Radical Agenda EP291 – Awe, Burn!

Today I’ll be doing an audio only episode of the show, due to the not so great Internet connectivity at the hotel I’m staying at. You can listen on TuneIn, or using the raw audio stream with your browser or favorite streaming app.

Radical Agenda EP291 - Awe, Burn!

Radical Agenda EP291 – Awe, Burn!

I’m at this hotel, because as you may have heard, I was in Auburn Alabama last night for a Richard Spencer event. He was on episode 290 with me discussing the trouble leading up to it. Specifically that he had gone to some expense and paid for security and the University cancelled his speaking engagement because of terrorist threats from left wing criminals.

Justice does occasionally prevail, however. Richard announced yesterday afternoon that a court ordered Auburn University to honor their agreement with him, and host the event. I’ve not had time yet to research the legalese behind the case, so I cannot speak intelligently to the actual legal argument, but I’m glad he won, whatever the merits. Auburn is a State University. It is subsidized, like nearly all colleges, by the Federal Government. If you listen to the mainstream media, Richard Spencer and Vladimir Putin might as well have been the only people who voted for Donald Trump, and yet they were so powerful that together they made him President of the United States anyway. A public institution shunning relevant speakers because they disagree with his politics is completely unacceptable. Surely, there have been far more dangerous, and far less relevant people than Richard allowed to speak on this and other campuses. Denying him a platform is purely politically motivated, and it is impossible to pretend otherwise.

I arrived just as the event was beginning, and it was too late for me to get inside. That didn’t bother me much though. As you know, I spend my days watching leftists go crazy, and the crowd outside the event made for a target rich environment.

There’s a lot more to get to, but I don’t think we’re going to be taking calls today.

So join us, this and every Wednesday, as well as Mondays and Fridays from 5-7pm Eastern (I might cut it short today due to lack of calls and video) for another exciting episode the Radical Agenda. It’s a show about common sense extremism where we talk about radical, crazy, off the wall things like stampeding communists.

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  • paendragon

    Libertine “liberal” criminals insist they be allowed to “progress” to always extort others to have ever-more rights to be delinquent – and in fact to remain irresponsibly wrong, with ever-less responsibilities – because, as all humans choices were really ever only ’caused’ by a complexity of historically predetermined, predestined and inevitable previous causes and effects, (far beyond our knowledge or capacity to ever understand them, such that we will forever all remain fallible and potentially dangerous victims), then their hypocritical subjective and emotive rejection of all objectively universal facts beyond ‘this one true fact,’ (that chaos is predictable inevitable LOL) proves them wrong:

    for if and when they alone are granted endless rights with no responsibilities, then from whom do these rights proceed?

    Well, from their own chosen victims, or course: from those deluded and so mentally inferior ‘conservative’ humans who, foolishly believing in objectively universal facts and free-will choices, are dumb enough to have enough hope for the future to become makers, from which the much smarter liberal takers (aka worthless parasite) can derive their lucrative subsistance, by forever spinning merely temporary and easily-solved problems with obvious and easy, permanent solutions, into eternal crises for which there are only at best temporary band-aid ‘palliative therapies’ available, and even then only by submitting to the expert authority leadership of the obviously much-smarter, far more shrewd, realpolitikingly decisive liberals.

    Deciding there is no solution, and so that in fact the only real solution is to try to instantly become a part of any given problem, works out great for them!

    So far, anyway….!


  • Ned Cuckson.

    Hey Mr. Cantwell, sorry my call didn’t go smoother. I was hiding in the attic from my wife so I had bad reception.

  • Bryan Curtis

    Yeah none of these links are working, tune in is just silence when playing and so is the raw audio

  • Locus

    none of these links are working

  • – TheFinn –

    Stitcher works, audio only, but works well.

    • Randall Stevens

      I had problems with this episode on Stitcher. Every 10 seconds or so it would skip ahead a few seconds . Irritating as fuck.

  • Thomas Gordon

    Not heard this yet, but the Spencer speech was interesting. I particularly like the credit he gives black people, and he’s right to do so. I suppose in the end it takes a confident sense of your own identity to give any sincerity to your praise of others’.

    Unfortunately the whole left-vs-right concept evaporates when it comes to the alt.right. Apparently capitalism’s the real enemy and once the state regulates away all that pesky consumer choice, the races can do just fine. Remind me again how this is in any way any kind of alternative to the anti-business, anti-property, anti-capitalist rhetoric of every single political party on the planet?

