Why I Consider Myself Alt Right

Since so many people are talking about me, I figure this might be a good time to explain my political views. There seems to be a great deal of confusion, caused partly by genuine misunderstanding, but mostly by dishonest Jewish run media.

After finding myself in some legal trouble in 2009, I began studying to participate in my legal defense, and thought the Constitution of the United States would be a fine place to start. I found a video introduction to this document produced by Michael Badnarik, the 2004 Presidential Candidate for the Libertarian Party. I was radicalized before the presentation was half over, because I found out that the government I live under today bears no resemblance to that document whatsoever.

I instantly became fascinated with the history, and economics that libertarianism taught. I later became a big fan of Murray Rothbard, and Ayn Rand. You might be aware, these people are Jewish. Shocking to some then, that I am today a rather vocal antisemite.

I realized some time ago, that whatever the virtues of the philosophy of libertarianism, the libertarian movement of modern day was rather degenerate. Rather than supporting Ron Paul, or learning about economics, most of the “activists” I came into contact with seemed a lot more interested in promoting drugs and deviant sexual behavior as societal virtues, even in instances where the State had no interference in such matters.

As immigration became a leading news story in America and Europe, Lew Rockwell gave a talk titled “Open Borders Are An Assault on Private Property“. From here I decided to read Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s “Democracy: The God That Failed”. From these I realized, that the libertine vision of a free society was quite distorted. The society we sought actually would provide far more order and control than modern democratic governments. It would encourage more socially conservative behavior, and less compulsory association. Just when I thought I had everything figured out, I was once again reminded of my naivety. It would not be the last time.

Around the same time of this revelation, the Black Lives Matter riots were becoming very frightening. Pharmacies and Pizzerias had be set ablaze in support of violent criminals. I had been involved in the police accountability movement, writing scathing hateful articles about police for numerous outlets including CopBlock.org. These supposed abuses however, seemed different from what I was used to covering. There was an explicitly racial tone to it all, and I always thought race baiting was a despicable leftist tactic to distract from real discussion.

Stefan Molyneux had published a video about Race and IQ with Charles Murray, and this video was posted to a Facebook group for supporters of a broadcast radio show I was hosting called Free Talk Live. The poster called Molyneux a racist, and after concluding the video was an honest intellectual inquiry, I challenged the merits of this accusation. For this, I too was called a racist.

The show demanded I apologize for my racist statements, and I said I would gladly correct any factual error I had made, but I would not apologize for speaking truths that had upset people. For this I was fired from broadcast radio, and my cohost even said to me at one point “That true statement, is racist”

If truth and racism are the same thing, then paint me racist, I guess. I have always thought it was more important to be honest than popular, and so I decided to try and educate myself more on matters of race, seeing as to how I had never really investigated the matter. Growing up in New York, I had lots of interactions with ethnically diverse people, and though I noticed patterns amongst them, I never considered stereotypes a reliable way of judging individuals, and certainly not a cause for hate, so I thought racism was stupid.

What I realized in the course of my inquiries, is that the people everyone called racists weren’t claiming that race was a reliable way of judging individuals. They were only observing demographic trends, and hate was not the focus of their efforts. They were trying to reduce the amount of conflict and violence in their society, and they figured out that discrimination based on ethnic categories was an efficient method of accomplishing this goal.

That seemed to coincide well with my libertarianism. Libertarians also want to reduce conflict over scarce resources. In libertarian philosophy, nobody ought to be compelled to associate with anyone else. People should be free to exercise complete control over their own person and property. If blacks are committing crimes, or Jews are spreading communism, discriminating against them is the right of any property owner. The fact that he may or may not miss out on good blacks or Jews is a risk he takes, and the merit of his decisions will be proven out by the market. Since a libertarian society would permit this, it seemed foolish that I should be compelled to support a democratic government policy which did not.

It was only after all this that Donald Trump seemed worth taking seriously. At first I thought he was a ridiculous clown trying to sell books. I thought the whole birther thing was ridiculous, even though I thought Obama was a terrible President. When I saw everyone calling him a racist for trying to secure the border, I found myself with another big red pill stuck in my throat.

The Alt Right is not entirely based on ideas. It is primarily an identitarian movement. We are coming together around our race, because the evolutionary psychology, and behavioral pathologies of homogeneous peoples seem to be less in conflict than those of diverse peoples. It seems diversity is not in fact our strength, but a weakness, proven out by all the racial tensions currently plaguing America.

Suggesting that white nationalists are hateful or violent is absurd. We simply want to be at peace with our neighbors. We want out of the diversity imposed chaos of modern America. While ideas on trade policy differ dramatically within the alt right, I think it an important part of foreign policy to have good trade relations with other peoples, because if goods do not cross borders, armies will.

The only reason there is angry or violent rhetoric from me and other alt righters is because we are so violently resisted in our efforts to bring about a more harmonious society. The fact that I am losing access to communications and financial systems right now, just because I’m a white nationalist seems to prove my theory.

Sure, I pepper sprayed somebody. If I had pepper sprayed some old woman and stole her purse, do you think the national news would be calling me a monster? No. This is only happening because I am white and I want to live with other white people.


It is also for these reasons that I have abandoned my hostilities towards law enforcement.


Christopher Cantwell comedian, writer, voice artist, and Patriot.

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