Radical Agenda EP298 – Heil Heimbach

Matthew-John Heimbach came onto my radar in 2014. At the time, I was still writing at A Voice for Men, and their conference had been getting terrorist threats from feminists and other communist agitators. The “thick vs. thin” libertarian divide was at its height, and I was only beginning to realize the power of identity politics, when I just happened to see this piece from Vice in my Facebook feed about a “White Student Union” formed by Heimbach and friends at Towson University, in Maryland.

Radical Agenda EP298 - Heil Heimbach

Radical Agenda EP298 – Heil Heimbach

As I read and watched video from the story, it was pointed out that every imaginable identity group had already been established on the campus, save for that of whites. When Matt decided to start his White Student Union, you might be less than surprised to find out that he met a great deal of resistance. Whites organizing for their interests was deemed uniquely wicked by students and faculty alike, because racism.

Ultimately, the university never did recognize the WSU. In during the course of the debate however, Matt did manage to get Jared Taylor of American Renaissance to speak at the campus. Extra security was needed to deal with the threats of violence by those who oppose white interests, but luckily Antifa hadn’t resorted to arson yet and Mr. Taylor was able to give his talk.

This was my first exposure to Taylor, and a well articulated white nationalist message centered around white interests as opposed to complaining about other racial groups. Taylor rightly pointed out that diversity is antithetical to the way people actually organize their lives. Whites tend to live around other whites, blacks tend to live around other blacks, and you can extrapolate this out to other racial, ethnic, and identity groups. For an hour and a half, Taylor spoke and took questions from the audience. No matter how hard his detractors baited him, he never got angry or attacked any other group. He simply pointed out the facts and discussed how those facts placed pressure upon whites to organize for their interests.

Predictably, the entire thing was dismissed as racism and hatred anyway. It took awhile for me to get to a point where I felt compelled to more actively speak out for white interests, but I clearly remember this as the time I realized it was necessary.

I even wrote about it at the time. In my piece “Time For White Male Thick Libertarianism?” I questioned whether my old standby of “thin libertarianism” or, narrowly focusing on non-aggression to the exclusion of all other issues, was as wise as I had previously thought. Leftists perpetually tell us that women and non-whites are horribly oppressed by white males and thus need to be lifted up at the expense of their oppressors. Now it seemed obvious to me that it was the Men’s Conference and the White Student Union being oppressed by the society. If identity politics were to be a part of libertarianism, clearly the demographic that is most heavily represented in libertarianism would need to be the identity fought for.

A lot has happened since then. Matt went on to start the Traditionalist Worker’s Party, and got himself profiled by the race pimps of the Southern Poverty Law Center. I got fired from broadcast radio, and got involved with the Alt Right. More recently we met briefly after Richard Spencer’s event in Auburn Alabama, and I went down to Pikeville Kentucky to stand with Matt and others against Antifa terrorists.

While there, it became obvious to me that white identity, important though it may be, was no more sufficient to hold a society together than non-aggression. When one begins looking out for the interests of white people, it quickly becomes obvious that there is not universal agreement on what those interests are. Particularly when it comes to economics.

National Socialism is unsurprisingly the go-to for white identitarian movements. The ideas of the guy who resisted the aggressions of an entire planet for the master race, carry a good deal of sway amongst those who seek to see that race preserved. On the other hand, white people (and males in particular) have typically favored free and competitive markets, trade, and minimal government interference in their lives. It seems to me quite a jump then, to have a centrally planned economy as the answer to the troubles whites find themselves in today.

So Matt will join us for the full two hours today. I am not sure if I will take calls, or how many I will take, but you are welcome to sit on hold and see if we take you on the air. In the first hour, I would like to let the audience get to know Matt, and in the second we’ll delve into the subject of economics.

This is a discussion you do not want to miss.

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  • Juan Nightstand

    This one should be good.

  • paendragon

    Yeah, ADOLF AKHBAR, Cantwell! Jawohl mein Prophit!

