloated carcasses on the public expense by means of armed robbers, that is a quite different matter and it must be stopped at once.

    But as long as they are personally responsible for finding people willing to voluntarily contribute to their support, I see no reason to do anything but point out the stupidity of treating them as competent adults.