Radical Agenda EP295 – Weekend at Nazi’s

I’m on my way back from a Traditionalist Worker’s Party event in Pikeville, Kentucky. With the financial backing of audience members, I drove from New Hampshire to Kentucky on Thursday. On Friday we had dinner and a largely social gathering, and Saturday we descended upon Pikeville for the main event.

Radical Agenda EP295 - Weekend at Nazi's

Radical Agenda EP295 – Weekend at Nazi’s

Present were the Traditionalist Worker’s Party, The National Socialist Movement, Iron March, Daily Stormer, The Right Stuff, The League of the South, Vanguard America, America First Party, White Lives Matter, and others. For the first time in all my years of being called a racist, I even got to speak to some members of the KKK. Purposely scheduled close to May Day, a celebration of the American worker, more attention than I usually find in white identitarian movements, was paid to an economic message.

As one might expect from organizations with words like “worker” and “socialist” in their name, condemnation of capitalism was prominently featured. Being something of a student of economics myself, and favoring the teachings of the Austrian school, you can imagine how uncomfortable this made me.

However, I did not attend this event for the purpose of arguing about economic policy. I didn’t event attend for the purpose of spreading my own ideas or gaining publicity for this blog or my podcast, the Radical Agenda. Primarily, I attended because I have become very concerned about violence against everyone right of Elizabeth Warren, perpetrated by unwashed communist terrorists who call themselves Antifa. Anyone who dares to state publicly that they care about the interests of white people, is quickly labeled all the worst things a communist’s vocabulary can conjure. These labels are used as an excuse for violence and other criminal behavior. In my opinion, a white person would have to be insane not to see this as a threat to their safety, and I for one aim to see that threat eliminated.

I was asked by several libertarians who found themselves around the edges of the event, how I could reconcile standing with socialists, when I myself still reluctantly identify as a libertarian. I told them about some glaringly obvious facts that I’m shocked so few libertarians have taken into account.

Anyone who attends a libertarian event, or even someone who lives in a place where government policy is not hostile to libertarian ideals, is going to notice a certain notorious demographic pattern. White people, males in particular, and usually of the heterosexual variety. Whatever excuses our leftist rivals may state for their contempt of this demographic, privilege, colonialism, patriarchy, etc… Their real complaint was made obvious by the recent uproar over a Huffington Post article out of South Africa, advocating we be denied the right to vote because we stand in the way of leftist political power.

There are plenty of ways that one can go about explaining the phenomenon, but the fact of the matter is, libertarianism is essentially white man values. Free markets, the primacy of the individual, limiting violence to self defense, and respecting the rights of others, are uniquely white, western values. White people make up roughly 8% of the world’s population, and less than 2% of the world’s population are white women of child bearing age. Leftists are advocating open immigration into white countries, wealth redistribution, anti discrimination laws, “hate crime” and “hate speech” legislation, all for the purpose of diminishing our social and political influence in the world because we are all that stands between them and their wanton lust for power. If we do not start standing up for ourselves as a race, then we will become minorities in our own countries, but it won’t stop there.

Our brothers and sisters in South Africa should be the canary in the coalmine for those of us who still control our own governments. After abolishing the white run apartheid government, and handing control over the government there to the black majority, conditions have not improved for anyone. Crime runs rampant, the economy suffers, white farmers are in greater danger of being murdered than the police, in a place where being a police officer is amongst the most dangerous professions. Even as a small ethnic minority under a democratic government, whites are still blamed for all of the country’s problems. Political figures say they aren’t calling for the slaughter of white people “yet”, indicating that such a call is just over the horizon. Advocating they be denied the right to vote, meets widespread support. Some have already begun preparing a civil defense organization, predicting a coming violent revolution in the country.

If we do not stand up for ourselves soon, this will be our future in our own homelands. If we do not stand up for ourselves then, we will have no future beyond that. This will be how we meet our extinction, and it would require belief in the supernatural to suggest our ideas would last long after our people.

