A Warning To Kricket Slik’s Next Boyfriend

Kricket Slik is a Canadian citizen known to travel in libertarian and reactionary circles. She alternatively describes herself as a national socialist or a libertarian, depending on what man she is attempting to bait. She won the Canadian lottery when she was 21, and at the time of this writing I believe she is 27. She’s also my ex-girlfriend, and mother to my dead child.

As I write this, she is in Canada, calling every law enforcement agency in the United States who will listen to her about “drugs etc…” not because any will be found here, but rather in the hopes it will get my license to carry a firearm revoked. I’m writing to you today in the hopes that you may avoid the suffering she has inflicted on me, and continues to try to inflict.

Kricket Slik's Next Boyfriend

Chris Cantwell and Kricket Slik

She’s easily the most dangerously damaged woman I’ve ever come in contact with, and for those of you who know the circles I travel in, that’s really saying something. She told me she had an ACE (Adverse Childhood Experience) score of 10, which is pretty much the worst case scenario. Her father was diagnosed schizophrenic, and has been to prison for violent crime. She was molested by a family member and raped several times as an adolescent/young adult. I know this is usually a very bad sign in a relationship, but she told me that she had listened to every episode of FreedomainRadio and had met Stefan Molyneux and donated thousands of dollars to him for helping her through her trauma.

Kricket approached me in mid 2016 because she was a fan of my podcast, the Radical Agenda. She quickly went from becoming a Patreon supporter to telling me she wanted to marry me, have my children, and “finance [my] army”. I thought it was a bit far fetched, but seeing as to how she was 9 years younger than me, reasonably attractive, and independently wealthy, I figured it was worth a shot.

Kricket knew everything about me by listening to the show and reading my blog. Because of this, she knew exactly what I wanted to hear. For example, she knew I was becoming concerned about reaching 40 without having children, and that I was staunchly pro-life. As it turned out, Kricket was not on birth control, and she didn’t like condoms anymore than I do. Like me, she claimed that she was pro-life, ever since being pressured into an abortion when she was younger after a one night stand with a friend. She described the feeling of having the life removed from her and she cried and said she hated herself for it.

Within a month of meeting her, she invited me to get her pregnant, and like a fool, I did.

Kricket’s attitude changed completely upon learning she was pregnant. While I realize that this is to be expected to some extent, I am not talking mere mood shifts. She went from perpetually trying to impress me, to constantly picking at every real or perceived imperfection of mine the day she took the pregnancy test. She demanded I make every commitment. We agreed to get married, and I hired an immigration attorney. She would tell me to put things on my credit cards, and that it wouldn’t matter because once we got married we would have a joint account.

Eventually I took her to New York to meet my parents. This was a legitimate point of contention because we both have pretty severe views about child abuse, and there was some spanking in my house, and I had a few more severe altercations with my father when I was in my teens.

We stayed in a hotel room in Long Island, and were planning to meet my folks the next day. Kricket and I had sex, and before we even got dressed she started a fight with me over seeing my parents. The fight continued the next morning and I ultimately ended up driving her back to my home in New Hampshire. We barely spoke throughout the 5 hour car ride, and we didn’t speak when we got into the house at first either. When Kricket tried to continue the argument, I asked her to stay at a local hotel, because I was upset with her for ruining the trip, and she has a habit of trying to use sex to pave over conflict in the relationship.

Instead, she left the country and threatened to abort my child. She later informed me that she called her ex-boyfriend, Andrei (who is now married) as she left and attempted to get back with him but was rejected.

Kricket Slik Threatening Her Unborn Child

Kricket Slik Threatening Her Unborn Child

Even though I’m against abortion, I knew she was using this threat to screw with me, so I told her that she should have the abortion and then get her tubes tied before she did this to somebody else. Suddenly she was pro-life again, and couldn’t believe I would tell her to murder her baby who she loved so much. She threatened to have a custody battle with me, and since my podcast discusses racial issues, she assured me I would lose any international custody battle while she had my child in Canada where hate speech laws are pretty common.

