Radical Agenda EP330 – Medi-Cal Inequality

Latinos in California are suing the state for unequal access to health care they claim is racially biased. The reasoning for the suit is that California has created a “separate and unequal system of health care, one for the insurance program with the largest proportion of Latinos (Medi-Cal), and one for the other principal insurance plans, whose recipients are disproportionately white,” according to court filings.

Radical Agenda EP330 - Medi-Cal Inequality
Radical Agenda EP330 – Medi-Cal Inequality

In other words, California’s health care system is racist, because white people get better services than Latinos, on account of the fact that white people pay for their health care, and Latinos receive theirs at the expense of the taxpayers, who you might not be surprised to find out, are also disproportionately white.

We have literally reached a point in America, where recipients of government benefits for the supposedly indigent, have become convinced they are entitled to all the same comforts and accommodations as successful, capable, people who sustain themselves. This obviously would be unworkable and catastrophic, even if America were entirely made up of genetic equals, all capable of the same accomplishments. The fact that public policy has spent the last 60 years operating under the delusion that “diversity is our strength” has only compounded the problem. Inequality of outcome is a feature of the human condition even in a racially homogenous society. Pouring the productive efforts of whites into the money burning pit of non-white degeneracy, is like shooting a hole in a car’s gas tank and heading out for a cross country road trip.

America has gotten to a point where heart surgeons and mathematicians are expected to share a bank account with mental patients and farm laborers. The only accounting permitted on this ledger, is to be certain benefits are metered out equally. Inequality of contributions thereto are features of the system, not bugs. The idea that a more capable person could receive better outcomes than an incapable person is viewed as a violent imposition upon the less capable. Even if the capable are drained of half or more of what they produce, the inequality of the benefit is the only imbalance leftists are willing to consider.

They are not waiting for a “single payer” plan to pass the California legislature. They are simply operating under the assumption that everyone within the geographical boundary of California is entitled to medical services without regard for production or contribution. Just like they aren’t waiting for “hate speech” to be banned before they assault you for it in the street. Just like they aren’t waiting for Trump to commit any “high crimes or misdemeanors” before his impeachment. They do not care about the law, only their own will.

This is why “leftist authoritarians” and “liberal fascism” are nonsensical contradictory terms. While leftists love to wield State power, expand the size and scope of government, and care quite little for anything you and I would recognize as freedom, they are still in a sense anti authoritarian. They only use the State apparatus as a mechanism by which to facilitate their own rule breaking. Laws and authority have little relationship to what they do while in office, except as a means by which to convince the populace that their criminality is to go unpunished.

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Christopher Cantwell is a former political prisoner, and current host of the Radical Agenda. The most entertaining podcast of the Alt Right.

  • paendragon

    You’ve slipped a gear or two this time, Cantwell! “Fascism” is a term most recently coined in a populist sense by the Italian SOCIALIST Benito Mussolini! (And yes I know the term pre-dates him, being a group of twiggy weak faggots strengthened by being banded together and ruled over by the axe-topped haft which cut them all down, and also that it is represented in the legislatures of many American jurisdictions).

    But “Authoritarianism” is ALSO a prerogative of the lawless CRIMINAL, too!

    All criminals seek to at least temporarily enslave their victims, by forcing them to work for them for free!

    Leftist moochers and Takers want to enslave the Makers: extorting them by slandering them into feeling guilty.


    “Authorities” demand that only they have rights, while everyone else has only a responsibility to be their slaves.

    The “general public” have been conditioned like Pavlov’s dogs to instantly trade freedom for security, to always defer their own right and responsibility to think for them selves to these expert authorities – who know that because you chose not to think for your self, there is no reason they should have to think for you either, since thinking for you wasn’t your priority!

    Authority = rights without responsibility.

    They (criminals, politicians, authorities in general) are all hypocrites who lie to promote their double standards, advising suicidal masochism and no right to self defense as the highest moral virtue for their victims, and to reserve the false right to always attack you first for your own good for them selves.

    And people only accept (and crave) authorities to, you guessed it, have rights without responsibility – the right to be cared for as a child or slave, for if with great power comes great responsibility, then with no power comes no responsibility (and so also, only rights)!

    SO it doesn’t matter what lists of rules or what kind of “system” an “authority” wants to create to bind his slaves to him, it will NEVER work, simply because those he gets to pretend to agree to it, are equally criminal hypocrites, and are only in it for the exact same reasons he or she is: to have rights without responsibility!


