Radical Agenda EP299 – Leftward Drift

Gigi Bowman was the first activist I ever met. I went to a Tea Party rally in Huntington, New York just as the movement was getting underway, and we became friends instantly. She introduced me to the Libertarian Party, Campaign for Liberty, and other Tea Party Groups. She encouraged me to run for Congress in 2010. We were involved in the Ron Paul 2012 campaign. And she joins me for today’s episode of the Radical Agenda.

Radical Agenda EP299 - Leftward Drift

Radical Agenda EP299 – Leftward Drift

I haven’t discussed it much with her directly, but both of us have noticed and become very frustrated with the leftward drift of the libertarian movement. The unique opposition to Donald Trump, the anti-white sentiment, the willingness to bring about the collapse of civil society under the dubious claim that this will diminish the power of the State over our lives. This was not the state of affairs when we set out on this journey, something changed during the course of it.

We’ll discuss that for a bit, perhaps a bit of our history and how it led to you hearing my voice. There’s a lot in the news, like Jim Comey getting fired. And of course, your calls at 747-234-2254 or RadicalAgenda on Skype.

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  • paendragon

    Chris: What changed is all the colleges and universities “teach” (indoctrinate & abuse) students with is VICTIMOLOGY. Which means gangster extortion via subjectivist hypocritical slander. And it’s a simple philosophical divide, too:

    Law-abiding Conservatives: “All crimes are caused by free-will choices!”

    Delinquent libertine “liberals:” “But what caused that choice? There’s always unknown mysterious but inevitable forces (excuses) CAUSING all choices!”

    (But if these mysterious forces are unknown, how are they “inevitable!”)?

    So psychology, sociology, and even criminology went from recording the symptoms of people’s choices to commit crimes (to attack innocent other people first) to making up endless lists of excuses for those criminal choices.

    Thus kids have been indoctrinated into automatically defending all crimes!

    And the main excuse is “group rights” aka “social justice:” where, allegedly because someone else somewhere else at some previous time committed some crimes against other people, they will now be punishing YOU, whitey!

    Since you’re obviously smarter than everyone else, and in control, it’s all your fault! And since it’s all your fault, none of it can ever be our fault! Whee!

    So the victim-defense industry allows professional slanderers to fail upwards.

    Simple, eh?