Radical Agenda EP302 – Mike Enoch

Mike Enoch started TheRightStuff.biz, and the very popular white nationalist podcast The Daily Shoah. Before that, he was a libertarian, showing an ideological progression familiar to many members of this audience. Today he joins us for a long overdue discussion on the Radical Agenda.

Radical Agenda EP302 - Mike Enoch

Radical Agenda EP302 – Mike Enoch

I had been aware of TRS for awhile. Their participation in the brutalist/humanitarian libertarian conflict of 2014 sticks out in my mind. I had not however been aware of the racial component of the production until I was invited to be a guest on The Daily Shoah following my being fired from Free Talk Live. At the time, I didn’t even know what “Shoah” meant, but we meshed comfortably as I was just beginning to delve into race realism at the time.

It was the TRS crew that convinced me to backburner other issues and prioritize race. Pontificating about how wonderfully some futuristic private property society might work, while remaining silent as the only people who would favor such a society are wiped from the face of the earth, is a cowardly exercise in intellectual masturbation. Without white people, there is no libertarianism. In our absence, nobody will weigh the primacy of the individual against the good of the society. We are what stands between civilization and barbarism, and without us barbarism will win the day.

Not on my watch.

So join us, this and every Wednesday, as well as Mondays and Fridays from 5-7pm Eastern for another exciting episode of the Radical Agenda. It’s a show about common sense extremism where we talk about radical, crazy, off the wall things like The Right Stuff.

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  • tz1

    Can you cover the Non-Micro-Aggression Principle?
    From Ron Paul to alt-Right again.
    It is more intersting that there isn’t much of a continuum. I can’t think of a single left libertarian that talks about guns or the 2nd amendment, and any force is from some abstract security company in their utopia. How they will throw off the oppressors is left as an exercise in futility. They’ve noticed the demographic problem and that it’s Europeans with Christian ethics that seem to be at the rallys, and more men, or women with traditional values. The alt-Right and that version of thick libertarians are merging, as are the libertines (think debauchery in SF or Greenwich village) and the thin libertarians.
    I think a fundamental difference is the thins think just removing the state is enough and you don’t need a foundation or to build anything – Civilization is spontaneous something like the market creating order.
    The other side thinks the state might be needed minimally (or the DRO version), and that in any case you need a foundation and it is hard work to build civilization and do the eternal vigilance liberty requries.

    There is also a third way to support in-group preferences that doesn’t require big government. Juries. The fellow citizens, not arbitrators or judges. They can nullify state laws, but consider if a company starts supporting or doing things disliked by a majority, then torts or orther actions would not be actionable because no jury would find in favor in an extension of “unclean hands”. Pirate your PC movie. Cut off utilities to the Margaret Sanger clinic (in fact many construction companies refuse to build for Planned Parenthood).

    Have the rule of law, but have juries apply it.

  • Oh shit, if I can get through I can bantz two of my favorite fat nerds at once!

  • Thought criminalberg

    Inspiring, insightful discussion. Best podcast episode I have listened to in quite some time. White power.