It might make libertarians and conservatives feel good to feign color blindness. It might even be necessary to secure your income or social standing. But make no mistake about it, the people who stand up for white interests are doing more for libertarianism than any self identified libertarian alive today.

Issue for issue, I suspect Antifa and the Traditionalist Worker’s Party might have more in common with each other than either do with me. If I thought the existence of our people and a future for white children were already secured, I would not have much use for socialist and anti-capitalist speakers. Sadly, I can scarcely find a free market economist who will acknowledge that white people have a right to exist, much less one who is willing to stand on the street and face threats of violence to secure that existence. Until they care less about being called a racist than they do about the truth and the success of their ideas, their ideas are doomed to the dustbin of history. In what may become history’s greatest irony, those ideas might be rescued from said dustbin, only because they were rescued by National Socialists.

For years, I ran around with libertarians who advocated for things I didn’t much appreciate. Feminism, drug culture, homosexuality, transgenderism, you name it. I sidelined all those issues because I figured they were fighting for a more important goal, to diminish the power of the State over our lives. Political and social change always requires cooperation with those one disagrees with. Today, I still sometimes find myself in the company of people who advocate things I disagree with. Progressive taxation, price controls, protectionism, etc… I once again feel compelled to sideline those issues, because they are fighting for a more important goal.

My survival.

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  • paendragon

    The globalist corporazi banksters are still behind this current global muslim invasion of the West.

    In the 1960s, their divisive and anti-human “feminism” creed gave them twice as many workers at half the salary.

    Their exploitation of the Western women’s desire for independence and a life not enslaved by one-sided domesticity led inevitably to a dramatic decrease in their birth rates and the subsequent filling of that gap by muslims.

    This demographic dilemma has been exploited by many western leaders for both economic and political purposes, mostly disguised under the cloak of compassion and liberal values and utterly blind to the incompatibility of Islam with today’s western values.

    So now they will continue to “Fail Upwards,” as the new suicidally masochistic “anti-racist compassion” creed will do the same for them once again: giving them ever-cheaper labor to exploit, as they import millions of their 3rd-world savage slaves here from their 3rd-world slave-pens over there, thus also eliminating those pesky transportation costs.

    Therefore, watch for the global shipping industry to continue to decline, too.

  • Volksleben

    The Nazis saw trade and markets as a means to a nationalist (racial) end. Those who we call “capitalists” today seem to think trade is the end itself. That’s really the difference. If trade contributes to the public (racial) good, great. If not, regulate or do away with it. Capitalism wasn’t ideological for the Nazis the way it is for contemporary libertarians or other market fundamentalists (or Marxists, for that matter). It wasn’t a set of normative ethics or a philosophy, but simply a policy tool that either produced useful results or it didn’t. Modern capitalism *in practice* is about radical individualism and using this belief system as a justification for bringing the state into the service of private capital. That’s a problem if private capital wants a global labor market and mass immigration.

    We’re not against trade, markets, private property, meritocracy, etc., we just disagree that the market is the basis of foundation of society. I think most national socialists would agree that the family is its foundation. The traditional family structure is the means by which the race perpetuates itself and survives so the defense of the race is the defense of the family. The family structure provides the foundation of civil society (including the possibility of private property rights), and civil society provides the foundation of the market.

    In conditions of industrial or post industrial civilization, children and the traditional family structure are a net cost whereas in agrarian society they were a net benefit. The purpose of the racial state then is to provide the foundation of the family in conditions of industrial civilization precisely because the market alone can’t provide it.

    • goodmatt10 1

      The market can’t provide it? So what can? The Govt? How is it you feel there is some way to get this all knowing, all trustworthy govt to run things they way you suggest? Where are these people?

      You think Hitler and his men did what they did for white people? They killed more whites than any other race, they completely wiped out entire towns, structures and landmarks that were priceless.

      I would suggest a “National Capitalist” society, you sound more reasonable than some, but hearing people say we deserve “free healthcare” and “universal basic income” is just ridiculous. This breeds nothing but laziness and weakness.

