Radical Agenda EP290 – Heckler’s Veto

Richard Spencer was scheduled to speak at Auburn University in Alabama on Tuesday, April 18th at 7:00pm Eastern, until left wing terrorists threatened the university and the cowards who run it took that opportunity to shut down the event. Or so they thought. Richard says he is going to be showing up anyway, though the details are being kept under a certain layer of operational security.

Radical Agenda EP290 - Heckler's Veto

Radical Agenda EP290 – Heckler’s Veto

I’ll be attending, because like many of you I am sick and tired of violent, dishonest people shutting down open discourse just because the truth interferes with their political agenda and warped worldview. It’s a long ride for me, but worth the time, effort, and risk. I cannot continue to sit in front of my television and watch these people destroy my country while I wait for this insanity to make its way to New Hampshire.

Richard will be joining me for 15 minutes to discuss what led up to this, and what you should do if you want to get involved.

Due to the time constraints the travel places upon me, I won’t be able to do the regularly scheduled Monday show. This Sunday special will have to suffice, but I should be able to make it in time for Wednesday.

Also, if any of you would like to meet up while I’m traveling, please contact me through the form on the website and let me know your approximate location and what you would like to do and I will see if I can accept your invitation.

And of course, if any of you would help to offset my travel expenses by donating, I would be very grateful.

So join us, this Easter Sunday at 10:00pm Eastern for another exciting episode of the Radical Agenda. It’s a show about common sense extremism where we talk about radical, crazy, off the wall things like free speech.

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  • UncleVladdi

    All this scuttling about trying to establish a white nation homeland smacks of retreat and defeatism at best. That whites are mentally and emotionally superior is such a given that making it into something to celebrate and be proud of – much less defending it into a career choice – is like calling one’s self a “Blue-Sky Purist!”

    (Yes, the sky IS blue, and that’s to obvious it hardly needs to be stated, much less vociferously defended)!

    So why don’t we simply use our big brains to work on making blacks smarter so they will stop destroying shit and we can go back to ignoring them as nature intended?!

    Only cowardly leftopaths feel the need to deny the facts and to pretend the best way to solve a problem is to ignore it while attacking those who noticed it exists and work hard to solve it!


    There IS a problem of black laziness, impulsiveness, and promiscuity.

    Admitting a problem exists is the first step in solving that problem!

    Since melanin is not only a skin dye but also a neuro-transmitter, it will probably be easy to develop a simple beta-blocker to free blacks from their history of being unable to create stable societies or invent stuff!

    Since Chris won’t let us post links, just Google for the following words to find the first scientific study proving our case, and suggesting a possible cure!

    “Neuromelanin Magnetic Resonance Imaging Reveals Increased Dopaminergic Neuron Activity in the Substantia Nigra of Patients with Schizophrenia: Neuromelanin has a T1-shortening effect, which was a similar characteristic of the cutaneous melanin.”


  • Dissident5

    Loved the bit about hoping for a democratic, peaceful, law abiding protest at Albany. Why do I have this image of Cantwell’s boot meeting some degenerates ass at lightspeed and sending him flying fifty yards into goal?

  • F88

    Thought I let you know that there are skips in the audio all the time and it gets quite bad when you play Spencer video.