Then, out of nowhere. She wanted me to take her back.

She attempted to come back to the United States, but as our immigration attorney had warned her, she was turned away by border patrol. As it turns out, traipsing back and forth across sovereign borders in the middle of the 2016 presidential race where immigration was the number one issue, wasn’t such a great idea. After being turned away twice, she was able to come in by airplane as long as she had a round trip ticket.

I met her at a hotel in Nashua, New Hampshire, and we agreed to get back together and go forward with the marriage and the pregnancy. The night before her plane was scheduled to leave, we were not planning on her making that appointment and watched a video of a fetus growing in the womb. She paused the video at the point where she was in her pregnancy to show me, and I put my hand on her abdomen and we had a nice moment.

Later in the night, I caught her in a lie she had told me weeks prior about her sexual history. Specifically, she told me she had engaged in a lot of promiscuity but that all of the men she had sex with were her boyfriends. This night she told me the story of this boyfriend who she was cheating on all the time. When I confronted her about the contradiction, she said she only lied to me because she wanted me to like her. I explained that even though the lie was a pretty minor one by modern standards, I would not tolerate deception of any sort in our relationship, and we got in a fight.

Again, the fight continued into the next morning. Kricket asked me if I wanted to have the abortion, I told her I did not. She revised her question, and told me that she was deciding to have the abortion whether I liked it or not. After giving her a chance to change her mind, I left the hotel.

"A Therapeutic Abortion Was Performed"

“A Therapeutic Abortion Was Performed on Kricket Slik”

She emailed me a receipt from the abortion clinic after my child was dead.

This broke me, and after 8 months sober I relapsed into alcohol, and briefly into drugs as well. I moved on, found another woman, and fell in love. But that relationship could not bring me children, and so sad as I was, I had to end it.

Kricket contacted me again on New Year’s Day 2017 trying to reconcile. She promised me that to show how sorry, and how serious she was, she would pay off my car loan and credit card debts in advance of us getting back together.

When she came back to New Hampshire, she permitted me to look through her phone to confirm certain aspects of her story. She claimed she had sex with nobody else while she was gone but that she had given a blowjob to a drug dealer who owes her money. This checked out, but other conversations were missing from her phone, because she knows to delete conversations which could incriminate her.

Kricket was willing to tell me anything to take her back. She even offered to let me sleep with other women, as long as I came back to her. She said she was going to give me not only the money she promised to pay, not just joint accounts, but to sign all of her assets over to me irrevocably. She begged me to get her pregnant, but I refused.

When her period came, she was furious. She picked a fight with me while she was stoned in the middle of the night, over the woman I was with after she murdered my baby. Since she was being stoned and irrational, I again told her to stay in a hotel, and as she packed her things I told her to stay on the Futon. She refused, got in her cab, and stole my beer on her way out.

The next day she went back to Canada without even calling me.

She had left her Facebook account logged in on one of my laptops, and I decided to see what she had been up to. Even though there was no sexual discussion, she had been chatting with several different men throughout the night and was making plans to meet them when she got back to Canada. Predictably, she told them all terrible lies about me, even though she was upset not to be pregnant with my offspring for the second time in a year.

Kricket has sent me hundreds of emails and text messages since then. She is alternatively telling me I am the worst person to ever live, or the savior of mankind, depending on her mood. For over a month, I’ve refused to engage with her, insisting that she had to pay the money she agreed to pay, because her words are quite meaningless if she refuses to honor her obligations.

After a particularly irritating string of insulting emails, I decided to tell much of this story on Episode 269 of the Radical Agenda.

The next day, Kricket promised to send me a check for $24,000 USD. She even made a down payment via PayPal in two transactions of $1,000 each. She begged me to take her back, and I said the check had to clear before I would even discuss that. She called me on the phone after, and I have attached an MP3 of that recording to this blog post.

This morning, I reminded her not to send a Canadian check written in US dollars and she told me she no longer intended to pay the debt. She demanded I remove the podcast episode and not post anything about her, you can obviously see how that demand was met.

