Rebel Yell 216

Rebel Yell 216
Rebel Yell 216

I had the pleasure of joining Musonius Rufus on the Rebel Yell show recently. I had such a good time talking to him, we went for almost three full hours. We tackled drunk driving laws, civil asset forfeiture, libertarianism – both the real philosophy and the degeneracy that passes for it today, economics, collective property rights, and more.

I really think you’ll enjoy it, as well as the other fine productions you’ll find over at Radio.TheRightStuff.Biz


Christopher Cantwell is a former political prisoner, and current host of the Radical Agenda. The most entertaining podcast of the Alt Right.

  • Bryce 7.62×39

    At around 26:00 : No one gives you the “right” to bear arms. Do not be mistaken. It is the same thing with a dog who bites to defend itself from a hostile bear. The dog does not derive self defense capability and the justification for the action it engages in by some external entity. Self defense is something a living organism either does or doesn’t do. The conceit and despotism of others may cause them to attempt to persecute you if you engage in just self defense and curtail your ability to do so but that does not mean that because someone does not attempt to deprive you of semi auto rifles or pistols does not mean you have a right or a guarentee to bear them and not be persecuted at some future point.

    • Yes. In one way, Natural Law, the NAP, the idea of Natural Rights are the result of nice white people society imposing ostracism in the collective social organism so people can behave and interact peacefully without being so rude as to use force.

      At the end of the day, there is no right but might. Might makes right. Strength is the first virtue. None of my lofty philosophical ideals or admiration of libertarianism means anything when an ignoramus can come behind me and bash my head in with a rock, erasing my manifested existence on this world. The Founding Fathers did not rely merely on abstract principles of self-determination or a critique of British mercantilism to achieve their independence, but were able to muster enough manpower, weapons, and grit in order to accomplish their goal.

      I only pray that us nationalists have that might over our political enemies at the end of the day. Hail victory.

      • Bryce 7.62×39

        You are right on track

        My father who assaulted children without a moments hesitation and considered doing so virtuous and necessary as good parenting and “discipline” ( and considered anyone who attempted to obstruct this ” discipline ” as a saboteur ) said this
        : the only rights you have are the ones you can defend, I.E you dont have rights and you are facing violent infringments of your person and property at all points of the day and you better have the speed reflexes marksmanship or some combination of all 3. You understand this matter pretty well I think judging by your comment 🙂

        • “the only rights you have are the ones you can defend, I.E you dont have rights and you are facing violent infringments of your person and property at all points of the day and you better have the speed reflexes marksmanship or some combination of all”

          What your father said is 100% absolutely true.
          It only pains me deeply that it had to be taught to you this way.
          No child deserves to be assaulted like that.

          • Bryce 7.62×39

            Yeah man thanks I appreciate it. What had happened is done, and is in the past, but to forgive and forget is a massive error. That would be to me a total corruption and failure of my self preservation instincts.
            He didnt say it verbatum as I described it but the general message was clear. I am have more experience to gain in life but what I have concluded as of now is that the majority of people do what they can get away with, and take the path that facilitates optimum power pleasure and resource acquisition within the limits of their intellectual and physical abilities. Animals with some ability to rationalize, justify and self-delude.
            If you want to assume a negative perspective it is not difficult.This world is amoral and the grave is always near.

  • tz1

    I’ve gone over to the dark side, or at least the alt-right from libertarianism and burned the bridge.

    Mr. Cantwell said something very profound which is one of those obvious things that you don’t think about. In a multiculural environment, Government must Screw one group to give another what it wants.

    Even if you could allow socialists to practice among themselves, they’d starve. I think of the survivor men v.s. women islands. All the socialist areas together can’t afford to pay for their own stuff (but let #CalExit tax apple and alphabet and facebook into nonexistence to pay for all the Moonbeam largesse and green stuff).

    The demographic that works for liberty is people with a Puritan work ethic, Scottish thrift, an idea of self defense and firearms, with real Charity for those in trouble. I’ve known this for over a decade, but hearing Molyneux and Cantwell realize you can’t build liberty on a foundation of debauchery is encouraging. Along with the fact that you can only reason in peace with someone who also values reason and non-violent solutions.

    The converse was from the juxtaposed podcast I listened just before – Tom Woods (906) on the Pope’s denigration of libertarians where Woods said “Libertarianism is about a high threshold to use violence”. I’m surprised how stupid that is, especially for Woods. If that IS libertarianism, it wins a pre-emptive Darwin award. Pacifists are the ultimate libertarians?
    Let me try: Libertarians have a low threshold to use violence, but only do so when it is a just useage, i.e. it involves stopping or addressing a violation of life, liberty, or property, i.e. a just use of violence, but it is taboo at all other times.

    So the large number of firearms and the ammo box in his studio means he values and will defend his liberty and that of those dear to him. The second bit from Woods was “we use reason, so ‘property rights’ is a barrier to people throwing trash on my lawn”. I literally wanted to drive to Florida, throw trash on his lawn, and explain it all must be an illusion because, “property rights”. And they complan that a written Constitution failed. A fence, wall, or someone sitting there with a gun is a “barrier”. I wouldn’t think of stepping on Cantewell’s lawn.

    The problem with libertarianism, and the converse glory of the alt-right is belief in the Devil (even among atheists). The devil is God’s greatest creation with the highest intellect of any creature. When asked by God to do something – an all knowing and good God – his response wasn’t to argue – there couldn’t be any – but it was “Non Serviam!” “Better to rule in Hell than to serve in Heaven!”.

    Even the left-libertarians would rather be in a SJW PC socialist hell than be called a racist or sexist, even if merely discussing facts like the bell curve and trying to reason.

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