    From Wiki, Relations_between_Nazi_Germany_and_the_Arab_world:

    In speeches, Hitler made apparently warm references towards Muslim culture such as: “The peoples of Islam will always be closer to us than, for example, France”.

    A famous anecdote about Adolf Hitler’s perspectives towards Islam and the Arabs is recounted by Albert Speer in his best-selling memoir, Inside the Third Reich. Speer reports that “Hitler had been much impressed by a scrap of history he had learned from a delegation of distinguished Arabs.”

    The delegation had speculated that the world would have become “Mohammedan” if the Berbers and Arabs had won the Battle of Tours in the 8th Century AD, and that the Germans would have become heirs to “a religion that believed in spreading the faith by the sword and in subjugating all nations to that faith. Such a creed was perfectly suited to the German temperament.”

    Speer then presents Hitler’s claims on this subject:

    Hitler said that the conquering Arabs, because of their racial inferiority, would in the long run have been unable to contend with the harsher climate of the country. They could not have kept down the more vigorous natives, so that ultimately not Arabs but Islamized Germans could have stood at the head of this Mohammedan Empire.

    This “exchange” occurred when Hitler received Saudi Arabian ruler Ibn Saud’s special envoy, Khalid al-Hud al-Gargani.

    Earlier in this meeting Hitler noted that one of the three reasons why Germany had warm sympathies for the Arabs was:

    … because we were jointly fighting the Jews. This led him to discuss Palestine and conditions there, and he then stated that he himself would not rest until the last Jew had left Germany. Kalid al Hud observed that the Prophet Mohammed … had acted the same way. He had driven the Jews out of Arabia ….

    Erwin Rommel was almost as popular as Hitler. Some Arabs used “Heil Rommel” as a common greeting in Arab countries. Arabs thought the Germans would free them from the rule of the old colonial powers France and Britain. After France’s defeat by Nazi Germany in 1940, some Arabs were chanting against the French and British around the streets of Damascus: “No more Monsieur, no more Mister, Allah’s in Heaven and Hitler’s on earth.”

    Posters in Arabic stating “In heaven God is your ruler, on earth Hitler” were frequently displayed in shops in the towns of Syria.

    Some wealthy Arabs who traveled to Germany in the 1930s brought back fascist ideals and incorporated them into Arab Nationalism.

    One of the principal founders of Ba’athist thought and the Ba’ath Party, Zaki al-Arsuzi, stated that Fascism and Nazism had greatly influenced Ba’athist ideology. An associate of al-Arsuzi, Sami al-Jundi, wrote:

    “We were racists. We admired the Nazis. We were immersed in reading Nazi literature and books that were the source of the Nazi spirit. We were the first who thought of a translation of Mein Kampf. Anyone who lived in Damascus at that time was witness to the Arab inclination toward Nazism. Michel Aflaq a founder of the Ba’athist philosophy admired Hitler and the Nazis for standing up to Britain and America. This admiration would combine aspects of Nazism into Ba’athism.”

  • paendragon

    Hey Cantwell: by thinking like an oppressed victim, you’re falling into the same mind-trap as all the other professional hypocrites and slavers (slanderously extortive victimologists) – the socialists, fascists, and muslims!

    Hitler and Muhammad not only shared the same birthday, they shared the same anti-Jewish extermination goals.

    Hitler admired Muhammad and even revised his anti-swarthy race views to include muslim Arabs as ‘Aryans!’

    Not only that, but he adopted many of islam’s ideas, like forcing Jews to wear those yellow armbands with the stars of David on them (which he copied from the muslim Turks).

    And that wasn’t the only thing Hitler admired about the muslim Turks, either – he admired them for genociding the Armenians, which he found quite inspirational:

    “My decision to attack Poland was arrived at last spring. Originally, I feared that the political constellation would compel me to strike simultaneously at England, Russia, France, and Poland. Even this risk would have had to be taken.

    Ever since the autumn of 1938, and because I realized that Japan would not join us unconditionally and that Mussolini is threatened by that nit-wit of a king and the treasonable scoundrel of a crown prince, I decided to go with Stalin.