When I told her I would not remove the content, and that I intended to post the phone call as well, she decided she would have to harm me. She said “Im calling the Keene police and fbi to report you for drugs etc.” (Keene is the city I live in). There are no drugs in my house, but Kricket is aware that my friend Ian Freeman was denied a concealed carry license over a drug investigation in which he has still not been charged. Kricket is trying to get me disarmed, because she thinks that might get me killed. I make a lot of enemies. Some of them more serious than others, and I do not travel to places where I cannot carry a weapon.

Kricket Slick is Making False Reports To Police to Entrap A Gun Owner

Kricket Slik is Making False Reports To Police to Entrap A Gun Owner

Luckily, I have a good relationship with my local police department. I’ve contacted them and if they want to have a look around my apartment, that’s not going to be a problem. But especially since Kricket is in the habit of associating with political extremists, often fancying racist and violent movements, and since she’s now involving herself with law enforcement, I’m very concerned about the guy she ends up with next.

Let’s hope it’s not you.

Her phone number is (905)966-7565
Her email address is [email protected]
She was born in Hamilton, Ontario, and the most recent address I have for her is
32 Melrose Avenue South
Hamilton Ontario L8M 2Y5

Here are some photos of her with people you might recognize.

  • tz1

    Hymen: Nature’s way of telling men “sealed for your protection”.

    For millenia marriage has been required by the older, wiser parents for both men and women and there was shame for violating it.

    “The Gods of the Copybook Headings” once more extract their vengeance.

    I have a certain amount of sympathy, but given the “hookup culture”, about as much as that guy in Georgia that had his leg severed by getting too close and putting too much Tannerite on some old thing he wanted to destroy.

    Nowhere in your above missive do you even suggest the wisdom in keeping your pants zipped until marriage (and did you get checked for STDs which she may have given you?).

    She murdered your child – let that sink in. And the months and years are lost where you could have found a worthy spouse.

    Repent. Stop thinking with your dick. Then look for someone who isn’t a psycho bitch from hell. But there is a problem as most sane and chaste women are some kind of Christian and might not accept your rough edges.

    • zxvf

      I think it’s interesting, that when I was a teenager, I would have married the girl I liked.

    • Johnathan Myers

      Says the guy who grew up with two parents, roof, shelter, and was never sexually or ritually abused. It’s not that clear to everyone who doesn’t have all those advantages. You are right, it’s just not that easy or simple.

      • tz1

        If you are driven insane by circumstances, your insanity does not then define normalcy.
        If I can create terrorists, suicide bombers, etc. by “depriving” those “advantages”, we may as well abandon civilization.

  • Sintrix

    Savage. All men should read #TheRedPill subreddit and avoid nuisances like these.

  • Liberal Juggalo supremacist

    This is the most dysfunctional degenerate shit I’ve ever read. A Hollywood Jew who’s parents died in the holocaust couldn’t have written this any better. I mean, people actually live their lives like this on the right? I’m making you an honorary leftist militant. Congratulations Chris! You’ve done it!

    • Joe Statist

      says the grown man who paints his face like a clown..

    • goodmatt10 1

      Say what?

  • Sorry to hear you went through this nightmare. Glad you’re out. Take care.

  • Michael Sharp

    Don’t feel bad dude, I was reading this thinking ” this idiot doesn’t sound like a Toronto girl ” and sure enough you mention she’s from Hamilton . They’ve got a reputation there as being ditch pigs by in large.
    I had my own Kricket like encounter last year . So I’m familiar with Bi-Polar psychos whores that present themselves as anything but( and yes she was from Hamilton also). If she didn’t win the lottery she’d likely be what Terrence Popp calls a “System Surfer”. It wouldn’t surprise me if she stole things from you too and later saying you lent it to her ( being sober at the time to not likely, they wait till your good and fucked up to do that) .
    Giving BJ’s for drugs is a thing out there since women out there mostly need someone else to get them what they want, you know instead of getting a job and paying for it .
    If your at all curious, look up a site called “The Dirty” and go through some of the Hamilton posts and you’ll see what I mean . My Ex is on there from 2014 and had I come across this before hand I would have gone ghost on her.
    Never the less , it’s hopefully the past for you and I hope you find a good woman who will help you build a whiter future for the ethnostate 🙂

  • Greggo Morriso

    >Hamilton, ON

    Are you REALLY surprised, dude?

