Radical Agenda EP301 – Vanguard America

Blood and Soil. Race and Nation. Seems most Americans have forgotten about such things these days, but not Vanguard America. Their leader joins us to discuss the organization, its ideas, and its goals. One thing is for sure, Vanguard America doesn’t mind if you call them fascists (neither do I).

Radical Agenda EP301 - Vanguard America

Radical Agenda EP301 – Vanguard America

But what will fascism look like in America? From BloodAndSoil.org

American Fascism will have a political philosophy unlike any other defining characteristic America has seen. The American people are truly unique in history. We are descended from pioneers and individualists and thus some of the more authoritarian style governments which have been tried successfully in Europe may not work in America if a direct replica is tried.

When the Libertarian comes to the realization that his particular philosophy, although in his mind superior, can only have a chance of success if it excludes many of the things which would be directly allowed by such an ideology, such as moral degeneracy or multiculturalism, authoritarianism becomes not only possible, but inevitable. Some of those within the failed, dwindling Conservative movement are now slowly coming to that realization as well.

The Conservative false idols entered a death spiral in which they could only maintain power by compromising on core beliefs, mostly by giving tacit approval for multiculturalism, and their compromises only gave them breathing room for another election or so in which they would have to compromise more to appeal to the large amounts of Leftist voters imported from abroad.

The Leftists themselves now had the option to import more and more non-Whites in order to maintain power within the State. They may already have passed the number required to not only keep power but also render whites as a minority and eventually only a memory in their own country. Once this impending threat is accepted by White Americans they will have no recourse but to abandon all forms of Leftism and subscribe to the only ideology that can logically work to save them. It won’t be conservatism; this failed ideology that has conserved nothing.

Once the defection of Whites from the center to the fringes of both Left and Right as the nation enters an irreversible plunge of polarization, then so too will the intensification of attacks on Whites. This will require fit, well trained, well-armed and well supported men to provide protection for Whites across the country, to fill the role the State failed to do in protecting them and providing order. Our forefathers envisioned the possibility of a tyrannical State destroying its people, and while they never could have possibly imagined the nightmare we face today, they set us up with the right to become our own protectors in the Second Amendment.

Just being White will not be enough to earn protection; everyone will have to live up to the standards of this budding ultra-nationalist form of Fascism that has sprung up. Everyone will be bound around that axe, in unity. Everyone will once again honor and support the warriors, leaders and exemplary people. This will come to be a social duty. We have been infiltrated and influenced by those who wish us harm. Our people need to have morality and standards and be protected from poisonous and harmful outside influences.

American Fascism begins inside a man’s spirit and grows there. He decides that he will put his family, his people, and his nation before himself. He decides that he will secure a future for his people and he’ll sacrifice himself to accomplish this. He’ll work daily to ready himself for whatever he may be called upon to do for future generations for he knows that the better he is, the better his family, his people, and his nation is. He will improve his mind and his body so that he can be the best version of himself possible. He will help his brothers to do the same. God help anyone who stands opposed to such a man. American Fascism will once again make this nation a bastion of hope for all of Western Civilization and will pave the way to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.

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  • tz1

    I guess I’m a minarchi-fascist.
    The ideological utopia of anarcho-capitalism is now just a dream and would require a lot of effort (and blood) to construct an isolated shangri-liberty.
    But given the reality (I can’t wait 3 generations), the question is what is the best that can be achieved today, and I don’t need an exact answer, only a few principles.
    Subsidarity – the most local government is best – the family, then village, then county, then state/province, then national. We decide on repaving main street, the feds issue passports. The family level corresponds to anarchy. The general idea is to eliminate or move downward any regulatations or legal actions.
    In some senses it helps if the feds must be involved to trade with china, but if my local factory only has to do a few state regulations, but works with other local businesses without interference.
    There should be zero economic friction locally, with more friction as you go to higher levels and more foreign and remote interactions.
    The Mayor can act to facilitate businesses – local famers can provide the local restaurants and grocers, local construction, etc. as much as possible.

    I’m willing to use whatever suffix works best to minarchi-, but Democrat is an epic fail, republic might or might work, but if the fascists agree I will go with them.

  • tz1

    One point on “blood and soil”

    I’m not going to spill my blood when the blood, sweat, and tears acquired soil can be Kelo-ed out from under me for frivolous reasons.

    Here Libertarians and the alt-right can agree. Give me MY land and I will defend it. An abstract “fatherland” is a commons that will end in tragedy. The Alt-Right and Libertrians should come together and say end all PROPERTY taxes (which are more tyrannical than the income tax) and all eminent domain that doesn’t involve some critical public good or infrastructure.

    The income tax steals part of what I earn but leaves me the rest. Property tax steals what I already own.

    • paendragon

      1,000,000,000 ^^^^^^!!!!!!

    • Quest

      How will you defend your land against a “fatherland” with an army?

      • tz1

        Our local but informal militia should be able to offer sufficient resistance if they actually try to take the land or liberty. I’m not in an urban or easily accessible or valuable location. I also wonder how well the fatherland would be proteced against cyber-attacks.

  • paendragon

    The Alt-Right are NOT right-wingers!

    The “Alt-Right” are simply LEFTISTS, even if they don’t know it!

    They’re closet Nazi racists, who, finding them selves scared of the “swarthy” Arab global crime-gang of islam, shallowly & instinctively want to band into a “white” racial gang, to defend them selves!

    And the last time that was attempted, it was by Hitler’s “Aryans.”