      I’d also like to point out that America is not Capitalist, nor do we have a free market, anyone who thinks this has no clue what either are.

  • blenkarni

    Our movement needs to learn discipline, it sounded like a hundred people were chatting with each other during Matthew’s speech.

  • Illegal Idiot

    It was great meeting you there Chris! Unfortunately Antifa doxed my shit thx to all the cameras at the campsite

  • tz1

    The alt-right and realist libertarians have a point of convergence.
    We can’t fix things with Government and culture as it is. I note that most nationalists are also for the patriarchy. As long as Big Sugar Daddy government is there, women don’t need men except as tax cattle. You can’t fix Detroit as long as 80% of children are born to single mothers. You can’t fix marriage when the wife can go nuclear at any time because feelz and Big Government will provide by destroying the husband. Most of the racial conflict is minorities playing the victim card wanting Big Government to take from productive people with a work ethic.
    The intellectual, scholarly libertarians talk about isolated individuals, but that is not how we can have any society or culture. We must have stable families even if we have to put up with some dysfunction. Instead, we have un-families or broken ones. Libertarians don’t have a way of dealing with that (how do you have a single mother who never finished high school with three kids by three different men function? Put them up for adoption? Let them starve?).
    The nationalists describe a culture where there is a traditional family, where divorce and out of wedlock births are shameful. In such a society, you don’t need big, nanny government and it is resented.
    The alt-right wants to do something about it, repair the foundation. The libertine libertarians want to have LGBTQ+Straight debauchery with all forms of sex, drugs, and rock and roll, calling that “freedom”. But the left that wants that is going to create a police state to enforce it. If there were freedom of association, and they had to pay themselves for the results of their “freedom”, they would quickly stop and normalize themselves, at least during the day.
    Traditional families prosper, especially in communities with churches, clubs, etc. without much supervision, and they can take care of themselves.
    Decadent barbarians will never have freedom, so trying to be even minarchist is doomed to fail there.
    Atheists seem to have a problem with the collected wisdom about sex, marriage, men, and women. Most see Christian morality as suffocating. But then what happens in the real world when we are all liberated and in the hook-up culture? They are supposed to be “scientific”, but most refuse to look at the data. And most turn to statism – that we are smart and “scientific” so can design and engineer a govenment to make everyone happy. Our host is a wonderful exception, but it is interesting that the split is now realism v.s. idealism, and idealism can be as bad on the right (bomb syria, tax cuts, free trade, charter schools).
    And here the nationalists need to recognize European isn’t purely genetic, but also the culture with Greco-Roman philosophy + Christendom + science. Whites can and are adopting barbarian culture and suffering the same things.

    But the key, the new thing about the alt-right is that it is about finding or figuring out what works in the real world, and fighting to implement it, not imagining a planet Marx or planet Rothbard where some fictional technology or magic fixes the problem with real human beings and the real world where economics is about scarce goods. When something isn’t working, stop. Even if 1950’s “Ozzie and Harriet” America wasn’t perfect, was it better? Did it “work” in reality to create prosperity is the correct question instead of searching for some technical violations of an ideal ancap society.

    Galt’s gulch had two children. One generation and it would die out. A thousand generations sacrificed at least something so you are here. And it has been found that people are happy in traditional roles in families. Back to the 1950’s and blacks were ascending and prospering – and their families were becoming more stable, i.e. the were becoming more (culturally) white. Until LBJ and the great society, the pill and the sexual revolution, and accepting barbarism.

    When people come here for handouts and not freedom, it doesn’t matter if it is racial or cultural, you are going toward sociaism, not libertarianism. Why don’t the H1-Bs fix India if they are so smart? Why don’t the Mexicans return and overthrow their corrupt government and put in the US Constitution? If civic nationalism, propositional nations work, they would merely have to adopt the proposition. Do so. In your homeland. Show us how to do it better if you can.