Radical Agenda EP339 – Cosmopolitan Bias

I was watching TV the other day, and a press conference about Trump’s latest proposed immigration reforms came on. During it, my ears began to ring and I started wagging my tail uncontrollably. I was so confused as to what was happening, until I found out that a “dog whistle” had been blown, unbeknownst to me.

Radical Agenda EP339 - Cosmopolitan Bias
Radical Agenda EP339 – Cosmopolitan Bias

The exchange to which I refer was between President Trump’s senior policy advisor, Stephen Miller, and CNN’s Jim Acosta. In it, Acosta seemed to imply that it was racist to have any kind of standards on immigration whatsoever, because only people from “Britain and Australia” were capable of learning English or positively contributing to American society. Miller skillfully deployed the DR3 (Democrats aRe the Real Racists) card, by pointing out that one would need to think quite lowly of the rest of the world’s populace, to suggest they were beneath such a low bar of entry into our country.

It was immediately after this that my ears rang and my tail became self aware. Miller told Acosta that the statement revealed his “cosmopolitan bias,” a phrase I had never before heard. Why did this new terminology tweak me so strangely?

According to Politico, the term is a “dog whistle” and has an “ugly history.”

So what is a “cosmopolitan”? It’s a cousin to “elitist,” but with a more sinister undertone. It’s a way of branding people or movements that are unmoored to the traditions and beliefs of a nation, and identify more with like-minded people regardless of their nationality.

Without uttering profanities, racial epithets, or advocating violence, I could not think of a more apt way to describe American liberals than this. They absolutely despise every aspect of American life and culture, and perpetually seek to undermine the foundations of our society. No wonder people always kick these “cosmopolitans” out of their nations.Moreover, they seem to make no secret of this, so I do not understand why they would get upset about someone else pointing it out.

Digging deeper however, we find that the “cosmopolitans” have a far more sordid history than revealed by that paragraph.

One reason why “cosmopolitan” is an unnerving term is that it was the key to an attempt by Soviet dictator Josef Stalin to purge the culture of dissident voices. In a 1946 speech, he deplored works in which “the positive Soviet hero is derided and inferior before all things foreign and cosmopolitanism that we all fought against from the time of Lenin, characteristic of the political leftovers, is many times applauded.” It was part of a yearslong campaigned aimed at writers, theater critics, scientists and others who were connected with “bourgeois Western influences.” Not so incidentally, many of these “cosmopolitans” were Jewish, and official Soviet propaganda for a time devoted significant energy into “unmasking” the Jewish identities of writers who published under pseudonyms.

Ah ha! So there we have it! Stephen Miller is a closet anti-semite, hell bent on destroying God’s chosen people by restricting immigration into the United States based on merit! He uttered the cosmopolitan dog whistle to alert Trump’s legions of militant Nazis to Jim Acosta’s Jewish ancestry, so they would hunt him down in the streets and literally stuff him in an oven for the glory of the Reich.

Wishful thinking indeed. Sadly, though restricting immigration based on merit might reduce the number of terrorists and farm laborers entering the country, it will do nothing to prevent Jews from entering or participating in our economy. Moreover, Stephen Miller is Jewish, and Jim Acosta is not (Hispanic, as I hear it), which is not what one would describe as congruent with the above theory.

Still, it reminds me of what a famous historical figure once said about the people who own Marco Rubio;

The Cosmopolitan is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profiteer, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a Cosmopolitan and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.”

I suppose that is why Politico thinks it is so troubling Stalin saw fit to unmask the ancestry of Cosmopolitan writers – who, for whatever reason, saw fit to operate under pseudonyms to hide their true identity.

Speaking of Dog Whistles, have you heard this important message from Stephan Molyneux?

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Christopher Cantwell is a former political prisoner, and current host of the Radical Agenda. The most entertaining podcast of the Alt Right.

  • ass hole

    William pierce also used the term cosmopolitan interchangably with Jewish.

