Radical Agenda EP324 – Catching Up

Between guests and calls, recent episodes have been light on news coverage. That’s great, it certainly makes my job easier, but there are a lot of stories I’ve been wanting to cover. So today we’ll do a special Saturday night episode of the Radical Agenda to try and get caught up.

Radical Agenda EP324 - Catching Up
Radical Agenda EP324 – Catching Up

Here are some stories on my radar;

Morality and Abstract Thinking – How Africans may differ from Westerners

Paris ‘No Go Zones’ Where Migrants Terrorize Women Threaten its 2024 Olympics Bid


30 GOP Congressmen Have Been Attacked or Threatened Since May


11 things I wish you knew about my child-free marriage

Frankfurt Becomes First German City Where Natives Are Minority

Luka Magnotta is getting married

All that and much more, plus your calls at 747-234-2254 or RadicalAgenda on Skype.

So join us for this special Saturday night edition of the Radical Agenda, from 9:30pm until whenever I run outta gas. It’s a show about common sense extremism where we talk about radical, crazy, off the wall things like the news.

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Christopher Cantwell is a former political prisoner, and current host of the Radical Agenda. The most entertaining podcast of the Alt Right.

  • Nuke Mecha
  • Zorost

    Polygamy is a bad idea. If it happens naturally, such as serial marriage, fine. But it is a bad thing to encourage for a number of reasons, with few if any advantages.
    Advantages claimed:
    This was true up until the past couple of hundred years, but even monogamy selected for positive traits. During the Middle Ages the top 1/3 economically were responsible for about 2/3 of children. This is no longer true however. (see ‘birth rate’) In a modern society the only thing that will have a positive eugenic effect is conscious state action.

    Birth rate–
    Only 2 things control birth rate, amount of food & preferences. This is why there is no longer a eugenic effect from breeding, as food is so cheap that the only limitation on birth rate is preference. Whites have few kids, not because they can’t afford kids, but because they prefer spending time & money on other things. Polygamy will not change this. Even if preferences are changed, polygamy vs monogamy would have little or no effect on birth rate as the limiting factor is still women.

    Low population–
    You mentioned that young white females are only 2% of world population, but this isn’t an important stat. There are far more whites alive today than ever before, & whites have kept control of nations even when they were only ~10% of its population. In an ethnostate, it will be even easier to protect our borders than to maintain order in a mixed nation such as S Africa or Rhodesia. With little technology and severe resource constraints due to limited nature of farmland, Amish in the US still manage to double their population every 20 years. An ethnostate with pro-birth rate incentives & plenty of non-farm employment could decrease the doubling rate even further, easily.

    Sending young men into nearby lands doesn’t increase our birth rate, it increases the nearby lands average IQ & other white genetic advantages. It also wouldn’t be feasible assuming there were still organized nations that we’d have agreements with. Furthermore, if at some point we need lebensraum we’d just be genociding all those mulatto cousins of ours.

    The # of non-whites in the world is not an important statistic. If we shut off shipments of food to 3rd world their numbers would plummet lower than pre-colonial levels due to overshoot.


    • Nuke Mecha

      Can you recommend me a book about this?

      • Zorost

        Sorry, I don’t know of any book like that. I wrote the above based on a bunch of different sources, often not about polygamy.

  • JewKnowAlaska

    We have recessive genes AKA rare. Makes no sense to mate with brown people. It just creates more brown people. Get off that shit CC.

  • Bip Bap

    That fucking Idaho story is too triggering for words. Idaho is where we’re supposed to be able to flee to when the rest of the country turns to mud. But the fuckers know that and they’re pre-emptively filling it with mud.

    • Zorost

      I look on it as the final test of Boomers. If all those tough-talking militia guys out there let the situation stand, we know they are as worthless as we feared

  • Gluebrain

    (Cantwell on polygamy) …”if you’re one of those people that hoards fucking dogs or something like that”. I lost it at that point.

  • Gluebrain

    Fecking hell, signed contracts for a white boy to get his tops and fingers with an adult woman, but child gang rape is A-OK if you’re a shitskin illegal. America is the most insane country in the West.

  • Gluebrain

    I like that Cantwell takes the time to repeat these rape stories. These outrages merit repeating. It drives me fucking nuts, especially the fact that normies just don’t care. They say that the nature of humanity is to continue with the party knowing that someone is being raped in the other room. Never has that idea been more apt for the West right now.

