Radical Agenda EP325 – Promoting Violence

Donald Trump tweeted a video clip from his stint with the Word Wrestling Federation. In it, he tackles and punches his opponent, but his opponent has the CNN logo superimposed over his face. Apparently this is more important than health care, foreign policy, immigration, and everything else because the media hasn’t seemed to discuss anything but that and this Russia nonsense ever since.

Radical Agenda EP325 - Promoting Violence
Radical Agenda EP325 – Promoting Violence

Trump stands accused of promoting violence against the press. My temptation is to say they are overreacting, and sum this up to a miscategorized joke. That would not be very much fun though, so let’s assume the fourth estate hasn’t completely lost their minds. Let us just say, that Donald Trump is trying to get the public to violently attack journalists.

Would this make him a bad person? I say no.

We spent the last 8 years watching these lying pieces of filth polish the prior turd in the White House trying to convince us he was doing a good job. This despite the fact that the number of Americans on food stamps is up nearly 36 percent, the federal debt has more than doubled, and the homeownership rate has dropped to the lowest point in more than 50 years. While Americans suffered at home, Obama went abroad apologizing for our decadence, giving away our wealth, negotiating with our enemies, opening up our borders, and sending our best men to die in senseless conflicts he had no intention of winning.

Now that somebody has come to clean up the mess, they are suddenly interested in scrutiny once again. Though perhaps I’m using the word scrutiny too loosely. Scrutiny would involve verifying the authenticity of sources, fact checking stories, including relevant information which harms the narrative of the reporter, and a basic desire to be honest more broadly. No, it is not scrutiny being paid to this president, it is espionage.

The leftist media is not a source of information, it is a hostile foreign entity inside our borders trying to upend what little political stability we have remaining. For all of this talk about how Russia tried to influence our elections by talking about them on RT (no other evidence has been provided of literally anything else) it is amazing how little attention is paid to the clear intent of the leftist American media trying to topple an elected president.

They made Black Lives Matter riots seem like some kind of noble cause, even as they committed arson and murder in support of violent criminals. They made Antifa gutter punks out to be freedom fighters, even as they smashed windows, set fires, and assaulted innocent people. After granting President Obama unlimited executive power, they suddenly become a bunch of strict constructionists the moment Donald Trump starts signing executive orders. They cheer loudly for judges who illegally, knowingly, and intentionally put the country at risk by saying the President could not protect the borders during wartime.

Perhaps I will care more about the words of Lysander Spooner if the Democrats take power again, but for now I am happy to say the leftist media is guilty of treason. No punishment is too harsh, no power used to stop them is too great a usurpation. If they were all dragged out of their homes along with their families, and tortured to death on the National Mall, I would break two months of alcohol abstinence and have a keg party to celebrate with my friends. They deserve to die, every last one of them. Donald Trump tolerates entirely too much dissent. If you’re going to be called a violence promoting fascist anyway, you might as well start executing enemy propagandists.

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Christopher Cantwell is a former political prisoner, and current host of the Radical Agenda. The most entertaining podcast of the Alt Right.

  • EzOvenOperator

    the biggest problem with polygyny is it removes incentive for a large number of males to be productive within the society, creating more crime and less reason to care about a civilization in which they nor their genetics have any future relevance.

    i think this incentive of almost guaranteed reproduction created by monogamy is one of, if not the biggest reason the west created the greatest empires in history. i prefer to keep the west looking like the west, not middle eastern or african.

    • – TheFinn –

      Frankly this shit is just unneeded.

      Any community where this kind of situation could be brought in as law – could just as easily reverse the laws that have decimated the birth rate. That’s really all that needs doing, so I don’t particularly see how this would help. Get rid of no-fault divorce, get rid of birth control, stop welfare for pumping out kids, and you 1) create a situation where women HAVE TO go back to acting like ladies and 2) would create the required birth rate through marriage again.

      • Para State

        You can’t reverse a birth rate with law or without. Never ever happend in history. Never. Laws have nothing to do with it. The only law ever that raised the birth rate was when the europeans outlawed birthcontrol after the great plague and set the death pentalty for birthcontrol or abortion and they killed a lot of people. Your idea that Women will “go back” to an artificial status that was upheld by force is delusional.

        • – TheFinn –

          lol but the idea that they’ll take on the patriarchy without force isn’t?

          • Para State

            I never opposed the violence involved. You can’t bribe or force people to breed. You can force women under the patriarchy, but other societies had already their lesson to learn that that doesn’t mean higher birth rates.

          • – TheFinn –

            Why do people state this? Get rid of the pill, no fault divorce and birth rates go higher. It’s not even a serious question.

            Birth control = less births – in case you didn’t realise what it was for.

          • Para State

            The pill isn’t the only way people contracept. The last time birth control was made illegal, every fucking medicine man and wise woman was killed. You can’t get rid off the pill the same way you can’t get rid of meth.

    • Jack Burton

      The problem with human reproduction is that the worst people breed MORE. Polygyny just increases this. That was the whole purpose of eugenics. To increase the reproduction of the right side of the curve, but even more so to decrease the reproduction of the left side of the curve. The movie Idiocracy was about this statistical fact taken to the extreme.

      We don’t need polygyny. We need eugenics.

    • Para State

      You have these outsider group of men already because for every female that is born there are 1.04 male children. Societies had always mechanisms to get rid of that surplus through the dangers of the enviorment or simply by war. The west didn’t look so much different from the middle east for a long, long time.

  • Jack Burton

    That dumb bitch caller actually said female preferences created civilization. That’s retarded.

    • Para State

      Yeah, lost my pacience with this realy quickly. As if …as if a civilization is created because bitches say “i want more stuff”.

  • joe smith 323

    hey Chris, how about stop saying things like “our propaganda”

    that word has negative connotations. the (((MSM))) puts out propaganda, we dont

    • Para State

      Ofcourse we put out propaganda you dumb fuck. Fucking meme magic is propaganda warfare. We ride this fucking horse and are better at it then the other side so why bitch around because of a lable. Mainstream Media has a more negativ connotation then Propaganda you fucking sissy,

      • joe smith 323

        piss off faggot

        • Para State

          Cry somewhere else you fucking noob.

          • joe smith 323

            who’s crying? douchebag

  • Para State

    The female caller around the full first hour realy got on my nerves. Civilization isn’t created because dudes wanna impress bitches, it is created because they wanna impress other dudes you dumb bitch. No one needs to impress bitches when there is no birth control our indoor plumbing, cause things work themselfs out. But dress, art, trinkets, bigger houses are made because men wanna impress other men. Celtic warriors painted their skin and shields and dyed their hair on the battlefield the same way bitches wear makeup for other bitches. Matriarchat Societies don’t build shit, they just murder 3 out of 4 live born children.

  • W.W.H.D.

    The 101st airborne division is the Army’s helicopter air assault unit. Too bad I missed 1st infantry as I was actually in that division.

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