  • marcel

    I prefer the term “idiot”, but cosmopolitan will do.

  • paendragon

    The closest synonym for “cosmopolitan” is “GLOBALIST.”

    • the ultimate gaylord

      Guess what that’s a synonym for, goy.

      • JewKnowAlaska

        Jews and their goy frontmen…

        Oh and frontwomen!

        And frontniggers!!!

      • paendragon

        I thought Jews were generally ‘Zionists’ (Israeli nationalists!)?
        But perhaps like how Hitler’s “national” socialism only differed from communist “international” socialism in that he wanted a planet-sized Germany rather than a homogeneous – albeit dummied-down to the lowest common denominator – planet, the Israeli Jews have taken over globalism to destroy every other sovereign nation, so that only Israel will remain to rule us all?

        • Christopher Cantwell

          How is it even possible that you are still commenting here? It’s like you’ve never listened to an episode of the show.

          • paendragon

            Just answer the question, (if you can!) Cantwell! Many other special interest groups wants globalism to succeed, only with them SELVES in charge of it!
            At it’s heart, “Judaism” seems to worship a volcano-god whose main focus is the land of Israel, even as they claim it is also the creator of the universe. So there’s nothing inherently “globalist” about Judaism itself – quite the contrary!

          • Christopher Cantwell

            You don’t ask questions, you just spout off at the mouth like an uninformed idiot.

          • paendragon

            You’re “Progjecting” again. Judaism itself is only focused on a single nation; so how then are only Jews “globalists”/& or how are Jews the “ONLY” globalists?!

          • Christopher Cantwell

            Listen to the show if you’re going to comment. I was going to ban you but you’ve been around awhile so you’re getting a warning.

          • paendragon

            Yeah arguing from emotion in stead of logic and facts is a fave tactic of you leftists, isn’t it? Did I hurt your feewings, Cantwell? Is that why you were “going to ban me!” for telling you the truth? Want to know why you drink and vape so much? It’s not because you’re a weak-minded addict (there is no such thing) it’s because it’s your main excuse to remain irresponsibly wrong all the time. I notice you’ve been gravitating to larger groups of similarly scared little gangsters for approval lately – that’s just because you no longer believe in your self or have the courage of your convictions enough to remain an individual “atheist, anarchist and asshole” against the world on your own. Oh, and your emotional outburst means you still haven’t answered my simple questions. Whatsamatter, your new best bud alt-right nazi friends won’t like you any more if you have to admit Da Jooz as a whole aren’t behind everything? Sure, it looks like some of them are, but then there’s a lot of Jooz on the right side, too – as usual. There’s nothing in Israel-centered, ‘Zionist’ (nationalist) Judaism itself which is in any way globalist, but hey if you prefer to pretend to be able to redefine terms (“dog whistles” is it?) in order to remain entitled to your own “facts” as well as to your own opinions, go right ahead.

          • Christopher Cantwell

            Alright, I tried. Goodbye faggot.

          • Thats such a load of shit. Whites would still have a supportive community basef society if it werent for Jews. Whites didnt build corporate America, Jews did. And the multiculty narrative has subverted white folks trust in whiteness, their fellow people. Instead we’ve been brainwashed into believing in a multiculty paradise where blacks and jews offer white people advice on how to act to make up for slavery that lasted in the us for a total of 70 years my friend. 70 years and we are supposed to be guilty for a million. Fuck that. If I could go back I would conquer America again and again with my forefathers. Take your garbage narrative elsewhere, whiteness will prevail. We are monarchs we are kings.

          • paendragon

            Whites have their own genetic problems – ones which come with being able to think “too far” ahead, which our savage brethren don’t have. Being able to think of all the bad things which COULD go wrong, induces a lot of us to think the bad things are inevitable, and so we have to compromise with and Submit to them before they even happen. The less imaginative races just plod along and reproduce, while we feel guilty for everything simply because we can imagine it all while they can’t.

