Radical Agenda EP308 – Free Market Fascists

I attended a gathering of fashy goys over the weekend.  It was a lot of fun, food, drinks, interesting people, even a book burning. Even though I don’t really make it part of my branding, I’m still known as something of the token libertarian holdout in these circles. So economics were discussed at some length.

Radical Agenda EP308 - Free Market Fascists
Radical Agenda EP308 – Free Market Fascists

Sometimes people asked me if I think human beings are mere economic creatures, or something to this effect. Usually this is done in an attempt to poke holes in my defense of free market capitalism, and capitalists more specifically. No. It is pretty clear that many people, all of them to some extent, are driven by more than simple ceaseless resource acquisition for no other purpose.

Similarly, people have many motivations other than the darwinian basics of survival and reproduction. People clear the shelves of condoms and birth control pills and hundreds of thousands of children are murdered in abortion clinics each year in the United States alone. People commit suicide, and do all manner of dangerous and unhealthy things. But that doesn’t mean those darwinian instincts aren’t influencing their behavior all the time. More importantly, those instincts need to be taken into account when calculating the impact of public policy, if one wishes to avoid the death of the society.

So while man is more than a resource acquisition machine, and photocopier of himself, he is still both of those things. Some may be more ambitious towards resource acquisition, while some may be inclined towards reproduction, and still others might aspire to both, or neither, and many will aspire and fail. None of that changes our natural instincts to reproduce or acquire resources to facilitate that reproduction.

But since mankind is not a simple rodent, or ape, he can, through resource acquisition that might seem excessive to some, do rather amazing things that impact the entire world in ways which forever increase the overall prosperity of all mankind. When you hear about a capitalist with billions of dollars of assets and you think “he couldn’t spend that money in ten lifetimes!” you miss the point. His goal is not to spend the money, his goal is to make sure the money keeps producing more which is then invested into more production. You’re right, he could never spend it all on leisure, he’s really not even doing it for himself at some point. He’s meeting people’s needs in the marketplace, the money he brings in is just the signal telling him that what he is doing is valuable. He’s not holding back all this money to screw over the poor. He’s building factories and computer networks and housing facilities and cars and wireless computers that fit in your pocket and medicine and weaponry and everything in between, which employ people and make our comparatively amazing high standard of living possible.

If you find me someone who got rich dishonesty, I will show you someone who exploited the commons, or got some other favor from the State. The connection might, to some, seem far disconnected. Such as the fraudulent, inflationary monetary system, fractional reserve banking, and artificially low interest rates. However disconnected they may seem to you, they are hugely important to economists, and it is economists, not ideologues, who need to determine what the economic policy of your nation will be. It might be that a market formed artificially due to propaganda fed to generations in the public school system, but if you think that’s not something to consider when you ponder the outcome of a free market, then I don’t entirely blame you for being skeptical about the virtues of capitalism.

When I imagine human ambition unleashed from the restraint of bureaucrats and tax collectors, rising interest rates pushing down the time preferences of our people, education more interested in educating children than pandering to voters, a world where only the productive survive to leave progeny, I picture us evolving to an even greater status than we presently hold at the top of the food chain, and the dominant race of the undisputed ruling species of this planet. That is why I defend the free market, and why I will until I am no longer able to communicate

One might say that capitalism’s greatest weakness is that it either works entirely untouched by State intervention, or it becomes corrupted, requiring market corrections by further State intervention. I can live with this. While some anarcho-capitalists might disagree with what should be done, the hard line ancap approach is that the State must be abolished for the market to thrive. In this sense, the primary economic disagreement between ancaps and fascists is whether or not to abolish the State. While that may seem like a large obstacle to good relations between such ideological rivals, the honest libertarian is compelled to realize that nearly all his political disagreements stem from this, and so it makes little sense to walk away from this conversation. Personally, if given the choice I would roll the dice on an orderly abolition. I don’t suspect I’ll be given that choice though, and since a state is more than likely going to exist in some fashion for the duration of my stay on this earth, I think it worth applying influence on those who would seek to be central planners.

Perhaps you are more optimistic than I am, but I do not foresee the racial tensions here in America, or Europe, to improve with time. Riots and terrorism are now considered part of modernity to some, but enough of us have had it with this nonsense to put it to a stop. Leftists would seemingly prefer civil war to letting the right weild power, and they are dangerously close to getting one. Whatever you’ve been told about human equality will quickly break down with the rest of the social order. When things fall apart, people stay with their own kind, and for good reason.

I’m not cheering for the collapse,mind you. I’m trying desperately to see it avoided. The closer we get to it though, the more racial things are going to become. I feel it instinctively now myself. I honestly didn’t used to, and it wasn’t just after I got convinced by race realism. It was the black lives matter thing. I knew right from the gate that these animals weren’t rioting against the confiscatory nature of compulsory public dispute resolution agencies, they were rioting against white people. More and more white people are getting that primal threatened feeling, and it’s only a matter of time before we assert ourselves. When we do, that means carving out territory for our people, and white nationalists are probably going to have something to do with it at that point.

When they do, I hope all the free market economists didn’t call them stupid racist socialist anime masturbators. White people are really good at capitalism. We’re really good at innovating when met with scarcity. Our people could really benefit from that, and we can go on to better the world as we have for centuries. I also hope our socialist friends take our countless hours of autistic debating and studying into account, when we offer our guidance on what is truly best for race and nation. Not all of us are degenerates trying to undermine the foundations of our society. We became libertarians because we wanted to make the world a better place. Whatever disagreements we may have about how to improve matters, at least we agree that improving matters is our goal, and that our enemies intend to do quite the opposite.

So let us work together to destroy our enemies. Let us secure the existence of our people, and a future for white children. Once we have a perimeter, those inside it will naturally interact with one another essentially like libertarians, just because they aren’t savages. Once we’ve done that, our society will go through some degree of trial and error like any other, but it in the absence of our anti science, anti faith, anti reason, anti human rivals, we can learn and improve. Without them, debate will not be screaming matches and shaming frenzies. They will be enlightening to both debaters and to the audiences, as we genuinely try to understand each other’s point of view, the facts presented, and the options available. If we can all agree to act honestly, then I dare any anarcho-capitalist to deny that the next stop, is living peacefully. If you don’t believe that, then you never believed in anarcho-capitalism to begin with.

And for my socialist friends, I’d like to suggest an excellent book on just what made white people what they are today. The Ten Thousand Year Explosion. The short version goes something like this. Our intelligence, time preferences, and adult tolerance for lactose all come from the selective pressures of the environment we evolved in for thousands of years. While others hunted and gathered almost exclusively, we developed agriculture, and winters compelled us to think far enough ahead of time to save enough food until things got warmer. We had to be smart, we had to have strong families, we had to delay gratification, and cooperate with our neighbors peacefully. Failure to do so was a death sentence, and those not suited to the environment did not survive to leave progeny. If we remove the selective pressures on our people through State imposed market distortion, then in enough time, our communist rivals will be correct when they say that race is nothing but skin color. So tread carefully, should you find yourselves in the position to meddle in the economic affairs of our people. You aren’t just shuffling papers, this is part of a eugenics program. Be skeptical of your own wisdom, and that of your advisors. When you see a problem with the economy, endeavor first to determine if the State is causing the problem, before you conclude that it is the solution.

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