Libertarian Party to Physically Remove Alt Right!

According to Free Talk Live, the Libertarian Party has been infiltrated by a bunch of conservatives. Apparently that’s why they are obsessed with open borders, transgender bathrooms, homosexuality, and marijuana. All the hard core right wingers are jumping on board with the LP, because it’s obviously the path to political victory and global reactionary domination.

Libertarian Party to Physically Remove Alt Right!
Libertarian Party to Physically Remove Alt Right!

It’s also probably why Outright Libertarians is about the most prominent faction of the LP right now, which rumor has it is funded by George Soros’s Open Society Foundation. This surely explains why “Queering the Jury” (an effort to insert transgenderism and homosexuality into jury nullification) is being given at prominent libertarian gatherings. Conservatives are after all, often trying to promote promiscuity and anal sex. It’s basically the whole point of the conservative movement.

Here’s a clip of us talking about this nonsense on the Radical Agenda.


But fear not “Big L” Libertarians! The Libertarian Party is fighting back! They have planned to physically remove the Alt Right, and other enemies of liberty. So to speak. Yes, overweight mentally ill prostitutes and gender benders and pillow biters are going to take forcibly deter white nationalists from taking over their immensely powerful political organization. It’s absolutely imperative that they do, because it’s not like the alt right has shown any capacity to influence Republican politics whatsoever.

Here’s a clip of me talking about it on the Radical Agenda.

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