Radical Agenda EP322 – Pravdamericana

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas has once again exposed the mainstream media as little more than agenda driven propagandists. First releasing a tape of CNN medical producer John Bonifield saying the “Russia story” was complete BS being promoted for the sake of ratings. Then,  after CNN dismissed Bonfield’s speculations as irrelevant to the facts of the case, O’Keefe released another video of Van Jones saying the investigation was a “nothing burger”. This comes out on the heels of CNN retracting a story to avoid a $100 million lawsuit, and with Donna Brazile’s coordination with the Clinton campaign fresh in everyone’s minds.

Radical Agenda EP322 - Pravdamericana
Radical Agenda EP322 – Pravdamericana

If this is what goes on at CNN, a network that tries its best (and fails spectacularly) to appear neutral, you can just imagine what’s happening at MSNBC.

One of the first things that appealed to me about Trump early on was something Stefan Molyneux spotted before I did. He makes people hate the media. Like anyone right of Lindsay Graham,  I’ve always known the media had a severe left wing bias.  I had dramatically underestimated however, the depths to which they would sink to advance their agenda.

Watching their coverage of current events makes me feel like I’m wearing the glasses from “They Live!”. I see enemy propagandists stirring a populace to civil war, while the rest of the world sees only concerned journalists preserving the integrity of our institutions.

Suddenly however, I am not the only one who sees this. Others have the glasses too, and groups like Project Veritas and Judicial Watch are mass producing them for anyone who wants to have a peek.

I hesitate to say victory is inevitable, but I have a hard time imagining these deceptions working for much longer. Perhaps a new illusion will emerge, or perhaps we are about to extinguish the fire from which they conjure their smoke screens.

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Christopher Cantwell is a former political prisoner, and current host of the Radical Agenda. The most entertaining podcast of the Alt Right.

  • testguy111

    sent you 2 comments about another video upload service & a donation on the disqus of episode 321… both messages seem to need approval or something. they vanished for me.

    once you are done with the live stream go check them out.

    @TechnoEugenics on gab
    (you followed me on twitter — Alex Strouss)

  • Stuart Morrow

    I find the instructive question to be: do you believe the burden of rearing children increases with the number of children?

    The financial burden obviously does, but what about the “parenting” burden? Most people get this wrong.

  • Stuart Morrow

    Your “Muslim strategy in reverse” doesn’t make any sense. Military-age males don’t come to Europe just because they exist – they come to Europe because they exist AND Europe has things they want. If excess males existed in the west, what would be their incentive to go somewhere else where all the bitches are also already taken? It would be a step down, overall.

    • the ultimate gaylord

      Well I mean it’s basically the moslem strategy but you’re right, the incentives don’t exist. Why move to other’s land where no opportunity, no wealth and shitty people and women with bad genes exist?

      Traditionally how we have expanded–SUCCESSFULLY–is by actually expanding our own people in whole as in the creation of the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Where we move to a new land and create new settlements by bringing our own women. Not by mixing. The countries that are the results of mixing are absolute shit. Islamic countries are a result of mixing and other dysgenic behavior–also shit.

  • testguy111

    sent you 2 comments about another video upload service & a
    donation on the disqus of episode 321… both messages seem to need
    approval or something. they vanished for me.

    once you are done with the live stream go check them out.

    @TechnoEugenics on gab
    (you followed me on twitter — Alex Strouss)(sent
    you 100$ via bitcoin yesterday, should be worth more today 😉 …
    mentioned it on gab: the amount included the number 1488 by accident:

    wanted to send the link, but sending the link seems to cause disqus to bury the comment in “waiting for approval….”

    • The comment section of this web site is a no hyperlink zone to prevent spam links in comments. Cantwell never looks at comments that are waiting for approval. At the top of the page there is a comment link. Use it. Have a good day and thanks for all the fish.

  • EzOvenOperator

    Enoch was very specific in what he was saying on the last episode of TDS, he was speaking as if arguing with right-wing libertarians in regards to single payer, saying (i’m paraphrasing) “i don’t want single payer, but i’m willing to trade (with leftists) these programs for an ethno-state”.

    the caller also said “if blacks wouldn’t have chose the democrats”, but they did, and they did because of a regression to the means…the idea of taking free shit from others without having to work for it appeals to blacks far more than any other group. if any president prior to the 1960s would have offered free shit to blacks the same choice would have been made by blacks. It has nothing to do with “democrat” or “republican”, it has to do with the people making those choices to begin with. The democrats only put these programs in place because they knew blacks would flock to their party, ensuring votes for democrats.

    • Stuart Morrow

      The problem with compromising with leftists is that it changes us more than it changes them. Introducing violation of rights into libertarianism would be a major concession for us, but business as usual for them.

  • Stuart Morrow

    The tenant is the customer. If the goal of the landowner is profit, then he has to serve the tenant, not require him to police the community. Defense would be outsourced to specialists.

