Radical Agenda EP276 – St. Patrick’s Day

Top o’ the Morning to you! We’ve got a packed show today, so I guess it’s a good thing I’m not doing what I’m usually doing by noon on St. Patrick’s day.

Amidst parades and pub crawls celebrating the ugliest of stereotypes about my Irish heritage, Donald Trump this morning took the time to address the nation this morning and show the country that he isn’t actually anti-immigrant at all. He discussed the hardships Irish immigrants suffered  as they came to America, and how they contributed greatly to the success of the nation. He stopped short of saying “Unlike those OTHER immigrants who rape, collect welfare, and destroy our quality genetic heritage” but we all know he was thinking of it.

Radical Agenda EP276 - St. Patrick's Day

Radical Agenda EP276 – St. Patrick’s Day

And how could he not? Right now the courts are, for the second time, holding up travel restrictions put in place by the president through a lawful executive order. Once again, the court claims, no matter how small a minority of Muslims are impacted by the restriction, that this amounts to a “Muslim ban” and that the president is prohibited from defending America’s borders during wartime. His lawyers have insisted the policy is not discriminatory in nature, but that really defeats the purpose.

This whole “Muslim ban” thing illustrates with the greatest clarity why we need race realists in our politics discussions. Trying to run away from leftist accusations of racism, sexism, discrimination, and bigotry never works. The terms don’t actually mean anything. They are impossible to apply in any realistic manner . More importantly, the President of the United States absolutely has the power to discriminate as it pertains to immigration, and anyone who says otherwise hasn’t read the law.

The courts are not protecting the constitution, or any act of congress. They are not trying to protect the rights of religious minorities. They are trying to prevent the President from doing his job. They are announcing to our enemies from around the world that the floodgates are open, that the laws will not be enforced, and that America is ripe for the taking.

The only way that can possibly end is in death and destruction, the likely outcome of which will be a constitutional crisis as the President is left with no other choice but to ignore the court’s orders. He’ll be compelled to operate in a legal limbo land, just to stop foreign fighters from pouring into the country, and we’ll be one step closer to having done away with the US Constitution for good.

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  • goodmatt10 1

    “”He discussed the hardships Irish immigrants suffered as they came to America””

    In all fairness there was good reason people resented the Irish at the time. Once we get the race thing set, you then have to look at culture as well, and yes, there are big cultural differences among whites.

    Dig deeper into immigration for most of America’s history, it wasn’t just that it was White European, 90% were either British or Dutch and further they were Protestant.

    The problem was not that some Irish came, it’s that they were coming in hoards, driving down wages, and they were Catholic, and I know you’ve studied the ((())) but I’d invite you to study how much Irish Catholics have been part of the degeneracy of America.

    Before you get offended, Pat Buchanan is one of my favorite figures and I’m glad he’s here, and I also say this as a German, and German immigration was also very limited, as it should have been. Race is a factor, but don’t forget culture is as well.

  • UncleVladdi

    Islam isn’t a religion (at all, much less one “of peace!”) and its “muslims” aren’t a race (at all, much less one of “poor oppressed people of color”)!

    ISLAM IS SLAVERY. Period. (“Submission” is an euphemism for slavery).
    Islam extorts enslaves & murders non-muslims. Perpetual extortion is slavery.

    So if islam is to enjoy protected Constitutional ‘religious’ status, so is slavery.

    Like the early Arabs when first confronted by Muhammad’s holy-mobster extortion and slavery racket called ‘islam,’ today’s libertine “liberal” criminals feel when threatened that the easiest solution is to become part of the problem!

    Extortion obviously works!

    And all of the smarter and lazier criminals always want to enslave their victims!

    And the best way to do that, is to convince them that they were always only victims they whole time, anyway!

    Paranoia is slander (“You’re all out to get me!” without proof.)

    Victimology is extortion, because perpetual victims imply perpetual oppressors, against whom the ends always justify the means. (Sound familiar? This is the hidden nectar behind everything written in the Qur’an itself)!