          • I agree with your last paragraph but you only came to that conclusion by putting words in my mouth. I never said Jews were smarter. I said Jews created this shitty corporate society we now call America that Whites get blamed for. My point is only that Whites are the scapegoat for everything.

            Jews can be “not smarter” and still brainwash whites on a systematic level. Whites brainwash themselves as well. White guilt = White man’s burden = P.C. Chris talks about it. I thought it too before. I had to peel back the onion before I could understand that it is big ball of BS.

        • Hadding Scott

          There was never any evidence for the claim that Hitler intended to conquer the world. It’s not in anything that he wrote or said. In fact it was an accusation recycled from the First World War.

          Hitler said, to the contrary, that the British Empire should be preserved. That alone rules out German conquest of the entire planet.

          Stupid people keep repeating old propaganda without ever checking it.

  • Stuart Morrow

    I don’t think that racism is collectivism, or that collectivism is automatically leftist – and I don’t know that Rand did, either.

    • the ultimate gaylord

      The term collectivist is used as a gay basic bitch libertarian copout to avoid dealing with the fact that groups exist and have interests and this isn’t something you can handwave away and pretend we’re all hyper-atomized individualists. Chris knows this though, he made a clip about this.

      • Stuart Morrow

        They might use it as a copout, but what’s worse is they’re using it wrong.

      • Brian Thomas

        This…in spades! Yesterday, whilst trolling some shit-tier objectivist group, somebody made the stupid claim that, the reason why sub-Saharan Africa is poor is because of….wait for it….”they don’t have free market capitalism!!” I countered that, not only is this statement vacuous and non-sensical, I think a better explanation might just have something to do with the fact that those populations have a mean IQ not too far above mental retardation. Holy shit did that rustle their jimmies. Multiple objectivists leaped to the attack, calling me a “collectivist” who is obviously “anti-freedom” and “anti-individualist.” Fucking hilarious.

        • Stuart Morrow

          Capitalism with niggers with no work ethic and high time preference is preferable to non-capitalism with niggers with no work ethic and high time preference.

          • Hadding Scott

            Preferable for whom?

            What good is “freedom” for people who have no prudence and no self-control?

          • Stuart Morrow

            The elephants. Last time I checked, Botswana is the country where they’re making a comeback.

    • paendragon

      Forming a gang for offensive purposes (while pretending it’s only for defense/victimology) is what all “leftist” criminals are all about, and always have been. Racism is only a preference for one’s own kind, or merely the ability to be honest enough to admit being able to notice and distinguish the preponderance of different traits in the various different human breeds.
      One can be a complete misanthrope and hate all human breeds equally, (having NO real preference for one’s own kind, say from having been raised by white liberals) while still noticing that most whites are more intelligent (if not more wise or ‘smarter’) than most blacks.

      • Stuart Morrow

        Forming a gang for offensive purposes isn’t collectivism. It’s something that collectivists might _do_, but it isn’t collectivism itself.

  • JuanDeages


  • Feral Reason

    Chris, can you paste or give a link to the Goebbels quote you’ve read on the show?
    I think it started with “…one cannot defend himself against the cosmopolitan..”

    I’m still astonished how we are actually living in a historical Jew cycle. It’s like we live in a cartoonish unreality.
    Pretty much everything “Nazis” espoused was true, and the WWII is covered under layers of deceit.

  • Hadding Scott

    There was a caller to whom I shall refer as Mr. Hundred Bucks, who advocates DR³ and loves Dinesh D’souza.

    Mr. Hundred Bucks seems to think that I said something blatantly false when I mentioned that D’souza was sentenced to five years for fraud. This is a fact that anyone can easily discover. D’souza was sentenced to 5 years in 2014, not 2015. The caller seems to be unaware that almost nobody serves a full prison term. Getting out after a third of the time has been served is common.