    In the last analysis, there are only three great statesmen in the world, Stalin, I, and Mussolini. Mussolini is the weakest, for he has been unable to break the power of either the crown or the church. Stalin and I are the only ones who envisage the future and nothing but the future. Accordingly, I shall in a few weeks stretch out my hand to Stalin at the common German-Russian frontier and undertake the redistribution of the world with him.

    Our strength consists in our speed and in our brutality. Genghis Khan led millions of women and children to slaughter — with premeditation and a happy heart. History sees in him solely the founder of a state. It’s a matter of indifference to me what a weak western European civilization will say about me.

    I have issued the command — and I’ll have anybody who utters but one word of criticism executed by a firing squad — that our war aim does not consist in reaching certain lines, but in the physical destruction of the enemy. Accordingly, I have placed my death-head formations in readiness — for the present only in the East — with orders to them to send to death mercilessly and without compassion, men, women, and children of Polish derivation and language. Only thus shall we gain the living space (Lebensraum) which we need. Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?”

    Kevork B. Bardakjian, Hitler and the Armenian Genocide (Cambridge, Massachusetts: The Zoryan Institute, 1985).

    The text above is the English version of the German document handed to Louis P. Lochner in Berlin. It first appeared in Lochner’s What About Germany? (New York: Dodd, Mead & Co., 1942), pp. 1-4. The Nuremberg Tribunal later identified the document as L-3 or Exhibit USA-28. Two other versions of the same document appear in Appendices II and III. For the German original cf. Akten zur Deutschen Auswartigen Politik 1918-1945, Serie D, Band VII, (Baden-Baden, 1956), pp. 171-172.


    ‘The only religion I respect is Islam. The only prophet I admire is the Prophet Muhammad.’
    – Adolf Hitler (from “The Mysterious Achmed Huber: Friend to Hitler”)

    “Had Charles Martel not been victorious at Poitiers … then we should in all probability have been converted to Mohammedanism, that cult which glorifies the heroism and which opens up the seventh Heaven to the bold warrior alone. Then the Germanic races would have conquered the world. Christianity alone prevented them from doing so”

    – Adolf Hitler

    Mein Kampf was written in 1923. In 1926, the Indian Muslim activist al-Mashriqi met with Hitler in Germany and reported that:

    “I was astounded when he [Hitler] told me that he knew about my Tazkirah. The news flabbergasted me. . . I found him very congenial and piercing. He discussed Islamic Jihad with me in details.”

    And Mashriqi would continue to have important communications with Hitler after that time:

    “In 1930 I sent him my Isharat concerning the Khaksar movement with a picture of a spade-bearer Khaksar at the end of that book. In 1933 he started his Spade Movement.”

    “The Islam is very similar to our worldview.”

    – Heinrich Himmler –


    Haj-Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of “palestine” (and Yasser Arafat’s uncle) was one of Hitler’s best friends, who helped him design the concentration camps for the Jews.

    Today’s PLO Fatah and Hamas all swear allegiance to the nazi flag and ideals, regularly using the nazi salute.

    • Hadding Scott

      That thing about the Armenians is ANOTHER FAKE QUOTE. It’s from Nuremberg document L-3, which has such low credibility that the prosecution did not even use it.

      • paendragon

        I’m sure you’ll be able to come up with lots of plausible excuses for your fuhrer.

        • Hadding Scott

          I certainly can produce plausible defenses when you rely so heavily on fake quotes.

          Keep posting the fake quotes and I’ll keep knocking them down. It’s a specialty of mine.

          • paendragon

            You and maybe one or two others claim without proof that they’re “fake,” while everyone else calls them “history.”

          • Hadding Scott

            You are very dishonest/stupid, but go ahead and post your bullshit and I will convince everybody except you.

          • paendragon

            Go huddle in your safe space and dream of hiding in a bunker or under a rock like all the other leftopaths.
            Your Hitler loved muslims and islam – and so do you.