  • Ajay

    She said she was a psychopath in the few exchanges I had with her and she was blocked shortly after those exchanges.

    I never had a relationship with her, but the very times I interacted with her were batshit crazy.

    Sorry for what’s going on for you Cantwell.

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ffee25566b7cd085e029f5d9c67332a50900722813fe6766a18df12d2af3d4b8.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d078af2ee7960e8c10c08ad667f8681bd9e204cfbd8fd355e8e8e380d896b6cc.jpg

  • Dan

    I listened to the call. She was ready with, “It’s how I was raised” when you asked her how it was possible that she could have listened to so much FDR and not understand. The only way she will ever heal is to deal with how she was raised and determine for herself to never use it as an excuse for her behavior ever again.

  • jtkennedy

    Jesus Christ, just stop. What is this, your sixth aborted child? Seventh? Do you think this is because you’re the unluckiest guy ever, or could it be that you’re making maximally horrible decisions with astonishing consistency?

    You need to take a break from women for at least five years and straighten yourself out. It doesn’t have to be this way.

    The article you need to write: A Warning To Christopher Cantwell’s Next Girlfriend

    • Christopher Cantwell

      I’m 36. If you think I need to be single until I’m 41, then forgive me if I don’t take you seriously as I contemplate input on my priorities.

      • jtkennedy

        How many more abortions are acceptable to you? Zero *is* an option.

  • I’ve made some damned stupid decisions while thinking with my dick, too. That shiny-face thing is Hamilton classic. Girls from there also like to put glitter on their faces for some unknown reason.

  • annoyalib

    Her name is fuckin Kricket Slik. That wasn’t a big enough red flag?

    • Rudolph ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      I thought she changed the name after she got the millions.. Apparently it’s her real name, because it’s on the lottery check…

  • zocli michael

    that is why men that live without red pill knowledges are like lambs in a land full of wolf.

  • Samantha Chevalier

    “That other girl” lmfao

  • Samantha Chevalier

    “Fuck you, pay me!” ROFL

  • Mic Heal

    She sounds like she is terrified and cries an awful lot Jesus Christ

  • Samantha Chevalier
  • Samantha Chevalier
  • zxvf

    She won the lottery? Geezus. Reminds me of Carl’s ex-girlfriend. (Yeah, no one knows who Carl is.)

  • Brady2600

    hey you might want to take down the part about her facebook profile.

  • David Chaparro

    Maybe you should get her personal data out.

    • Christopher Cantwell

      Maybe you should fuck off

      • David Chaparro

        and now you ban me for saying that doxing its bad? chill man.

  • She strikes me as suffering from borderline personality disorder. Not an official diagnosis of course. But she definitely exhibits all the symptoms of it.

    She thinks in black and white. You’re either a superhero or the worst person she’s ever met. Usually it’s the latter, especially as she gets to know you.

    She also fears abandonment, but gets insanely abusive when abandonment is threatened. In other words, she doesn’t want to be alone, but is incapable to doing the things that keep that from happening.

    Honestly, get a restraining order out on her. I know it’s just a government piece of paper and will do nothing to stop her, but it’s one more thing you have in your arsenal should things go further south with her.

  • Virtual Remover

    Holy shit Chris, this is terrifying, but unfortunately, entirely unsurprising. When are you going to cut out the “muh dik” rationalizations (“it’s not entirely unreasonable for a modern man blah blah blah…”) that enable these kinds of mistakes and get your ass in Church?

    • Christopher Cantwell

      I think I’d like it if you stopped reading/listening to me.

      • Virtual Remover

        Sorry you feel that way. We’ll pray for you and hope that things get better, one way or another.

  • Zeno

    Thank god you haven’t been able to reproduce yet.

