Radical Agenda EP316 – Strike 2

I have a very important message for the readers, listeners, and viewers who have enjoyed and supported my creative efforts.

As many of you are already aware, I received a community standards strike on my YouTube account just under three months ago.  This happened for a video titled “Dindus and their Chosenite Owners Are Stupid” which was produced in direct response to a video made by the Jewish owned Rebel Media, where a black performer insulted white nationalists by calling us stupid. The video was flagged for hate speech, it was removed, and my appeal of the decision was rejected. That strike was supposed to expire on June 25th 2017, after which my YouTube streaming privileges would be restored.

Radical Agenda EP316 - Strike 2
Radical Agenda EP316 – Strike 2

Yesterday, I was notified of yet another strike. This time for a clip from Radical Agenda where I read a blog post about Trayvon Martin which I had written some years earlier. It literally contained absolutely zero mentions of Martin’s race, nor that of his mother. All I did was say mean things about a dead criminal and the irresponsible mother who exploited her son’s death for political and financial gain. This too was flagged for hate speech, because hate speech now apparently means white people condemning black criminals and anti-second amendment propagandists, even when we don’t mention that the people we’re condemning are black.

With two strikes on my account, I am prevented not only from streaming, but from uploading as well. I am presently unable to communicate with audience members by publishing new videos to YouTube. If I get a third strike, I will lose my YouTube channel completely. I could lose my AdSense account and be personally banned from the system permanently. This is something that would not serve me, my audience, my nation, or my race any benefit. I have to prevent it from happening.

YouTube is not the first platform to take issue with the content here. I’ve had four twitter accounts deleted. I’m banned from Facebook every other month. The advertising revenue I’ve sacrificed for intellectual and artistic integrity alone is easily in the tens of thousands of dollars. I’ve lost access to affiliate networks, financial institutions, and potentially lucrative partnerships because I have always cared too much about the authenticity of what I was doing to allow money and attention to get in the way.

You have seen and heard me say and do plenty of things that I’ll gain no benefit from taking back. No matter how much I delete – fans, rivals, and automated systems alike have been caching or archiving the content I’ve produced here for years.

So I hope you will trust me when I tell you have I to take measures to protect the longevity of the production. I am demonetizing all of the videos I have on YouTube immediately. Some content is being unpublished, other content will be put behind the pay wall for members only. I have unlisted many videos from the YouTube channel, made others private, and deleted others.

I am not attempting to hide or change my views. I am not trying to cover up anything I am ashamed of. I am not concealing evidence of a crime. I am making an honest effort to comply with the platforms that make it possible for Radical Agenda to reach as many people as possible.

I have to figure out a way to give you the bold, edgy, uncensored content that you have come to expect, but filter out the most shocking parts for the general public. And I have to do this before one of the more vital systems this business relies on is lost forever. I knew I was going to have to make a change at some point, but the second strike on the YouTube channel has forced the timeline to accelerate. If I don’t act immediately, I might not be able to continue producing the show.

The first thing I need to do is think about my options, which I’ve already been up all night doing without yet forming a solid plan. So I hope you will forgive me if today’s episode of the Radical Agenda is not the most exciting or entertaining. I have some interesting stories bookmarked which I had hoped to get to in an extra episode, and I’ll brief myself on the news of the day before showtime, but my head isn’t in the game right now. I have to completely focus on rearranging the production in a way that preserves both its integrity and its longevity.

But we’ll still see you this and every Wednesday, as well as Mondays and Fridays from 5-7pm Eastern time for another exciting episode of the Radical Agenda. It’s a show about common sense extremism where we talk about radical, crazy, off the wall things how to -stand up for your race without being exiled for thought crime.

Feel free to share your criminal thoughts with us at 747-234-2254 or RadicalAgenda on Skype.

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Christopher Cantwell is a former political prisoner, and current host of the Radical Agenda. The most entertaining podcast of the Alt Right.

  • Steven Lewis

    I’m so tired of Jewtube and it’s liberal bias bs. But it will take lots of capital and businesses with a backbone to compete. I understand your position and agree you must do what’s necessary to keep your shows relevant without losing the ability to make money. The (((communist))) left has had far too much power for far too long and they’re killing this country.

  • paendragon

    Political Correctness (factual incorrectness) is LYING (aka criminal FRAUD) putting feelz before fact.
    And who tries to punish others by criminalizing offended / hurt feelings? Only criminals, of course!
    Saying “You hurt our feelings/injured our “dignity” etc so now you owe me!” is attempted extortion!
    Every time some leftopaths try to extort others based on subjectively taking offense, it’s a CRIME!
    And that even goes for companies – gangster conspiracies – like Fascberg, Twatter, & ScrewTube!
    In fact, that’s all the leftopaths have: slandering others for hurt feelings in order to extort them!

  • joe smith 323

    its not worth it to lose your YouTube acct.

    just play it like Molyneaux

    • Gluebrain

      Thanks for the input, Schlomo.

      • joe smith 323

        you’re right. get banned instead

  • Clayton εжз

    Why did you remove the “Pitty the Foo” episode?

  • Wyatt Pille

    I’m sure you’re already aware that your Radical Agenda site is down. Hopefully you manage to get it back up asap.

    • Christopher Cantwell

      Thanks, just fixed it.

      • Wyatt Pille

        Happy to help a fellow bad goy.

  • Walt

    I have a suggestion for you in regards to your noble desire to reduce your use of F Bombs: For every transgression you have to donate $5 to BLM, or perhaps the SPLC.

  • Stuart Morrow

    A woman would rather share an alpha male with nine other women than have a beeta male to herself, so polygyny would result in a lot of males going without sex altogether. Most male deer, for example, die a virgin.
    I think this might result in the spread of literal poz, then. Buttfucking is a common thing in Muslim countries for a reason.
    Also, when people aren’t getting sex or women, that’s when they overvalue those things the most.
    I don’t think the Starship Troopers society could exist, because governments don’t have an interest in admitting that government is coercion.
    Like anarcho-capitalism, the only way we could get there from here is if all the people already thought that way. Catch 22.
    Shoah #24 discusses Heinlein’s libertarianism.

  • tz1

    On Modern Monetary Theory, the simple law is that Government CANNOT CREATE wealth, only redistribute it. Even the mild inflation means my stack of gold coins will buy the same stuff in 10 years but money in the bank might only buy half. Gasoline was $0.10/gallon before Nixon.

    We don’t “owe it to ourselves” – What happens if people stop buying government debt? Or when the bond comes due and the principal must be paid back? Maybe keep raising interest rates? But then those go to infinity and they ultimately default because they can’t pay. The people in Illinois owe the pension obligations and bond payments to themselves. Hows that working out?

  • JuanDeages

    I was wondering why so many of your videos were removed. That’s a shame, I recently found your stuff and your commentary is pretty funny and informative. I’m so sick of this censorship messing with content to protect people’s fucking feelings. If you don’t like it hit the “X” button. It isn’t hard.

  • the stoner guy

    Oh yea, I call that guy Black Voldemort. He’s one ugly fucker. I was disgusted with his hypocritical anti-White racism, while apparently black nationalism is not racist? Fuck ugly Black Voldemort and Rabbi Media

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