    I’m not counter-signalling: I’m perfectly happy to live in a restrictive covenant where being armed is a requirement, I’m just saying we can’t expect the average covenant to look like that.

    You keep doing this thing where you say “what would happen is…” as if you think it means “I think it would be cool if…”.

  • Bip Bap

    The Shoah guys said they’d be for single payer if that’s what it took for a white nation to come about.

    • Stuart Morrow

      In episode 24 (I think), Enoch said everybody should be “tactical ancaps” until white nation – even if they’re a blue-pilled social democrat or whatever.

  • KeMuSaBi

    I think we’re making great progress politically more so then anytime in recent history. As much as the left is asking for it, violence from the right will not be helpful to our cause. In the US. we’re better off letting the left hang themselves. Bernie is being investigated by the fbi, he was the democraps only shot at the white house. Brilliant move to go after him. As long as pelosi stays in charge of the dems republicans are 5-0. We should bide our time and make hay while the sun shines.

  • Hans Jan

    It’s quite clear based on subtle ques over the years that Enoch still fundamentally believes in libertarianism. However, he realizes its impossible in a country with people actively acting for their own groups interest while whites don’t. If Enoch was president of a 90+% white country at a moments notice, I truly believe he would implement libertarian and free market ideas due to the fact that there won’t be scheming ((())) and shabbos goys (mostly eternal anglos) to ruin the social harmony. And I fundamentally agree with him.

    • – TheFinn –

      I still believe in it, but I honestly think it has some flaws. For instance the idea of individualism as the cornerstone of society. I think that should actually be the family. Individualism breeds the kind of crony capitalism we currently have through the “Greed is Good” meme of the 80’s.

      Apart from that (and perhaps some legislative bias in the direction of the family for that reason) then the rest I still hold to the same, that capitalism really is the only true path to wealth and prosperity. I really liked the idea of zero interest loans for housing for new families to form – for instance – that Nazi Germany had going. I’d probably limit it to just that though so that things could remain manageable and we don’t skew the economics too much.

      Just my 2c.

      • Stuart Morrow

        Individualism allows people to do what they naturally will do, which is form families.

        • – TheFinn –

          And yet they have done this in other forms of totalitarian societies too. That’s not a tenet of “free market individualism”.

          Free Market Individualism does however give rise to greed rather than prosperity. Two very different things.

          • Moneypennie

            What do you mean by greed? How are capitalists greedy? Can you explain it to me as if I were a woman? I don’t understand.

  • the ultimate gaylord

    Polygamy won’t work. Outside of the societal instability and violence inherent due to unattached males, it’s literally what Islam attempts. It results in race-mixing and creation of inferior castes with all sorts of problems. It results in, when unable to expand, a pressuring of civil wars and inbreeding (!) pressures, which is why all of these Islamic countries have massive inbreeding problems — they proceed to engage in arranged first cousin marriages to prevent bare branch sons. Another issue is that it will probably result in a lot of low trust behavior as people who self-style themselves as top status will engage in all sorts of trickery and society-shitting behavior to assure they are at the top. It’s a low trust thing. It’s not European and won’t produce good genetic end results.

    We won’t win a breeding race with the foreign races, either. Low IQ high violence shit-tier races always out-reproduce us because their ancestral environment selected for it due to high mortality and it’s part of their inborn evolutionary psychology. They have to be removed. The only issue is how to get there and I think the way is to keep agitating and keep speaking the truth about what’s happening.

  • Colorado Confederate

    The guy talking around 42 minutes is historically illiterate.

    The GOP that the blacks voted for WAS the relative left wing party from 1860 to 1960

    • Stuart Morrow

      So, what, Franklin D. Roosevelt was the right-wing guy?

      • Colorado Confederate

        Well, just like Trump isnt a conservative, I dont think Roosevelt was an accurate symbol the party, but rather the sign of what was to come, imo.

        But in that bygone era, the democrat party was the party of working class white people, ie, essentially right wing.

        • Stuart Morrow

          Then you should also be saying that Labour in the UK is “right-wing”, or at least that it was before racial identity politics became the thing.

          • Colorado Confederate

            I dont know anything about UK politics.

            What I do know is that Karl Marx congratulated Lincoln upon the freedom of the slave.

            Nonwhites do not vote for right-wing policies.

          • Stuart Morrow

            Wow, I love slavery now. Not. Another thing the Classical Marxists were good on was they were anti-Malthusians, and they were atheists. Broken clock.

          • Colorado Confederate

            I got the impression that they were Malthusian. Climate change is based off of neo-Malthusian-ism.

          • Stuart Morrow

            The starting point of Marxism is that a man can produce more than he actually “needs”, so they can disprove Malthusianism right off the bat: we don’t run out of food as the population grows, because with humans, the population makes the food. We run into resources.

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