Free Shipping Special Offer Today Only

I once found myself unable to host my show one day because I had found my XLR microphone cable to be faulty during one of my recent travels. So I set out to purchase a replacement. I drove nearly an hour to a Radio Shack, only to find out it was closed. Next, I tried a different store with a giant closing sign, hoping to get a deal, only to find the inside of the place looking as if it had been ransacked by a pack of wild animals, who as it happens are still in the store drinking grape soda, and eating cheese puffs. After that I went to a different store, where the store employee in the sound section looked at me like a deer in headlights when I asked him where to find the product in his store. He instead suggested a local guitar store, where I was finally able to purchase the product.

Free Shipping Special Offer Today Only
Free Shipping Special Offer Today Only

While that was an extreme example, it left me thinking about the time I could have saved by buying it online. Usually when I shop, I go to pick up a specific item or know the type of thing I am looking for, not to browse for whatever catches my eye, as I suspect most straight men also do. (I’m lying, I treat Walmarts like they are tourist attractions) When I am shopping, I want to avoid liberals in the wild, long lines and unknowledgeable salespeople which is not usually possible with America’s rapid demographic decline, and better use that time instead on my show, working on my physique, having intellectual conversations or whatever of the thousands of things I might do in a day.

I recently decided to sign up for a sort of promotion with one of my top affiliate programs. Their big annual sale is today, Tuesday, July 11, 2017 (though they start offering deals Monday night) and the sale is only available to current members of their service. They offer a free one-month trial, so besides the Christmas season, this is the best time to try out the service. [I would like to point out for my college listeners, if you have a working .edu email, you qualify for a free 6-month Student trial and half-off membership (It offers the same benefits as the regular one, plus a few student specific ones).]

The service offers unlimited free two day shipping (or one day or 2 HOUR shipping in select locations). If you don’t have the service, their free shipping can take a week or more. Service members are also able to buy sale items before the general public so you can get an item before it sells out. You can read about the other benefits on their website here.

It’s a place where you can find things that the liberals and chosen ones hate ranging from Ivanka Trump shoes to It’s the Jews Stupid!: Who and What These Evil Vipers Are! I enjoy that when you look at a product page, they recommend similar items based on what other customers bought and that they also include negative reviews, so if you are wondering if a product is cheaply made, people will have usually answered your question in the comment section.

Many of my listeners are already customers with the service, and I’ve been an affiliate with them for a while now. Sometimes people contact me to ask if I got my commission for a given purchase, and so long as it is unique enough I’ve been able to confirm the purchase every time. If you are not already doing so, please click on my affiliate link (which is also listed on my website’s shopping mall section), and click the top banner which takes you straight to the service’s homepage, where you can browse and shop. It helps me to keep the lights on here and it costs you nothing besides a few seconds to click on my link. I am hoping soon to host videos on my website, buy better equipment and your use of my link, greatly helps me towards those goals. Bookmark it (Bookmark it I said!) for future use as well.

[I also list links to other online shopping sites you are probably already familiar with on my website’s shopping mall section. If there is a website you frequent that you think I should be an affiliate of, feel free to send me an email.]

Thanks again for your continued support for helping to make Radical Agenda possible.


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