Libertarian Party to Physically Remove Alt Right!

According to Free Talk Live, the Libertarian Party has been infiltrated by a bunch of conservatives. Apparently that’s why they are obsessed with open borders, transgender bathrooms, homosexuality, and marijuana. All the hard core right wingers are jumping on board with the LP, because it’s obviously the path to political victory and global reactionary domination.

Libertarian Party to Physically Remove Alt Right!
Libertarian Party to Physically Remove Alt Right!

It’s also probably why Outright Libertarians is about the most prominent faction of the LP right now, which rumor has it is funded by George Soros’s Open Society Foundation. This surely explains why “Queering the Jury” (an effort to insert transgenderism and homosexuality into jury nullification) is being given at prominent libertarian gatherings. Conservatives are after all, often trying to promote promiscuity and anal sex. It’s basically the whole point of the conservative movement.

Here’s a clip of us talking about this nonsense on the Radical Agenda.


But fear not “Big L” Libertarians! The Libertarian Party is fighting back! They have planned to physically remove the Alt Right, and other enemies of liberty. So to speak. Yes, overweight mentally ill prostitutes and gender benders and pillow biters are going to take forcibly deter white nationalists from taking over their immensely powerful political organization. It’s absolutely imperative that they do, because it’s not like the alt right has shown any capacity to influence Republican politics whatsoever.

Here’s a clip of me talking about it on the Radical Agenda.

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Christopher Cantwell is a former political prisoner, and current host of the Radical Agenda. The most entertaining podcast of the Alt Right.

  • tz1

    Someone needs to do trolling to rename PorcFest as it sounds like pigs which are not (((kosher))) nor halal and might offend people. Also insure the nudists are there, and have a rainbow diversity parade.

    Jason Stapleton already says the LP is a lost cause, Tom Woods seems to be making efforts to avoid gawking at the in-progress trainwreck. I left decades ago, but even I wouldn’t have predicted the self-immolation trainwreck that was LP 2016. The only further surprise is that the Ceberal Hemorrage wasn’t fatal unless you mean brain dead.

    Perhaps an Anarcho-Kekitalist counter rally for libertarian events?

  • South Texas

    Too bad LP can’t enough smart people who realize you need white European males for the most part to have libertarian society. Part of that society is a value of high trust which is what we have for the most part for now though there is corruption. There is a reason why Mexico is Mexico and Africa is Africa. The LP loves to talk about free markets and private property and the non aggression principle but can’t show me how a low IQ sand nigger, ape from Africa, or mestizo understands those things. It’s bad enough you can’t get fairly high IQ white people to understand.

  • The normalization of Physical Removal will turn out wonderfully for whichever faction has the most straight White males. I approve of this Lolbertarian decision.

  • “It’s also probably why Outright Libertarians is about the most prominent faction of the LP right now, which rumor has it is funded by George Soros’s Open Society Foundation.”

    As a person with one step removed knowledge I’d bet $20 against that being the case.

  • Mike Shipley

    Oh my goodness, we are funded by Soros? I can’t even!! ROFLMFAO ………… I’m sure it strikes a nerve that you were one of the early removals but I assure you will not be the last. The LP is taking out the trash and good riddance to toxic filthy rubbish. #byefelicia

    • Christopher Cantwell

      I walked away from the LP years ago, faggot. Nobody removed me.

      • Christopher Cantwell

        How many federal law enforcement agencies do you guys think this communist subversive has called trying to get me prosecuted for a hate crime?

    • Christopher Cantwell

      And you try to “remove” me, it will be the last thing you do. I hope you fuckin try it.

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