  • David Whiting

    Who gets a woman to pay off their car debt? What a loser. Man up already.

  • Barry Sussman

    No gyms in Canada?

  • John Smithman

    Chris, you need to get your shit together dude. No matter what shopping list of terrible issues this chick has, the fault is squarely yours for involving yourself (repeatedly) in the first place.

  • Hey everyone.

    I am Andrei, the guy from this story and Chris is right – she did try to contact me and I was married by then but that did not stop her from trying to ruin my marriage.

    She offered me the money as well, offered me money to buy my sperm, offered me to have her as my second wife and sends me about 50 emails whenever she comes around

    I tried to do everything to stop her from getting in touch with me but she always finds a way

    She emailed me 3 days ago and I knew she was back for another round so i said I will go and chill with her at a vape lounge, meanwhile all i tried to do was to collect as much i fo on her because I knew this is the only way to battle her now – with info against her

    Next day she sent a message to my wife telling her a bunch of crap and we are in a discussion of a divorce now

    What I found out about her that evening is good enough to scare her away for a while.. Her sister is sick of her and moved to Australia, her brother doesnt want anything to do with her

    She lives in an appartment that she described to be a ‘crack house’ – nothing’s hooked up, sheets covering windows, dirt and dust everywhere

    She moved into that appartment in October and hasnt done a thing to it

    Her friends dont want to talk to her either

    I guess she would be an OK person if she knew how to let things go, but she cant

    Anyway… I have 29 more new emails to read and try to figure out my own personal life

    I wish you well Chris and I can send you some emails she sent me recently about you and other situations ih her life in hopes we can get rid of her by exposing her for what she really is

    Someone told me that she went though 2/3 of her money by now and i hope that is true – the sooner she’ll run out of money the sooner she will have to find a full time job and will leave us the fuck alone https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ce07621321bf594029e1a2232013e3e8b9fa71ca0f75f01b9653a2ef79a1d1f6.png

    • Christopher Cantwell

      I left you a voicemail before she came back in January, you could have saved me a whole lotta trouble by returning my call.

    • Christopher Cantwell

      I sent you an email, I look forward to speaking with you privately.

    • Lacey Slik

      Omg you poor babies…that awful vicious woman must have hurt you so bad providing food and shelter to you for 2 years while you mastered the mysteries of the flat earth and alien overlords!!

      You poor man! You shouldn’t have to work for your own money! The world is against you and so corrupt and your Mommy is mean wahhhh feel bad for me and let me do drugs all night and sleep all day wahhh life isn’t fair. Kricket is mean.

      Its ok shhhhh. Everything is going to be ok. There are plenty of gullible, naive women to exploit for resources in the world. You’re a master cuck. Everything will be alright 😉

      • Christopher Cantwell

        I’m so glad you’ve finally decided to respond to this post, and this is what you’ve come up with. I think it says a great deal about who you are, and what is being said about you.

        • Lacey Slik

          I think you are both clowns and I made terrible mistakes in judgement.

          I don’t care what you say about me anymore as long as you can’t threaten my life or come near me.

          I think my ex Andrei is a sociopathic predator just like you….two peas in a pod.

          Sort yourselves out.

          • Christopher Cantwell

            Last I checked neither of us had murdered any babies. Not that I’m holding that against against you at this point. Death is surely preferable to being your son or daughter, it was the merciful thing to do.

          • Lacey Slik

            sort yourselves out

          • Christopher Cantwell

            She informed me a couple of days ago that she still listens to my show religiously. She’s only doing this now because I mentioned pursuit of a romantic interest in episode 285 and she got jealous.

            Thanks for showing future potential lovers of yours that you dispute none of the facts here, and are instead only lashing out emotionally at the people who exposed your horrible behavior. I’m certain your potential employers will be interested too, and you’re going to be needing a lot of employers when your money runs out and your incapacity to maintain a single relationship leads to you getting fired every three months.

            And don’t bother deleting the comments, I’ve already taken screenshots.

          • Paul Rain

            Hahah, a mentally ill babykiller says what?