          • Hadding Scott

            See, paendragon is one of those people who belong in a concentration camp, because he is stuck in opposition and reasoning him out of it is not even possible.

            Fortunately we still have the internment camps from WWII, since J. Edgar Hoover thought that we might need them again.

          • paendragon

            NO, no … I could never deprive you leftopaths of your “Safe Spaces!” Prison life is what you lefties want to inflict on your SELVES more than on others!

  • paendragon

    You realize that “Socialism,” “Fascism,” and “islam” are all exactly the same thing, right?! Gangster extortion leading to slavery! Pathetic whiny butthurt victimologists who pretend everyone needs to form into a big gang to protect themselves!

    Hitler on National SOCIALISM:

    “Each activity and each need of the individual will thereby be regulated by the party as the representative of the general good. There will be no license, no free space, in which the individual belongs to himself. This is socialism — not such trifles as the private possession of the means of production. Of what importance is that if I range men firmly within a discipline they cannot escape? Let them then own land or factories as much as they please. The decisive factor is that the State, through the party, is supreme over them, regardless whether they are owners or workers. All that, you see, is unessential. Our socialism goes far deeper.”

    Hitler in 1927:

    “We are socialists, we are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions.”

    • Hadding Scott

      The former of the two quotes that you attribute to Hitler is FAKE. It comes from Hermann Rauschning’s Conversations with Hitler, which was conclusively exposed as a fraud in 1983.

      • paendragon

        Really? “Conclusively exposed as fraud in 1983” exactly WHERE, and by WHOM?

        • Hadding Scott

          Wikipedia is the worst possible source on this subject. You might as well copy and paste from the US Holocaust Memorial Museum.

        • Greyguy

          Be aware that Hitler met with the “Mufti”[head of the Muslim world at the time on several occasions; no one can be sure who learned more about brutality and racist views, especially about Jews, from the other.

          • paendragon

            Absolutely! Entire books have been written about it (The Transfer Agreement, and The Hudud, by Edwin Black, just for starters) – the real story is the Jews had an agreement with the Nazis to transfer their whole population from Germany to ‘palestine’ but the Mufti intervened with Hitler, telling him he and his fellow muslim Arabs certainly didn’t want any more Jews back home either – so the Mufti then suggested Hitler simply kill them all, and according to some sources, even designed the gas chambers! The Alt-Right must love islam too!

  • paendragon

    The Alt-Right are NOT right-wingers!

    The “Alt-Right” are simply LEFTISTS, even if they don’t know it!

    They’re closet Nazi racists, who, finding them selves scared of the “swarthy” Arab global crime-gang of islam, shallowly & instinctively want to band into a “white” racial gang, to defend them selves!

    And the last time that was attempted, it was by Hitler’s “Aryans.”

    So they foolishly want to resurrect the Third Reich, and dress and act what they consider to be ‘appropriate’ to that meme, is all.

    They fail to realize that HITLER LOVED ISLAM AND MUHAMMAD. They also fail to realize that Arabs are Caucasians! Just like the other leftards, they ‘accept’ that “muslim” is a “race!”

    • Danny Scott

      Hahahaha ha. Who let you out?

      • paendragon

        Hahaha just go on acting like a scared little Indian, and you’ll end up huddling in some corner of the lands you “Reserved” for your self, in stead of still owning it all. Whites don’t need to become an protected, endangered species by joining “white identity” gangs and scuttling off into a white homeland! Silly victimologist CUCK!

    • RFB91

      Go away, kike shill.

      • paendragon

        Leftopath. You love the big black moon, don’t you?

        • RFB91

          I guess you’ve never heard of the Moonman meme.

      • ToCareOrNotToCare

        Boomer, I think… My uncle writes like him too.

      • Kike shill or deranged boomer? It’s hard to tell.

  • cuppa

    Chris, I don’t know if you actually read these comments but I would like to hear a full hour of you discussing specifically the economics of the 3rd Reich with Matt Heimbach because that is an analysable template of what actually happened on the ground. Both of you could research it before the programme.