    D’souza committed campaign fraud. It was not a technicality. He deliberately violated the law by disguising a $20,000 donation with straw donors. He pleaded guilty.

    Interesting tidbit. D’souza had promised to marry a woman named Denise Joseph, while D’souza and Joseph were both still married to other people. Denise Joseph was one of D’souza’s straw donors. Her husband was the one who reported D’souza to the authorities.

    Hundred Bucks says that “progressivism” was the party of eugenics and prohibition. In fact there were never enough members of a Progressive Party to do any of that. It was Republicans who did these things.

    There was a Progressive Party (a.k.a. Bullmoose Party) founded by former Republican president Theodore Roosevelt in 1912. This party had a small faction in Congress. Robert La Follette, who started his own Progressive Party to run for president in 1924, had been elected to the Senate as a Republican.

    Republican governor Hanly, who signed eugenic sterilization into law in Indiana, was also a leading figure in Prohibitionism. These can both be seen as conservative measures, just not in the sense of conservatism that has been promoted since World War II. Anyway there is nothing wrong with eugenics. Eugenic sterilization is good and necessary. Be proud that the first five governors to sign it into law were all Republicans.

    Hundred Bucks says that D’souza debunks the claim that Dixiecrats switched to the Republican Party, since the only federal elected politician to switch parties was Strom Thurmond. It amazes me that the caller finds that an adequate argument. Jesse Helms was another Southern segregationist who switched parties before he was elected to the Senate. The migration of the Dixiecrats from D to R is mostly a matter of voters. The fact that Southern segregationist voters switched parties is well known. Nixon deliberately wooed those voters in 1968 in what was called his Southern strategy. This is quite famous. The fact that D’souza can pretend that it did not happen and get away with it is remarkable.

    Mr. Hundred Bucks should stop being afraid of the words fascist and racist, and defend those eugenicist Republicans of 100 years ago!

    • JewKnowAlaska

      He also thinks Heilgate was a disaster! Lol

      We missed a golden opportunity to be lumped in with Milo and Gavin shove a dildo up your butt!

      He sounds like a proudboy that is still holding on to the idea that the jews don’t really hate him and will go easy on him.

  • “Cough, on the skypes there”

  • Whats the link to the first article on deathwish you read aloud?!

  • Kel Thuz

    Hadding is incapable of pronouncing German names right, and lies about the correct pronounciation of “Goebbels”.

    • Hadding Scott

      I guaran-damned-tee you it’s not pronounce GURBLES.

      • Stuart Morrow

        It’s not goobels either though.

      • Kel Thuz

        of course not. And it’s not “GOOBELS” either.

    • Joseph Malit

      It is pronounced like the “e“ in “er“, with the “r“ not being voiced.

      • Hadding Scott

        That’s an instruction impossible to follow. Did you know that in Sanskrit r can be a vowel? That’s pretty much how -er is pronounced in English. There is no detectable e-sound there.

        Normally the ö or oe in German is pronounced like the short oo sound in English, or close to it. If you listen to pronunciation of schoen or Goethe, that’s pretty much how it sounds. I do hear some native-German pronunciations of Goebbels however that seem to rhyme with bubbles, maybe because of the double consonant after the diphthong.

  • Joseph Malit

    The thing about cosmopolitans and dog whistling reminded me of something . . .
    Remember Trump’s campaign speech in Florida where he talked about sinister foreign entities working against American interests . . . and was promptly condemned for anti-Semitism?

    This suggests a rhetorical device more lethal than using “cosmopolitan“:

    Name the crime, and the Jew will name himself.

    Whether it is foreign adventurism, immigration, currency manipulation, judicial overreach, or even pornography, once the known “anti-Semites“ of the Alt-Right make an issue of it, SO DO THE JEWS.

    So make them simultaneously admit to responsibility as well as defend positions that are abhorrent to the majority of thinking people.

    I will know we are on the road to victory when being opposed to porn is called anti-Semitic.

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