Libertarians and the Alt Right

Sometimes I wonder if it was always like this and I was just less aware, but it seems like race is on the tongue of every leftist media personality lately. Typically I don’t see a great deal of merit in their complaints, other than to note that wherever demographics are not homogenous, demographic disparities exist in socially significant categories of status and behavior. Shockingly enough, very few people see fit to respond to leftist cries of racism, other than to deny that they are racists, which never seems to do any good for anyone.

Libertarians and the Alt Right
Libertarians and the Alt Right

I almost shouldn’t have to state that libertarianism itself doesn’t have much to say about race. The non-aggression principle, in theory, can and should transcend such categorizations and be applied to all two legged creatures, with the notable exception of Kangaroos. In practice, any movement that seeks to alter society as much as libertarianism does, without addressing the topic of race, might as well be trying to buy things without money. It’s not impossible, but you have to do some kind of Rube Goldberg operation to address a lot of issues, and that’s pretty much impossible to do in a hyperinclusive mass democracy, where people feel no obligation to inform themselves before they decide who gets the nukes.

Republicans and conservatives haven’t been particularly helpful either. Avoiding the topic altogether is the preferred option. Though while I can see the reasons they prefer not to discuss it, this is causing them to lose elections entirely too frequently. Dodging questions has this nasty habit of making you look guilty as sin, and constantly reassuring people you’re not a racist while the word might as well not have a definition these days, makes you look like an idiot.

So libertarians and the right more generally are reduced to memorizing nonsensical talking points about the war on drugs, the welfare state, the legacy of slavery, and a host of other platitudes which amount to apologizing for not being a communist. They keep on trying to explain away inequality by blaming it on the government, as if human beings didn’t pass on traits through their DNA. It’s profoundly irritating to those of us who have bothered to try and understand the subject of racial disparities throughout the world, and throughout time. Worse than this, our more respectable counterparts are often joining with our mortal enemies, in trying to exterminate scientific facts from the collective human consciousness.

Why? Because if they don’t, they’ll be called racists. Their careers will be ruined, their social standing will suffer, and depending on the time and place they might even be arrested or assaulted or murdered over this. Shockingly enough, no matter how much one tries not to be a racist, disagreeing with communists always seems to bring the accusation anyway. Even if you’re a gay Jewish immigrant, you’re literally going to be called a Nazi if you dare to suggest a different public policy than the television set has decided will be the future of the country.

You would think with all this madness and violence going on over the racial tensions, the libertarians, who fancy themselves the smartest people in the room, and often are, would have something to say about the subject. Well, they do in fact do this from time to time, but then they get run out of polite society, and become the alt right.

Libertarians have, since the coining of the term, attempted to separate themselves from typical left vs. right spectrum of political thought. Despite having attracted some of the most brilliant and articulate minds in the history of our species, this still has not brought them much in the way of political success. While the movement has certainly grown a great deal and we can credit a list of really excellent people for what they’ve done to spread the ideas, attempting to intellectualize away certain realities of the world in which we live, eventually exposes one as not having much interest in changing the overall course of human events. Moreover, nobody gives a shit about libertarians because the immediacy of our problems makes violence an unfortunate necessity, and their avoidance of this fact makes them look like irresponsible children.

Left and right is natural to us, and libertarians are never going to escape it insofar as we describe left and right as ideas and patterns of behavior, as opposed to political parties. It is not a conspiracy to take your social freedoms on one side and your economic freedoms on the other. Libertarians are just as left/right divided as the rest of the country, and you can’t understand anything else about libertarians until you understand that.

On the left side of libertarianism, just like in the Democratic party, you see the embrace of homosexuals, immigrants, and things they’ll be referring to as racial minorities until the last white man is dead. Judging people for vices, or just about anything at all is seen as wicked statist authoritarianism. Their views on race could be summed up as, kill whitey. Some would say I’m oversimplifying matters, and I am, because these people are idiots. I’m not going to bother addressing communists just because they call themselves libertarians. I really don’t believe these people have a right to live anymore.

If you’re a right libertarian, people are going to call you a racist, and eventually they’re going to be right. Their constant shifting of the goal posts aside, the reason Democrats hate racism is because it is harmonious with racial reality. If you’re a right libertarian and you fancy yourself an intellectual, I imagine you’re going to have a hard time not becoming familiar with subjects like race and IQ, crime demographics, and who runs the media and financial institutions while telling you you’re the oppressor. I’m not saying you’re gonna get a fashy haircut and start curb stomping degenerates or anything, more typically, your path from here forward will involve a great deal of keeping your mouth shut so nobody discovers your crimethink.

Perhaps for you, that treacherous journey begins here.

I should state, I’m certain there are those who would say that I’m no authority on the alt right. The alt right has a nasty habit of doing that to the alt right, but that’s not the point. I’m not claiming to have done a great deal of reading on the definition of the alt right, because I don’t think it is necessarily something you write a list of positions about. I only stumbled upon it by googling neoreactionary after I was accused of being one, and they had better memes than the libertarians so I jumped ship. I’m oversimplifying, but this is sort of true, actually.