    So they foolishly want to resurrect the Third Reich, and dress and act what they consider to be ‘appropriate’ to that meme, is all.

    They fail to realize that HITLER LOVED ISLAM AND MUHAMMAD. They also fail to realize that Arabs are Caucasians! Just like the other leftards, they ‘accept’ that “muslim” is a “race!”


    Now, one *could* presume they were merely individualists who have only temporarily banded together against gangster extortionists, but they seem intent on making it permanent and holding Nuremberg rallies, developing uniforms and restrictive codes of conduct.




    • tz1

      The alt-right is a wide spectrum, from the alt-lite like Breitbart, Milo, and Cernovich, the alt-West which I would count Cantwell, Molyneux, Vox Day, and others, and the alt-White like Spencer.

      Racism – or race realism – is a reaction to actual conditions and evidence, not some kind of ideological abstraction. The illegal immigrants aren’t doctors or engineers. Nor are they white.

      I’ve not found any who wish to resurrect “the third Reich”. Most are not German, much less Aryan. They wish to resurrect Western Civilization and Christendom, the politics of liberty, the science, engineering, and technology, and the traditional structures like the nuclear family.

      The only group are the Southrons that wish to return to something like a pre-Jim Crow situation, which for all it’s problems at least kept families intact and limited crime. Look at Selma today – it is like Dresden after the firebombing. You will tell me it is better because blacks are freer – but if the freedom means only vandalism and destruction? Empowerment and freedom must be directed toward the good (hence my and Cantwell’s complaints against the drug-and-sex libertarians). If you are a slave to sin, you will be a slave to the state sooner or later, or a slave to something worse.

      There are probably fewer on the alt-right that would bring back the Nazi form of international socialism – lebensraum – than there are gang-banger blacks in Chicago that have attempted to kill people.

      It is a reaction to “Dead white males and their enlightenment philosophy is evil”. That caused whites to notice that both liberty and technology was brought to you by whites. Europeans. BECAUSE today we have identity politics, whites must assert their identity. Or die like they did in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe and is happening today in South Africa.

      They are also not at all in the closet, but aren’t racist unless you are willing to call facts and evidence “racist”. Human Biodiversity. r/K selection. High-trust v.s. low trust. Low time preference v.s. high time preference. This changes by race – and sex. Most will readily admit that Asians score higher on IQ tests, and mathematics, but can go farther to note they test well but aren’t creative. Japan, China, Taiwan, and Korea can copy well and even extend, but can’t innovate or invent easily.

      But nothing is stopping other nations from adoption our constitution (correctly in original intent), or doing what Europeans do. They don’t. Some is cultural and social (innovation rocks the boat so a conformist culture will consider it a negative).

      For me, I’m far from convinced a lot of it is genetic or otherwise unalterable, but have to deal with the people who exist in 2017, not the better behaved 1965 people, or who might theoretically exist in 2040. Why is Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, and LA the way they are? Interesting question, but the problem is that they are the way they are. Indolent, violent, racist in a reverse sense. That is data. Even a decade ago I would have said it was fixable, but the same identity politics that produced the alt-right has cemented and encouraged all the dyscivic behavior. If they won’t let it be fixed, it can’t be fixed, but I’m not going to sit back and subsidize it forever.

      I live in a heavily white and (traditional) Christian area. I can leave my door unlocked and it is very unlikely I’ll be burglarized. Tell me any majority black or atheist-skeptical area (e.g. Seattle?) where I can do that. More data.

      The last decades have been the worst animals of our nature pulling down the best angels.

      I’m willing to help people up, but instead everyone seems to prefer to pull me down, starting by pulling my wallet. It isn’t the abstract and often proper government expenses like infrastructure or defense, it is transfer payments and redistribution from my hard earned wages to people who have never worked and find a way of increasing their welfare, e.g. have a kid, get a check.

      • paendragon

        I agree with most of what you just said, except for “I’ve not found any who wish to resurrect “the third Reich.”

        Just look around the comments on this very blog!

    • Quest

      Like many basement-dwellers, you are unable to see different layers of reality. Do you really think 30+ year old men, many with college degrees and advanced degrees (I’m a lawyer) run around claiming to be nazis simply because it makes us giggle? Read up on 4th generation warfare and the Overton window.

      BTW I consider myself to be fully alt-right as well as a libertarian conservative.

      • paendragon

        Well if, as a 30-yr-old with a “law” degree (ROTFLMFAO) you are claiming to be a nazi for any other reason than giggles, it’s because you ARE a racist, at least enough of one to fear the other, black racists, who ARE ganging up to try to obliterate you. Which would be the sane thing to do, if you admitted it was to be only a temporary measure, until the job got done and your enemies were defeated. If on the other hand you see the resurgent nazi party as a way to enhance personal advancement and so you’d like to help institutionalize national socialism worldwide, then you’re just another common gangster criminal after all, aren’t you?


  • Kam Musser

    Hail Vanguard, Hail our People, Hail Victory!

  • Dissident5

    Chris, one of the big problems for white nationalists is our distance from and the current nature of the Klans. We’ve seen great work in bringing all our rational groups together but there are a lot of guys who would be very useful to the movement in the Klans. I believe the best way to deal with this is to actively engage them in conversations for example interviewing the different leaders on the Radical Agenda. If we can put the right impetus on the Klans to step up to the plate and genuinely fight for the white race without being meaningless inbred cults it would be great because automatically that journey into reality would have the FBI infiltrators doxed and shamed especially with the help of 4chan /pol/