Radical Agenda EP335 – SPLC and Chill

I had a chat with Stephen Lemons from the Southern Poverty Law Center yesterday afternoon. He appears to be new with the outfit, judging by an April 19th post of his from this year at the Phoenix New Times, stating that he was about to start work for the SPLC. So proud was he of his new position, that he boasted “I’m leaving due to an offer from another outlet, as the grown-ups say, an organization that sues the pants off racists and gives their property to minorities.

Radical Agenda EP335 - SPLC and Chill
Radical Agenda EP335 – SPLC and Chill

With that attitude, I am certain that he will fit in just fine over there. The Southern Poverty Law Center is a weapon of the Democrat Party’s rainbow coalition against whites, and are currently embroiled in a lawsuit against Andrew Anglin at the Daily Stormer. Let’s see how long it is before they try to bankrupt your humble correspondent with a frivolous lawsuit.

I may or may not be back for a live episode later this evening. I consider my duties satisfied by releasing this recording, but I might come back on later anyway. , be on the mailing list to stay up to date, and I’ll see you Monday, if not sooner.

Below is a transcript of the Facebook chat I had with him, the attached MP3 is our phone call which I only edited to avoid advertising an irrelevant and disreputable blog.


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Lives in Phoenix, Arizona


You are now connected on Messenger.

Lemons: Mr. Cantwell, I’m a fan!

Would you be up for an interview? I’m working on a story about your call-in show. And the Libertarians and Keene. Fascinating stuff.
Please let me know. I have a number for you, but I wanted to read some more about you before I reached out.

Cantwell: Don’t lie to me. I know you are working for the kikes.

Lemons: Um, lie? I’m not hiding who I work for, the SPLC, natch.
That doesn’t change the fact that I want to interview you. I strive to be accurate.

Cantwell: It’s a lie that you’re a fan. You are here to harm me

Leomons: Well, I disagree with you immensely. However, I do enjoy watching your product and reading about you. So in that sense, I am a fan. Yes.

Cantwell: If you strived for accuracy, you would find a different employer.

Lemons: Certainly, you don’t expect everyone to agree with you. Where’s the fun in that?
I do think you have a natural talent for talk radio.
A lot of your stuff is Stern-esque.

Cantwell: I’m very good at what I do, even jews find that difficult to lie about ?

Lemons: I was raised Methodist, but am currently an atheist, like yourself, I believe.
More agnostic-atheist.

Cantwell: So you’re some kind of ethnic ashkenazi who doesn’t like admitting it?
Cryptojew? lol

Lemons: Nah, I’m just not Jewish. Neither is Morris Dees, BTW.
I’m a plain’ ol cracker.

Cantwell: So it was communism that attracted you to the SPLC?

Lemons: The last communist I met was in New York. What attracted me to the SPLC was cold-hard capitalism.

Cantwell: Ah, I get it. You conflate shekel chasing with capitalism.

Lemons: You case shekels yourself. ?

Cantwell: I gotta go run some errands. I’m sure you, me, and your employer are just getting started though. ttys

Lemons: Likely. I’ll send you a couple of articles to show my bona fides. I will not misquote you. I’m even happy to read you whatever quotes I want to use prior to pub. Or we could do it all online, if you prefer, and then it’s in black and white.

Cantwell: This type of shit is why you people get run out of countries

Lemons: What, writing about people? Hell, 1A protects you, CC.
I mean you do call yourself a “professional shit talker.”

Cantwell: I’ll require permission to record any conversations between you and I.

Lemons: And if 1A ever goers away, your God Emperor’s minions will eventually come after you. Eg; the Night of Long Knives.
goes away
Sure. We can both record.
A couple you might like: http://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/news/lemons-gun-totin-left-wingers-demonstrate-trump-rally-bloodshed-on-the-horizon-9192965
One last one: http://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/news/us-marine-corps-scout-sniper-hells-angel-and-now-songwriter-andres-oz-ospina-9189035
Give it some thought. You could say it’s a sign of your eminence within the movement that you’re being written about. You’re the Alt-Right Howard Stern!

Cantwell: Wanna do it live on the air with an audience?

Lemons: I’d prefer not. I mean, I wouldn’t mind, but I don’t think my employers would dig it.
Plus, I want to interview you. I am but a humble scribe.

Cantwell: You’re an enemy propagandist working for and colluding with known liars. I’m trying to figure out the best way to keep you honest, to the extent possible.

Lemons: I’ve been in this line of work for going on 24 years, in one form or another. What I always tell people, as free advice, is that it’s always better to talk to the press. Because they’re going to do a story on you either way. Might as well have your 2 cents in it.

Cantwell: Look, I do an open phones radio show. There’s no way for you to honestly say I declined comment. You chose to talk to my enemies instead of contacting me directly because you’re my enemy. Don’t talk to me like I’m an idiot. I’m grocery shopping, I’ll follow up with you later

Lemons: It’s always best to talk to as many people as you can about your subject before approaching the subject. That’s pretty standard.
As for the open lines, then it becomes performance, something for entertainment purposes. Which I appreciate, but that’s not my role.

Cantwell: If you’re not a jew, you’ve spent entirely too much time around them

Lemons: Funny. Some of the best comedians are Jewish.

Cantwell: Definitely a jew

Lemons: But you were raised Catholic, yes?

Cantwell: Ever do 23andme?
Ancestry DNA?

Lemons: Scots-Irish. But truthfully, if I were Jewish, I would certainly claim it. Ypou seem preternaturally focused on it. Though, you yourself have admitted that you were not always anti-Semitic.
I’m interested in how you made that turn. I mean, it’s a rea life change. One that’s very difficult to disown, like all of your previous writings about killing government agents.
real life change.

Cantwell: You a premium member yet?

Lemons: I’ve thought about joining, though there is a lot of your stuff out there already.

Cantwell: Oh, it’s real alright, and I disown nothing

Lemons: Including the drug use?
Do you still advocate killing cops?
I apologize, but these are the things I must ask you.

Cantwell: I own my history. I advocate defeating one’s enemies. I don’t currently see police as my biggest problem.

Lemons: Why is that? From what I’ve watched, it seems you were ticked because of the DWI and the time in stir. But your anger lasted a long time.

It was at this point that I called him, after the call I sent him some publicity photos.



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