People say the alt right is racist. While I think it would be unfair to categorize them as a “hate” movement, they are racist insofar as they do not suffer from the libertarian and conservative incapacity to meet leftist cries of racism with more than apologies. They have legitimate arguments, and solutions to the racial tensions that are making so many people miserable these days. Not the least of which is separation, or white nationalism.

I’m going to ask you to take a few things for granted here as I go forward, because decisively making the case for each point would simply be beyond the scope of this text. Even if you think I’m wrong about these things, I think you’ll find I make pretty compelling arguments on my show.

Human beings are animals not entirely dissimilar to others. They mate and give birth to live offspring who take their DNA and all the genetic traits that come with it from the parents. When two white people have a child, we all expect the child to be white, and if not somebody is going to get in trouble. As it turns out, people pass on more than their skin color through their DNA. Traits like intelligence, hormones, and even certain tendencies of behavior are all informed by our biology through a combination of environmental factors and genetics. People can squabble as much as they want about nature or nurture, but the best available evidence suggests that people are born with a certain degree of genetic potential beyond which no environmental factor can improve.

It should not surprise us then, that there are disparities in these traits between racial groups. Peoples who shared a general gene pool in one environment, are going to face different selective pressures than peoples who shared a different general gene pool in a different environment. Some environments demand people reduce their time preference and plan ahead to survive and leave progeny, while others favor brute force and malaria resistance. When that happens for thousands of years, you end up with peoples who do not interpret the world the same way, and are biologically all but destined to act on those interpretations in ways that are incompatible with one another. I don’t imagine that was such a huge problem before we figured out intercontinental travel, but times have been rather trying for all involved ever since.

In the United States and Europe, we seem to have been convinced that “diversity is our strength” despite every light in the cockpit telling us this plane is about to crash. Blacks are burning down their own neighborhoods because they’re 13% of the population and 30% of those shot by police, and if you think them committing half the violent crime has something to do with that, you’re a Nazi who deserves to be assaulted.  Muslims are taking over entire cities in Europe without an ounce of resistance from the people of those cities, but this lack of resistance hasn’t stopped them from raping the women of the lands they are conquering. Americas southern border has become a dumping ground for welfare recipients, criminals, and people without much to offer in the way of marketable skills.

If you attend libertarian events, you’ll notice a certain notorious demographic pattern. White males, mostly of the heterosexual variety. This is sort of an important thing to understand if you’re a libertarian, even if you’re not white. If you don’t like biological determinism, feel free to blame it on the public schools and the media, but if you see a black guy at a libertarian conference, he’s probably the keynote speaker and everybody wants to know his unique insights on how to steer blacks from communism. Without white people, there is no libertarian movement. Pokemon cards have more influence on government policy than libertarians will in the absence of white people.

If the demographic goals of the Democratic party are reached, it will be the end of white people in the United States. Uncontrolled immigration combined with preferential job placement, antidiscrimination laws, and a welfare state that subsidizes the worst sort of breeding patterns, will breed us out, while the high taxes that pay for all of this bleed us out. Either, we will become extinct as the left would certainly prefer. Or, we separate along ethnic lines and cease to be the United States. There is a third option, but we would all prefer to avoid that one.

The latter option is commonly referred to as white nationalism. The nation state is universally purported to exist for the purpose of serving the best interests of the people of the nation. Setting aside for a moment whatever quarrels one might have with the State as an institution, this is the perfectly normal state of affairs for human beings throughout the world, and has been for just about as long as we’ve got written history. For white nationalists, those people just so happen to be white. Like most other racial groups, we place a degree of value upon this, and aim to see it preserved through public policy. Depending on who you talk to, the policy might be absolute exclusion of all non-whites, or some degree of merit based immigration might be permitted. But the purpose of the State is to preserve the people and their interests, and the racial identity of the people is held in very high regard.

Mind you, it is only heresy when white people do this. Nobody is demanding that Japan or Israel open up their borders and subsidize waves of foreigners into their country. The mere mention of preserving the white race today is met with such hostility, that I find it hard to believe more white people aren’t absolutely terrified by it. If I were to accuse Jews of some special wickedness for preserving their people, I’d understandably be seen as pretty hostile towards their survival, funny how that doesn’t seem to go both ways. (Jews are not whites by the way, Google it.)

Now, if you’re a libertarian you might be saying to yourself right now “but Chris, this is statism,” and you would be correct. You might even call it fascism, and I wouldn’t find it particularly useful to argue with you. White nationalism generally involves having a government. I could make the case of a white nation without what we would commonly recognize as a modern government, but that’s the Rube Goldberg thing again. Or should I say, Hans Hoppe.

Libertarianism taken through to its ultimate logical conclusion is a society where all property in land is ultimately privately owned. A man’s home however, may or may not be his castle. Land owners dictate what happens on their land, and to imagine that our conveniently zoned plots drawn out by our municipalities would long remain in a free market for land is naive. If one is not subject to taxes in his ownership of land, then he is more or less welcome to begin collecting them, and more resources than the average person can come up with are going to be aimed at gaining that privilege.  A land developer might build an entire city and claim it as his own and let people live on that land under certain conditions. Such as contributing to the maintenance of common areas and security expenses. It would not be difficult to imagine such a community might choose to prohibit drug use, or even homosexuality. In fact, the better the community was, the more discriminatory it would by definition have to be. When the people making the decisions find themselves more interested in making money than in obtaining votes, it is hard to imagine they wouldn’t have some kind of ethnic policy. Whether anybody wants to admit it or not, we know that the best places to live, especially for libertarians, are going to be mostly white.