    People become ‘politicians’ in order to have rights without responsibility: for instance they take hydro electricity generating infrastructure which was built up and paid for by the people’s taxes over decades if not centuries, and was wholly owned by the people and held and managed ‘in trust’ by ‘the government,’ and GIVE IT AWAY by to their friends who contributed relatively tiny amounts to their election campaigns, by pretending to ‘sell’ it to them, at pennies on the dollar – and yet are in no way held to be personally guilty, culpable or liable for soliciting and taking bribes, nor for stealing that which was built up and wholly owned by the people, and fencing the stolen goods to their friends.

    (If and when someone ‘buys’ something worth $200 million, for say only $20 million, they AREN’T really ‘buying’ it at all, in terms of a legitimate sale: they are simply being GIVEN $180 million)!

    And for those same government politician ‘authorities’ who helped them receive the property they had stolen from us, to then say it’s legitimate that they raise our electricity prices to “recover their costs” – presumably the mere $20 million tender – is only to add further insult to the initial injury!

    The only reason our electricity prices have gone up (since the cost of the oil and gas which power the generators has gone consistently DOWN in the last few years – just ask the Saudis and Russians) is because when the liberals privatized it, they enabled their friends to charge us their new, for-profit prices, while still getting our taxes to pay them for the “privilege!”

    And the libertine newspapers, always pandering to the liberal crime-gang, keep repeating “Gee, How’d THAT Happen!”?

    Pretending to be the hope in stead of the means of encouraging the fulfillment of it, is putting the goal before the process, the cart before the horse, and declaring the race won before it even starts; it is simply an exercise in mere static and moribund idolatry.

    When you defer your rights and responsibilities to manage your own lives, and allow your self to be ruled by “leaders” you tend to ignore the fact that they are fallible humans, who WILL be the first people targeted, bribed and extorted for takeover by big gangs of your enemies. It’s inevitable.

    As always, this eternal struggle or present contest is between masochistic cowardly group-might selling slanderous victimologists (criminal extortionist gangsters) and civilized law-abiding, hard-working individualists.

    Authority IS Idolatry!

    Every single time we defer our own self-reliant free-will rights and responsibilities to determine anything and everything for our selves, to others, by hiring (‘electing’) and paying anyone else to do our thinking for us, they instantly take total advantage of our stupidity and screw us over BY doing all our thinking “for us” by giving all of our money to them selves, exactly as we’ve more or less requested of them that they should do to us!

    Giving others “authority” over us is also a “moral high ground” excuse to be masochistic little slaves and to do nothing for our selves – because “with no power comes no responsibility!”

    It’s the first step in pretending we can divide our rights away from our responsibilities.

    People have been trained to prefer to defer their rights and responsibilities to think and do for them selves to “expert authorities” (‘government’) who they think they are paying to do their thinking for them. Problem is, that decision also by implication pretty-much only tells those they’ve hired, that they also don’t consider them SELVES to be worth thinking about!

    “Authority,” pretty-much by definition, demands that all non-authorities Submit to being SLAVES of the Authority.


    In general, no force or police or laws or idolatrous authorities are necessary among free citizens who can and will govern themselves, while the opposite is: no amount of force or police or laws or idolatrous authorities are enough for a people who CANNOT – or will not – govern themselves.


  • UncleVladdi

    If someone is a fearful, literal “psycho-path” (Greek for “thought-killer”) they will want to form into ever-larger gangs for their own “protection,” (but really only to increase their might-made extortion “rights” while diluting and decreasing their individual responsibility) and so are “lefties” whether they place that particular label on them selves or not.

    Those individualists with spines will act as what is known (to the leftist gangster extortionists) as ‘right’ wingers. Gangsters despise individualists because their existence makes them look like the cowards they really ultimately are.

    Morality is doing what’s right regardless of what you’re told.
    Authority is doing what you’re told regardless of what’s right.

    “I vas chust following orders!” is a reversion to the infamous debunked Nuremberg excuse.

  • Stuart Morrow

    Californians can actually have high-capacity clipazines now.

  • Stuart Morrow

    10% of people have a different father than they think they do, anyway. So it’s already the case that the most desirable males (according to whatever females select by…) are breeding more than those who are less.

  • Stuart Morrow

    You say Hebrides like Bill and Ted say Socrates.

  • Thank god you kept the ann coulter intro, best quote ever!

  • Bip Bap

    I like the intro, especially the “not looking forward to this being read aloud in a courtroom.”

    I do miss the “…and subjugate the survivors…!”

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