Radical Agenda EP320 – Invasion of DC

I’m just outside of Washington DC, getting ready to meet up with Mike Enoch, Richard Spencer, and a whole lot of Radical Agenda listeners for a free speech demonstration.

Radical Agenda EP320 - Invasion of DC

Radical Agenda EP320 – Invasion of DC

Details are still kinda fuzzy, but I’ll update you when I can.

This blog post is a placeholder because I’m in a hurry. Show starts soon.

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  • Disqusted

    Don’t be a puss. Ask Mike Peniswich about his family.

  • blenkarni

    WTF was Richard Spencer trying to achieve with this fucking cuck protest? I heard a guy announcing to the assembled that he hoped black people and Asians would come and speak next year and we had a Beaner chick and total Muh Constitution “all mean are equal” republican cuck speaking. It made the whole event an assault on the white nationalist movement. The only thing missing was a faggot speaking. It undermined the WN speakers. Confusing. No wonder Daily Stormer was not covering it!

  • Hadding Scott

    In the What Would Hitler Do? segment, I said Bismarck three times, in the context of Hitler’s becoming chancellor, when I meant Hindenburg. Both of course were rotund Prussian field-marshals.

    I became confused when Cantwell talked about forced sterilization and euthanasia as inhumane practices made necessary by socialized medicine, because neither practice was really inhumane.

    In fact Stoddard had described the implementation of sterilization as “truly humanitarian,” and it was practiced also in the United States.

    Regarding euthanasia, certainly denying healthcare to most of the people is more inhumane than supplying such healthcare and later, under emergency circumstances, adding euthanasia of the incurably ill. Also, making a wounded soldier wait for treatment because of the need to care for a permanently bedridden person is not really humane. In war hard choices have to be made.

    Euthanasia was only done for two years during the war, without publicity, because of anticipated opposition from the churches that eventually materialized and forced an end to the practice.

    It is a strange argument, to say that public healthcare should not be provided because euthanasia and sterilization are inhumane.

    • Gluebrain

      The WWHD is a great section of the show.

  • Gluebrain

    Excellently reasoned thoughts on the aeroplane and parachute scenario. Another take on this scenario would be… what if you were in a falling aeroplane with your son but with only one parachute, but when you had other children at home who needed a father to protect them/provide for them? This would strengthen the argument for self-preservation. (An even more politically incorrect scenario would be to bring gender into this – I couldn’t see many non-European men laying down their life for a daughter, but I think European fathers are different in this regard.)

  • Gluebrain

    “The reason my teeth are all banged up is because I make bad threat assessments when I’m drunk.” LMAO.