Radical Agenda EP315 – Tara McCarthy & Azzmador

We’ve got a packed show today. I’m going to start a bit early actually, just so we can get to everything. I’ll start the show at 4:30pm US Eastern with Augustus Invictus, he’ll be telling us about the anti Sharia protests that took place across the country over the weekend.

Radical Agenda EP315 - Tara McCarthy & Azzmador
Radical Agenda EP315 – Tara McCarthy & Azzmador

From there, it’s time to talk about chicks, man. My piece about Women in Radical Movements has people talking. Tara McCarthy of Reality Calls is one of those people, and she joins us for the first full hour to discuss women in politics.

To briefly reiterate, I had expressed a degree of suspicion toward women who involve themselves in politics, particularly in radical movements, and more so in right wing circles. I see statecraft as a masculine thing due largely to its violent nature, and to me feminine influence thusly seems out of place and suspicious.

I of course recognize there are reasonable exceptions to this, but there are reasons the Democratic Party and leftists more generally hold themselves up as the defenders of women. There is no such thing as a right wing (or libertarian) feminist. Opposing the leftist onslaught necessitates embrace of inequality, and only a communist would deny that men are the dominant half of the hard coded gender binary. Perhaps leftism appeals to feminine instincts. Perhaps our rivals promote the elevation of women into power because estrogen poses less of a threat than testosterone. Perhaps women are just more easily fooled. Whatever the cause, those of us on the right know from voting patterns and other demographics, that we would all be a lot better off if women were not permitted access to the voting booth. Chief amongst the beneficiaries of ending women’s suffrage would be women themselves of course, since their support of left wing policies is resulting in their own misery, degradation, and even rape and murder.

In thinking of my “suspicion” of women in politics, I was reminded of Nick Land’s “The Dark Enlightenment”. In it, he discusses privatizing the State apparatus into something he refers to as gov-corp. He suggests that with the state entity being the property of its shareholders and absent democratic control, nobody would need to take any interest in politics, and to do so would “exhibit semi-criminal proclivities.” This makes sense to me, and feeds into my broader suspicion of democracy. Whatever flaws there may be in the political behaviors of women, the same can be said of men in large part, especially if we do not exclude non-whites and non-land-owners.

Most people are not suited to statecraft, male or female, black or white. It is infinitely complex. Whatever form any future government may take, the broad overreaches of the modern State are sure to influence its policies, and so rulers will have broad and destructive powers. Individually it is almost too obvious to need stating that a white male Antifa degenerate will have a worse influence on politics than a conservative white woman. However, by dealing in demographics one can broadly eliminate political problems through racial and sexual discrimination, freeing up energy to detect and handle internal threats posed by poorly behaved white males.

Tara’s recent commentary on Women In The Alt Right was refreshingly self aware. She explored the obvious marketing phenomenon of attractive women gaining otherwise unearned attention in media, as well as gender dimorphism and the gender roles it carries. She differentiated between participating in discussions, and showing up at demonstrations where potential for violent conflict exists. Suggesting that women who attend such things perhaps ought to be dissuaded from doing so by their fathers and husbands.

At first glance, she seems like a notable exception to my suspicions, though it is noteworthy that she mentioned a fiance and it would in hindsight have been wise for me to differentiate between single and taken women in my earlier commentary. I look forward to our discussion.

In the second hour, we’ll be joined by Azzmador. He’s a Daily Stormer contributor, and YouTuber who recently found himself in a standoff with Oath Cucks (formerly known as Oath Keepers) in Texas. You might recall me talking about Daily Stormer trying to egg the blacks on into renaming the City of Houston. It looks like the blacks were smart enough to stay out of the trap, but the Oath Cucks fell right into it. They even allowed an illegal immigrant to assault one of the Stormfront guys.

All this and more, plus your calls at 747-234-2254 or RadicalAgenda on Skype.

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Christopher Cantwell is a former political prisoner, and current host of the Radical Agenda. The most entertaining podcast of the Alt Right.

  • paendragon

    Re: “In Nick Land’s “The Dark Enlightenment, he discusses privatizing the State apparatus into something he refers to as gov-corp. He suggests that with the state entity being the property of its shareholders and absent democratic control, nobody would need to take any interest in politics, and to do so would “exhibit semi-criminal proclivities.”

    BWAHAHA! What else do you think we haven’t already got in place lording it over us all even today, Cantwell?!

    ALL of “our” governments are already completely OWNED by globalists corporations and oil-money banksters (aka the global counterfeiter’s union)!

    And corporations have been dumbing-down the population and turning them into stupid criminal clones of the salesmen for the last few hundred years, at least!

    We are all currently still ruled by Salesmen, who always have, still do, and always will sell us all out by selling off our countries for only their own personal gains. Like their muslim and leftist brethren, they are all extortionist terrorist gangsters, too: they always advertise fear to sell or induce us to buy the greedy hope of relief from their own initial threats; like all extortionists, they use the ages-old carrot-and-stick behavioral conditioning/ marketing binary of fear and greed against us all.

    Politicians are criminals who want more rights & less responsibility by offloading their responsibility onto victims by taking their rights! Politicians are PROFESSIONAL hypocrites.

    Don’t expect hypocrites to EVER make sense! Double standards mean they pretend to have no free will, and to always be helpless victims, while simultaneously claiming everyone else does have free will and so is responsible for their actions!

    So all they “teach” (abuse kids with in schools these days) are endless victim-blaming alibis to excuse their own criminal desires and actions, too! (See SJWs, “Antifa” etc for proof of the dumbing-down idiocracy of America)!

