Felony Self Defense

Saturday afternoon, following the riots in Charlottesville, I heard via some tranny lunatic’s livestream that there was a warrant out for my arrest for a class 6 felony. I doubted the source and attempted to contact the Charlottesville Police Department to confirm or deny this rumor. The PD said they could not tell me if I had a warrant, that I could only do this by going to a magistrate.

I thought this was unwise, since the city was in a state of emergency, and that mobs of communist agitators wanted to hurt me. Seeing the press conference held by city officials, a police spokesperson said they wanted outsiders to leave the city so they could heal. I thought this was sound advice, so I left Virginia. I have no intention of fleeing law enforcement, so rather than go home to New Hampshire, I went just outside the Virginia state line to wait until things calmed down so I could figure out my next move.

I got a hotel room in Roanoke Rapids, NC, as some of you may have seen from my Vice News interview. Elle Reeves promised not to reveal my location, and she did anyway. Fearing for my life in that criminals would track me down, I packed up and went somewhere else, still near Virginia.

Phil Christiana of the FBI’s Joint Terrorist Task Force, somehow obtained my personal cell phone number and called me on it. He told me he wanted help in avoiding future violence, and I told him I would enthusiastically cooperate. I want order to be restored to our nation at once.

Phil wanted to meet with me in person, but I told him I wouldn’t be in New Hampshire until I could determine if I was wanted. Phil took my DOB and said he would run me through NCIS. He did, and sure enough, he confirmed I had a warrant from the UVA Police.

This morning, I contacted an attorney as I planned to surrender myself. He agreed with my assessment that the Charlottesville Police had intentionally created a violent conflict this past weekend, by putting the Alt Right and the Alt Left in proximity to one another, knowing the alt right had been threatened by the communists. We feared for my safety, spending the weekend in their custody, and planned to turn myself in on Monday. At the time we were under the assumption my charges would be petty misdemeanors.

Later, I found out via the Boston Globe, that I had two felony warrants.

Officials from the Virginia Commonwealth Attorney’s Office said Thursday that Cantwell is wanted for illegal use of gases, and injury by caustic agent or explosive. Both are felony charges, officials said.

If the matter wasn’t so serious, I might find it laughable. I had been maced twice in Charlottesville. Once at UVA, and once a couple of blocks from Lee Park. To my knowledge, nobody is being sought for the assaults that I suffered.

I did pepper spray one person, using the pepper spray that I always keep on my keychain. I made no secret of this, in part because I was certain my actions were lawful. I even made one journalist’s photo of the spraying my Facebook cover photo.

In that photo, you can see clearly that I am spraying directly in the eyes of a man who is coming directly toward me, while another approached from my left. I believe I had already seen this man strike at least one other person in my group, and I thought we was a threat to my safety. In the background you can see a man in a white tank top bleeding from his forehead. I sprayed in self defense, while holding a flashlight in my left hand. In my mind, this was the minimal level of force I could use to deter this threat. The other option was to hit him with the hand that my flashlight was in, which would have obviously caused more damage than the pepper spray.

I was wearing a body cam at the time. I wore this the entire time I was involved in anything at Charlottesville (until it was lost) because I knew our rivals were dishonest. This was proven earlier Friday, when someone falsely claimed I pulled a gun on them. I offered the police my SD Card as proof of my innocence, but they did not take it because they could not find their supposed victim.

That camera was lost in the fighting at University of Virginia. I hope the police find it, because I want the truth to be known. You can see in the Vice News video, that the camera is clipped to my shirt.

I came to Virginia heavily armed. I did not bring my guns, nor did I bring my ballistic vest to UVA because I was informed by our security that either would be illegal. I want to obey the law at all times because I know we are going to be demonized no matter what we do.

Our security originally did not intend to involve law enforcement in the torch march because we didn’t think it necessary, as we had not publicized this event. I demanded they contact law enforcement, knowing that our enemies had infiltrated our communications platforms. They did contact law enforcement, and I was told the cops were going to clear our opposition from our path. So we were all surprised when dozens of leftists confronted us at the end of our march. I was even more surprised when they attacked us, because we outnumbered them by multiples. These people were obviously irrational and dangerous. They were armed with pepper spray and expandable batons that I had observed, another marcher told me he disarmed one of them who was wielding a knife.

I was acting in defense of myself and others who had a legal right to demonstrate. We were attacked even after cooperating with law enforcement to reduce the risk of violence. You might think my ideas are despicable, as does President Trump. Whatever quarrels you may have with me or the President though, you should hope I am vindicated. I obeyed the law, and if I am convicted of felonies anyway, then you live in a country where ideas make you guilty of crimes.


Christopher Cantwell comedian, writer, voice artist, and Patriot.

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