Radical Agenda EP285 – The Left’s War

Yesterday I caught wind that Donald Trump launched upwards of 50 Tomahawk missiles into Syria. This was done in apparent retaliation for a sarin gas attack supposedly launched by the Assad government against his own people, killing 86, including women and children, babies even.

Now, I’m not going to say that launching nerve gas onto unsuspecting people is nice, but I think if one takes a step back and attempts to put it into perspective, this response is unwarranted. The deaths of 86 Syrians in a civil war that has raged on for the better part of a decade and killed nearly half a million people, is a mere blip on the radar. Complaints about the means by which the regime caused these particular deaths, chemical weapons,

Radical Agenda EP285 - The Left's War

Radical Agenda EP285 – The Left’s War

seems overblown. Women and babies killed by machine gun fire or conventional bombs are just as dead as any who choked to death with lungs full of sarin.

The fact that women and babies ended up dead is not particularly surprising to anyone who has ever paid attention to anything war related. That’s what happens in a warzone, and that of course is the reason we are given when we are told we have a moral obligation to invite hostile foreign cultures into Western societies. Given that the vast majority of these “refugees” are military aged males, it seems reasonable to think that many left behind would be women and children.

The only reason the Trump administration could possibly have for attacking Syria, and thereby escalating a potential conflict with Russia that could easily become World War III, is continuity of government. The Trump administration is making good on Obama’s threat to use American military force in the event of a chemical weapons attack, and/or caving into pressure from hostile domestic elements still embedded in the government.

Mr President, you have no obligation to do this. The Obama and Bush administrations were leftist regimes. The wars they started and never finished were leftist tactics to weaken America. Moreover, these conflicts have been purposely continued in perpetuity to continue draining America not only of its resources and standing in the community of nations, but also to empty us of our most fit and capable men.

This tactic was described by Anonymous Conservative in his book “The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics”. Leftist or r-selected regimes send the right leaning K-selected warriors of the military off to fight unnecessary and unwinnable conflicts so as to provide greater breeding opportunities for draft dodgers and cowards. While the warriors are overseas, their lesser countrymen are left with exclusive access to the women of the society. They breed, and their political ideas breed with them.

Simultaneously, we have seen both of the prior administration all but completely open the borders, even while claiming we need to have our own government spy on us to prevent attacks on the homeland. Thereby flooding the nation with more r-selected animals who will reliably vote for the hand that feeds them.

So why should we continue fighting a war that served no other purpose than to prop up our political enemies at home?

The only move to make here is to walk away. Let Russia help the Assad regime regain control over the country. We do not need to fight the wars of our enemies.

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  • BeautifulGasBaby

    Thank You! President Trump for saving me, and Thank You! AyVanka i’m
    sure you and your ALLamerican husband have played a role in convincing
    your old daddy to make the right decision and save me because you know
    the future belongs to me your BeatifulGasBaby.
    Remember the GasBaby goys….i mean guys 🙂

  • BeautifulGasBaby

    After all this gasing i would like to come to America and personally
    thank President Trump for saving me, i just hope i can bring my rather big
    family with me so i don’t feel so alone living in good ol USA.
    Maybe i should write a nice letter to AyVanka and her Allamerican husband…
    Remember the GasBaby.

  • Steven Lewis

    In 2 days after Trump and his administration announced they were no longer seeking regime change in Syria, we get this BS propaganda that once again Assad gassed his own people. The last two times this accusation was made it was proven false. So Trump and his military advisors decide that no investigation is needed and a message must be sent. Oh and Trump warned the Russians prior to the attack. Trump should have stood his ground. I suspect the ousting of Bannon, Flynn, and others has allowed his Jew son in law Kushner, Mattis, and McMasters to force this stupid decision. Trump supporters are pissed. WWIII anybody?

  • BeautifulGasBaby

    WTF…where is the stream…is Chris gased from ustream to?!

    • Eric Parker

      shows at 7pm EST tonight not 5

  • Eric Parker

    why you delete my comments chris, i hope that article is on point and it was just flexing and not going to end up being a regime change or full scale war.

  • Steven Lewis

    Bummer Chris, tech problems!

  • UncleVladdi

    They say the Russians strafed a rebel (ISIS) gas-factory warehouse.

    Remember: the very same “intelligence officers” who told Trump that Assad did it, are the ones appointed by Obama who are out to get and frame Trump himself for nonsensical “crimes” – like for his working for Russia!

    So: Trump either took a cheap shot at Assad to show he’d stand up to Russia BECAUSE he was hosting the Chinese delegation at Mar a Lago at the time (hinting that they’d best reign-in North Korea) or it was DUMB.

    • goodmatt10 1

      It was dumb.

  • UncleVladdi

    According to Buzzfeed, President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner quietly met with Muslim activists and businessmen days before the inauguration, but any hope for collaboration faded after Trump took office.

    Kushner, a Dem, surprised the Muslim delegates by asking them to recommend candidates for jobs in the administration, including the White House liaison to Muslim communities. DOES ANY OF THIS SEEM FAMILIAR TO ANYONE?!

    Now the white Mick Steve Bannon is out, and Kushner’s globalist gang is back in.

  • goodmatt10 1

    “”draft dodgers and cowards.””

    Gotta say, I find nothing cowardly about draft dodging. I’ll fight for a legit cause, but I’m not going to waste my life for some BS.

  • Tranny Nanny

    Is there a podcast for this episode? I am not seeing it on itunes.