So I don’t see white nationalism as being inherently at odds with libertarianism. For most libertarians, I imagine white nationalism would be their market preference. You can take issue with the merit of how the rulers of a society are chosen, but the rulers are going to be there one way or the other, and ultimately what affects our lives is the decisions those rulers make. If you like the non aggression principle and you’re cognizant of demographics, you’re going to want to influence those decisions to favor the interests of white people, and diversity just doesn’t meet that standard.

Where libertarians typically come into conflict with the alt right has more to do with policy proposals in the here and now, than in some abstract concept of an ethnostate or covenant community. The libertarians entirely too frequently just want to try and chip away at the government in whatever opportunistic order they can. Leave the borders wide open with a cradle to grave welfare state, and some people think this is going to turn us into Ancapistan. Legalize drugs in the presence of that same welfare state, and watch the ayahuasca thrust us toward a post scarcity future.

Those of us with a little more maturity would prefer public policy to guide us toward a more libertarian future. I won’t mince words here, I’m talking about a eugenics program. It doesn’t have to be as brutal as genocide and forced sterilization, but if you think government policy isn’t already dictating evolutionary pressures on our species you’re kidding yourself. Taxing working people to subsidize the breeding of people who do not work is not just bad economic policy, it is bad genetics, and I think you would have to be pretty naive to think that was lost on the part of the people who set these policies. They do these things, in combination with immigration, to make a dumber more dependent society.

It is not unfathomable that one could organize economic policy in such a fashion as to do the opposite. I’d go so far as to say we could dramatically improve the quality of our people in a generation just by slashing taxes and limiting wealth redistribution schemes. But what if we also started funneling government money to our think tanks and activist groups like the left has done for decades? What if Roe vs. Wade was overturned, and white areas reduced access to abortion while black areas increased it? What if, instead of a suicidally altruistic immigration policy, only the best and brightest were permitted to enter Western societies?

I can understand why libertarians and conservatives become skeptical of people who think themselves uniquely qualified to to play god in the way the left has become so comfortable doing. The thing is, us refusing to play god doesn’t stop the left from playing. This is a fight for our survival whether we like it or not, and for better or worse the State is the weapon in play. We have to control it, and use it to our interests, because the only alternative in the present day is to have others control it and use if for their own.

We cannot concern ourselves with how the founders intended us to govern, because our rivals do not adhere to this same standard.  A bunch of Republicans preventing the State from acting for a couple of years, only to hand control back off to communist activists in the next term, is not going to work out in our political or darwinian interests. We have to do things that are understandably deemed corrupt just to compete with the left.

The leaks coming out of the intelligence agencies, and the courts preventing Trump from controlling the borders during wartime, are just two examples of the left taking advantage of the system in ways we disadvantage ourselves by refusing to do. If the left wants to ban “hate speech”  then we should ban “communist propaganda” with all the same vagueness and uncertainty of their thought control program. Every Democrat (and for that matter, every Jew) in the intelligence apparatus should have their security clearances revoked and they should be replaced with right wing ideologues. After Trump packs the spy agencies with loyalists, then Congress can pass a law preventing the next president from pulling a similar stunt. We have to stop trying to be neutral about education curriculum, the communists have been using the schools to brainwash kids for decades. It’s time to push a right wing social engineering agenda into the public schools. You’re never going to privatize the industry as long as there are large numbers of leftists in the society, and those schools are presently breeding grounds for communism.

The list of examples could get kind of long, but the idea here is to make it difficult for leftists to operate, not only politically but in their business and social lives as well. If the right stops trying to play by the rules, we can socially engineer the country through public policy. Imagine a world where being called a Democrat was worse than being called a racist, and Facebook took the hammer and sickle as seriously as the swastika.

It sounds crazy to a lot of libertarians at first, but when measured against the alternatives it begins to sound more reasonable. This is far more reasonable than anything we see coming out of the Democratic party, but that’s a rather low bar to set. I even think we’d be compelled to understate the reasonableness of this to compare it against anything coming from the Libertarian Party, or even the Republican Party.

Frankly, white nationalism is a lot more reasonable than modern American democracy. It’s more sensible than continuing to be one nation, under God, indivisible, with racial tension, and high taxes for all. This whole sea to shining sea thing was cool, until we forgot that nations were made up of human beings who pursue group interests at the expense of other groups. Those groups can be defined in a lot of ways, but anybody who thinks race ain’t one of them is kidding themselves.

For many years, the right has tried to limit the power of the State because they rightly perceived it as a threat to their safety. Recklessly, leftists have used every usurpation they can get away with to grow the government and confirm our fears. Limiting the government now would be foolish. Let us terrorize the left until the best that they can hope for is limiting the intrusions of the State.

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