    And perpetually paranoid, slanderous extortion is also known as SLAVERY; and it’s not limited to islam’s muslims, either!

    In Islam, God is the Government. In Socialism, the Government is God.

    Do leftist “activist agitators” ever simply leave other people alone, to literally mind their own businesses?

    NO. They are professional extortionists – it’s who they are, and what they do. They are SLAVERS.

    Libertine “liberal” criminals know what they’re doing when they project their own crimes onto we their victims! What is it they’re always accusing us of doing, by defending “swarthy people of colour” all the time? What’s so wrong about us being such ‘hatefully racist bigots’ to them? They are accusing us of trying to ENSLAVE them, as they enslave us, by saying “You big meanie conservative capitalists are trying to force us to work (implying ‘for you, for free’) all the time!”

    What idolaters (moslems, libertine liberals, communists, gangsters, fascists; i.e: totalitarian conformists … criminals) love, is to always attack everyone else first (slanderously, i.e: pre-emptively, in “defense”) and so they must always justify & rationalize their attacks with backwards excuses – image over reality, and form over substance. They have to make up alibis, and any idol (ideal idea) in a storm will do. Since they have no values beyond imaginary self-defense, they are always willing to trade away anything of value, in exchange for the freedom to be able to cut and run in any given instant. Hence their love of money, because money is only the imaginary re-presentation of the trade of painful labor for hoped-for lounging (relief from labor). As criminals, they desperately want to have hope of no pains without having to work their way through the fears of the mistakes and problems which cause those pains they fear; they want rights without responsibilities, and, in fact, they demand the right to remain irresponsibly wrong, while asserting that only everyone else has the onus of the responsibility to become right; they are infantile delinquents, always blaming their victims, because slander and extortion is always easier and often more immediately lucrative than working for a living. SLAVERS ARE LAZY BULLIES AND PARASITES.

    Slavery is mostly a psychological infliction, rather than a purely physical one. Did even the worst muslim slavers have to constantly keep their black slaves chained up, and keep a constant watch over them? NO. In stead, they let them know what would happen to them if they tried to escape (the stick) and what would happen to them if they Submitted (the carrot) – they would be kept ‘safe’ and ‘protected’ (like the Dhimmis) and so they were taught to trade freedom for security, just as all modern Western statists want, too!

    Liberals (libertine criminals) who protest for the sake of protesting, aka ‘activist agitators’ and ‘community organizers,’ are professional extortionists. They usually co-opt government by protesting against groups which are so large and undefined (i.e: against ‘white males’) as to have no leaders to defend them, and so they feel no need to actually present evidence of their slanders in a court of law, even in basic class-action suits, before they demand and usually, under equally ‘liberal’ governments like president Hussein’s, get, ‘reparations’ for alleged past wrongs.

    And we keep hiring self-promoting negligent criminals to rule over us!

    They assume there’s no money in solutions, (and its corollary: “It’s not broken, so let’s fix it!”) and so can always be counted on to spin temporary problems with easy, permanent solutions into eternal crises with only band-aid therapies available, in order to buy us low and sell themselves most high as much-needed crisis relief management experts! i.e: “Please Give Generously – AGAIN! Whee!”

    We’re currently all ruled by libertine “liberal” criminals, by traders who value nothing, pretend the ends (their own personal wealth) justify the means (crime) and so will always attack first by advertising fear in order to induce and sell the greedy hope of avoiding their own initial threats; they create eternal crises out of temporary problems and tempt us with what we want (idolatrous victimology excuses) in stead of what we need, buying us low to sell them selves as the most high – and they have infiltrated the education system itself, corrupting and abusing captive children from an early age. They’re criminal negligents who can only “teach” criminal negligence to children.

  • DarqFybre

    Madcow is a retard. Her employer paid less tax than Trump. She also seems to operating in some delusional world whereby no public official would ever do anything in their own self-interest, whether purposefully, or tangentially. Either way, these r-selective communist lunatics will find fault with anything Trump does.

  • Digital Homicide

    Enforce 2nd amendment rights for freekorps in Europe.