    What, we’re supposed to just embrace the march to communism as long as it’s white people doing it? I’ve got news for you Cantwell/Spencer: it’s white people doing it on what you call the Left as well!
    Just as the Right in government (Trump et al) amounts to increased spending, new state powers, increased intervention and cracking down on business and private property, it’s the same for what passes for the Right in identitarian politics. It’s all anti-choice, anti-stuff, anti-robots, anti-trade and pro-state, pro-intervention, pro-prohibition, pro-authoritah.

    What happened to good old right wing economics?

    If I wanted a choice between left-wing economics plus identity and left-wing economics minus identity, I’d just pick a party at election time. If that’s what the Cantwell Doctrine amounts to – pick a side and make sure it’s Republican – then you could have saved yourself a decade of wasted time worrying about truth and justice: just tick the box for McCain and smile smugly as every new regulation, every new tax, every new piece of communist propaganda, comes with a rubber stamp in red (appropriately enough) with the word ‘Republican’ on it.

  • tz1

    I felt alone, but there are reasonable anarchists!

    lib: free market
    me: so I can buy burglary services to take something or arsonist to eliminate competition?
    lib: No, that would violate the NAP, what would you do?
    me: shoot the burglar or arsonist dead.
    lib: Oh noes, we need insurance, security, arbitration, DisputeResolutionOrgs (DROs)!
    me: They weren’t there in Iceland, Ireland, colonial America, or the not-so-wild west.
    lib: but … Let me look up more talking points…
    me: Why should I consent to the NAP anyway, the devil is in the details, and to quote him “non serviam”
    lib: but it is rational!
    me: so what, humans, collectively aren’t, so if you are waiting for a community of rational humans, Godot and the Great Pumpkin will arrive before that does.
    lib: but, muh philosophy!
    me: I don’t care how many anarchists can dance on the head of a pin. How do you fix Detroit, and giving every resident a copy of “Man, Economy and the State” isn’t going to work, but feel free to go there and try – is your health and life insurance paid up?
    lib: [cognative freeze]
    me: there are descriptive laws like Newton’s laws and the speed of light – the IS, but there are prescriptive laws – the OUGHT. We can’t escape the IS but can reject the OUGHT. Also, just because you don’t know and can’t imagine someone who would intentionally violate the NAP doesn’t mean they don’t exist. I already mentioned Detroit.
    lib: but the NAP is right and Rothbard is a God
    me: Rothbard was a brilliant Austrian economist, mediocre philosopher, but tireless worker for liberty – yet he was human. The NAP only works if a majority follow it naturally, without threat (coercion!), AND those are also willing to do violence themselves to enforce it. Libertarans without weapons are sheep. Socialist wolves won’t spare the flock.

    I could go on, but that was 10 years ago. The alt-right merely sorted things out, especially the race realism and the SJW issue. Yes, there is Thomas Sowell and Walter Willams.

    Name one, or maybe a few anarcho-libertarians that aren’t white males between the age of 25 and 70 who are as prominent as our host. I’ll wait. Even Asians that have on average a higher IQ – Japan is feudal (superimposed over democratic kabuki), not anarcholibertarian, and I don’t see South Korea or China moving that way.

    I don’t really worry about genetics or race per se, but Detroit has 80% of children born out of wedlock, and there is the 5th generation on welfare, and the 4 children by different fathers. I can easily say “forget about speculating about the cause, I can’t find a way to fix the existing reality – do you have any ideas? – but that reality precludes shrinking government”. It is not so much race realism but reality realism.

    Walter Williams noted he was safe sleeping on his fire-escape and going to the local park. The problem is more reality realism. If I want a free society, without mind-reading and thought crimes, then race is a far simpler (even if only correlated and not causal – I’m not saying which) filter to pick members.

    • Richard Chiu

      Ultimately, realistic race realism means accepting that race is defined by cultural heritage even more than by genetics. Of course, human cultures are going to adopt identification standards based on easily visible markers of allegiance (hence the hilarious video of that antifas loser being assaulted by other antifas after being unmasked). Cultural perception of “racial identification” is going to include some need for people with physical markers common to a competing or hostile “race” to compensate with off-setting markers (Sowell and Williams are iconic examples).

      It is unreasonable to expect any human culture to be genuinely “color-blind”. All that’s really necessary to to have sufficient means for signaling cultural allegiance that reflect personal choices rather than circumstances of birth.

      The aspiration of non-whites to “be white” and of all immigrants to “be American” used to be a vital socially cohesive force that made America better (and safer) and more meaningfully free for everyone. At some point, Marxists successfully sold the bizarre argument that encouraging people of every race and national origin to aspire to a common cultural allegiance was “racist” because that culture happened to have been first defined by “whites”.