    “Group identity politics” is a divide-and-conquer strategy employed by globalist agents (“our leaders”) to destroy our nation’s social cohesion. Far from being “diversely equal” it’s divisive and destructive, in aid of fomenting a globalist bankster tyranny.

    The MUSLIMs are simply the shock-troops of the globalist oil-money BANKSTERS who want to destroy ALL sovereign nations so they can more easily run the world!

    It should be clear by now that government’s #1 duty is to protect and defend the country’s citizens from disasters, both natural and man-made (aka crimes) BUT those we hire (‘elect’) are in fact only the most ambitious criminals who like all criminals want to have more rights and less responsibilities than others, and the only way to achieve this goal is to enslave and control all others by offloading their own responsibilities onto their victims, by depriving them of their rights.

    So the government, courts, cops, lawyers, media and education system are NOT what we expect them to be, not what they seem: they are really ever only the “CONTROLLED OPPOSITION” to the globalist oil-banksters who OWN THEM ALL at our direct expense.

    As with actors on TV, they are all merely puppets, not real people!

    The left’s message these days is: “Any president who doesn’t want to give free stuff to foreigners and wants to make America great again should be murdered immediately!”

    For what, for acting like the president of the country he was elected to run, and for standing up to foreign globalists?

    Obviously, these little snowflakes’ minds have been brainwashed by global oil-money banksters!

    Because none of their rants and emotions make sense from an evolutionary self-interested nationalist point of view – they all embrace suicidal masochism!

    All criminals are hypocrites, and all hypocrites are criminals – advising suicidal masochism as the highest moral virtue in their victims, while reserving the false “right” to attack others first for their own good for them selves.

    All criminals MUST always defend their chosen stance of perpetual habitual greed by blaming their own victims!

    All criminals posit they are the real victims, and their victims are the real criminals!

    And the very best way for criminals to attack their victims is to pretend they were always victims, and that there are no crimes nor criminals because the criminals are really only ever victims, too!

    Re: “The greatest trick the Devil ever played, was to pretend that he didn’t exist” – BY PLAYING THE VICTIM!

    Hypocrites will never make sense because to them, their feelings always trump the facts!

    The chosen “belief” of all hypocritical criminals (both muslims and liberals included) is that their subjective feelings (of slanderous paranoia, that they are always the victims, and everyone else is always an oppressor out to get them) trump the real objective facts, (that their psychopathic choice of “belief” in their own idolatrous victimology self-image extortion syndrome, actually defines them selves as the predatory criminal aggressors, and those they slander with their paranoia, as their innocent victims) every time!

    • Para State

      Do you have anything else to sell besides defeatism in capital letters?

      • paendragon

        Cantwell wants the government to be run by corporations. The government is already run by them.
        Know thine enemy.

  • Para State

    A few days ago Varg Vikernes made a video “black propaganda” about Women in right wing movement and about how in the past the best agents and spies were women. Then he made a video following that “white propaganda” about how these women promoting traditional values don’t live up to them themselfs. They are worth checking out. And no its not true that Alt Right females in Europa face punishment and prison at every tweet. And even if, why should that be a hurdle? Why should that be any different then women engaging in other risky behavior like getting involved with drug dealer boyfriends or radikal leftist groups and so on? And why would an alt right female seek media attention where she gets punished for tweets in the first place? If they would believe in anything they speak about they would get their first white baby pregnancy with 18. But they don’t. So i don’t believe them eighter.

  • cuppa

    Meaning of Gab:
    The word ‘gab’ is Irish for talk. i.e. “Gift of the gab.” Something which Chris Cantwell has. Is Gab owned by Jews? The likelihood is very, very high but we are all wise enough and old enough to never trust any of these sites but just to use them for as long as we can before we get shut down.

  • cuppa

    Life abhors a vacuum and Tara’s assertion that we should only look at ending white genocide and ignore economic and social issues leaves those issues open to be exploited by for example liberal racists who do not have our better interests at heart but simply want a white society in which faggotry can continue. I think it is asking too much of women to agree to policies which inhibit them from murdering babies and having multiple sex partners. If women want to be in the movement they should organise among themselves to campaign for the traditional family but they would rather be around altright men than work among themselves.

  • cocosims

    I understand your skepticism of women in right-wing circles, but surely they are preferable to the raving lunatic feminists on the left. As a woman who doesn’t buy into the insane progressive agenda, it’s hard to sit idly by and watch them destroy our society without adopting a hard-right political stance. I’ve always been more of a conservative libertarian, however the crazies on the left have pushed my ideology further right than I had previously anticipated.

    I believe this is true of many (but not all) woman in right-wing circles. We understand the necessity of the “patriarchy,” that white males are inherently more logical and rational than any other demographic on the planet.

    Estrogen unfortunately makes women more susceptible to reacting with their emotions than their brains, and that is where the danger lies. They, like many minority groups, are more easily swayed by appeals to emotion and latch on to mob mentality without a second thought. Thankfully, not all of us women buy into that bullshit because we realize that it can only lead to the destruction of our society. And THAT is why many right-wing women feel the need to involve themselves in political discussions.

    As a side note, I wholeheartedly agree that we would be better off if women did not have the right to vote. It doesn’t take a genius to do the math and acknowledge that the vast majority of women will consistently vote against their own interests by supporting the commies on the left. As much as I value my right to vote, I would give it up in a second if it meant that the rest of the female population was barred from voting. I consistently vote with a white male mentality anyway, so I could be assured that my interests would be represented to a much greater degree than they are now.

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