Radical Agenda EP317 – Ultimate Punishment

The Huffington Post has unpublished an article in the wake of what was surely an ardent reader going on a shooting spree, wounding cops and congressmen in Alexandria, Virginia. Luckily, the shooter is dead. Sadly, he did not suffer long enough.

Radical Agenda EP317 - Ultimate Punishment
Radical Agenda EP317 – Ultimate Punishment

The article removed was published Saturday by contributor Jason Fuller, and called for Donald Trump to be executed. Titled “Trump must be prosecuted — if convicted in a court of law — executed,” Fuller says Trump must face the “ultimate punishment” because “impeachment isn’t enough.”

Surely neither the post nor the removal are particularly surprising to the Radical Agenda audience. The only thing that surprises us anymore is that there are still people who think leftists can be reasoned with. How anyone can watch Rachel Maddow et al, freak out like dopefiends in withdrawal – trying desperately to convince themselves as much as their audiences, that the President of the United States is a puppet for the Russian government – then walk out the door and think people who take this nonsense seriously are not a threat to their safety – is just completely beyond our comprehension. No matter how many times key witnesses get in front of Congress and say there is absolutely no evidence to the claims, they just keep on insisting that this Manchurian Candidate is going to be removed from power, one way or the other.

The shooting in Alexandria was the perfectly predictable response to this kind of propaganda. If I thought the North Koreans were running the United States government, I might shoot at some congress critters myself, and I would have an AK-47 sporting a 73 round drum, instead of an SKS with a 10 round mag. Leftist media lost their minds when Trump said he would pay the legal bills of supporters who fought agitators at his presidential rallies. They said he was promoting violence, a race war even, by uttering this off the cuff as security removed disruptive protesters, who it was later discovered were paid to provoke violence. The Huffington Post is literally publishing articles saying the President of the United States must die, and then have the nerve to tell us they had nothing to do with the untrained idiot who got himself killed trying to whack a congressman.

Violence against conservatives is now commonplace.  We literally haven’t gone a month since July of 2016 without criminal violence against Trump supporters and other conservative figures being reported in the news. That would be troubling enough by itself, but since we know the news is overwhelmingly run by communists, we can be certain countless more attacks never made it to our screens.

It is no wonder then, that Democrats used their own guy’s criminal behavior to call for the conservatives they’ve been assaulting to be disarmed. Nor is it any wonder that they can’t even keep track of their lies surrounding the subject, such as when Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe said we lose 93,000,000 people a day to gun violence in the United States. By that math the country would be wiped out in less than four days. I suppose explains their obsession with illegal immigrants.

It never stops with these people, if you can even call them that. Every word that drops from their mouths is either a lie, or a truth told in furtherance of some other deception. They renounce violence when it suits them, and endorse it just as quickly the moment that endorsement advances their interests. Every effort they pursue, without exception, aims to diminish the interests of the right, and whatever demographics support it. They lie, and cheat, and steal, and assault, and rape, and murder, and pollute our gene pool with criminals and communists. Then tell us we are extra special wicked immoral people for questioning the benefits of their acts.

Jason Fuller insists that Donald Trump must receive the “ultimate punishment” and the Huffington Post was all too happy to deliver that message. The time is coming for them to get a message of their own. Donald Trump is the Ultimate Punishment, and we are his fucking executioners. I think it quite conservative to say that tens of thousands of men are anxiously awaiting the word to fall out of the right person’s mouth, telling us that the wait is over and we can fulfill our purpose in life by competing to see who can kill the most communists.

We are not weak or gentle or unaware of what is being done to us. We are the same ruthless monsters who mastered the art of warfare before your favorite demographic discovered the wheel. But neither are we the dimwitted communist revolutionaries or Islamic jihadists you fawn over today. We are a disciplined, calculating, intelligent sort of menace, waiting for the right time to strike.

Lucky for those of us who are anxious for the chance, it cannot be far off. We’ve seen terrorism, race riots, false flags, and now shots fired. We’re not going to sit here and watch you topple an elected president, waiting to see what Democrats prefer to democracy. We will smash, stab, shoot, and bomb you in a manner that will make the Islamic State look civilized by comparison. We will slaughter your males, rape your women, and leave your children in the company of the pedophiles you set free on our streets. If anyone is going to impose an unelected government in North America, it’s going to be us, and the only thing we’re going to be more liberal with is the death penalty.

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Christopher Cantwell is a former political prisoner, and current host of the Radical Agenda. The most entertaining podcast of the Alt Right.

  • Gluebrain

    where is the podcast?

  • – TheFinn –

    Gimme!! lol

  • Para State

    AK drum mags often jam. Well not that often, but often enough that i don’t wanna get caught with a jam when i’am the lone gunman. Rather go with some 45r mags. And hollowpoints.

    • Chopper Dropper

      45 rd mags are known to jam frequently as well aren’t they?

      • Para State

        No, thats why they use them for RPKs rather then Drums.

  • paendragon

    Libertine “liberal” criminals always “feelz” that the best solution is to instantly become a part of the “inevitable” problem – because that way the additional pain caused by fearsomely fearful “thinking” about problems will be over, and “only” the real pain will remain!

    “SINCE something COULD go wrong, SO it WILL go wrong, SO we HAVE TO Submit to and compromise with it now, in advance! That’s just shrewd and pragmatic realpolitik! Whee!”

    This is how they are psychopaths (thought-killers) idolaters and victimologists (substituting a preferred static self-image of perpetually enslaved victimhood for dynamic risky reality) double-standard-wielding hypocrites and suicidal masochists all at the same time! Might as well just call them LEFTOPATHS.

  • Stuart Morrow

    Bryan Caplan will do an AMA on /r/libertarian on Tuesday at 3 PM eastern time. He seems to believe the only argument against immigration is terrorist attacks, because that’s the only one he addresses. Also, on the Rubin Report, his greatest argument for anarcho-capitalism was that it could work. Kind of a dumb argument unless people already know why you would want it to work, which they really don’t.

  • Gluebrain

    Your monologue at the beginning was total fire.

  • Gluebrain

    The daft cunt pretending to be Paul Joseph Watson is fucking hilarious. He is an obvious imposter to British ears, but probably a dead ringer to a New Yorker.

  • Mary


  • Ron White

    Chris is right. Don’t attack people who put their careers above the truth! Shekels are far more important than preventing the extinction of the White race!

    • Chopper Dropper

      I don’t have much use for shills but as an example Molyneux introduced me to race realism which caused me to stop ignoring the criticisms of jews. They can be an important step between normie and full blown nazi shitlord. Avoid conflict with the alt cucks as much as possible.

  • Dmitry Chernikov

    Christopher, aren’t you threatening to slaughter _white_ males, rape _white_ women, etc.? You don’t find this problematic? Won’t the ideological cleansing you are proposing destroy a lot of lives of, you know, your neighbors?

  • Daniel Shepherd

    Is that Morrakiu doing the Paul Joseph Watson impersonation? It sounds exactly like his impersonation of him at the end of the latest Merchant Minute.

    • Stuart Morrow

      I think it’s “Horatio Cary”, who I think also did the Molyneux impression when Chris was the Rabbi. I think he has a YouTube channel.

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