    • dennisn

      About the Idaho girl, who says it was rape, or an attack? Chris has no idea what happened, and while reading about it, even mentions that it was simply “lewd behavior”. I understand the agenda he’s trying to push, but you can’t just make shit up. It destroys credibility.

      About the Maryland girl, you literally were reading the facts of the case that suggested the acts were consentual. What the fuck is wrong with you.

      • Gluebrain

        Er, so we literally have to have 5-year-old vag!nally penetrated with pen!ses before we can deem this an outrage on a par with rape? She was stripped naked, these vile animals pissed in her mouth, and other “lewd acts” were committed by these unwelcome guests to Western lands. These young boys may not be physically capable of committing penile penetration, but by God do they want to degrade vulnerable Western females to the maximum that their small arab bodies will allow.

        As for the Maryland girl, the assertions that this fourteen-year-old consented to a train being run on her in the boy’s toilet’s by two shitskin bottomfeeders is being made by the DEFENCE lawyer, who is expected to come up with this shite. Or do you seriously think, like this lawyer clearly does, that a fourteen-year-old is not only capable of giving consent to sex, but is likely to do so by entering a boy’s toilets during the day in order not only to be vag!nally and orally penetrated, but also to be sodomised by two men?

        You ask Cantwell what the fuck is wrong with him. I’d suggest it’s YOU who needs to take a good look in the mirror, and if you can’t understand why your reasoning goes part of the way to explaining why the West is in the state it’s in, take a shotgun out, and end your worthless, cucked life.

        • dennisn

          Where did you hear about the mouth-pissing — all the top google search results just say that she was “touched inappropriately”, and that the details were not revealed.

          The Maryland girl shared videos of what happened to her with her friend(s). The experts who looked at the evidence (which included surveillance videos) said that it was basically consentual. I’ll believe the experts who actually looked at the evidence, over some internet faggot who thinks that fourteen year olds aren’t interested in sex.

          • Gluebrain

            Maybe you should look beyond the first three entries in Google before deciding to weigh with your liberal opinions, you gormless cunt. You’ll find unverifiable reports of the urination in many mainstream news outlets, but of course these are unverifiable because the case has been SHUT DOWN to scrutiny. Hmm, I wonder why they’ve done that, when the truth fears no investigation? Maybe it’s because some of the details of this Eritrean 14 year old making degrading kiddie porn/tribal propaganda with accomplices on a vulnerable 5 year old girl of the dominant culture were just too grim for middle America to bear, and the Jews don’t want the goyim to know about these birthing pains of the forced Islamification of America.

            And regarding the Maryland case, you use the language of a pedophile rapist “It was basically consentual” (sic). No, the authorities dropped the charges due to lack of evidence that could prove categorically that a 14 year old did not want to be vag!nally, orally and anally penetrated in the middle of the day in a public toilet by TWO men, because she had previously sexted ONE of the guys previously, as per the expectations of our degraded culture. Anyone with the slightest amount of nous would realise that this girl got in way over her head and paid the price with a vicious double rape (evidenced with the blood spilt at the scene), but given that there aren’t cameras in the stalls themselves to prove this incontrovertibly, they have to drop the charges. This is NOT the same as “experts saying it is basically consensual”, and nor did the girl share video evidence of the assault with her friends. As for “internet faggot”, well, this is how most of us communicate over distance these days. If you really have the courage of your convictions though, why don’t you phone up Cantwell’s live show and have it out with him there, rather than being the anon troll that you are on his site? Or would you cuck out, faggot?

          • dennisn

            I don’t know if you’re just retarded, or a deceptive snake. My whole point was that Chris was just stupidly speculating and making shit up, and then you knowingly confirm this by saying the accusations were unverified — and you have no problem with this. You (and Chris) are willing to sacrifice truth and principles (innocent until proven guilty, evidence) — how are you any different than those other vermin?

            You’re doing the exact same thing with the second case. Did you see the mother fucking video evidence? I think one of her claims was that she was pushed/forced into the bathroom, and I’m guessing the videos disproved this? Did you see her text messages to the BOYS (you calling them “men” is more snake-behavior), enough to conclude that she didn’t like the encounter? You’re a fucking sick liar — sick because you have no qualms in destroying the lives of (probably innocent) boys. You are dangerous, and not to be trusted.

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