Mr. President, I’m Sorry

Every reporter I have talked to has tried to tie me to the President of the United States. Ordinarily, I might consider this a high honor, but today it makes me angry. The mere fact that Ivanka is married to a Jew, I thought made it quite obvious that he did not share my views.

During my interview with Vice News, I said this in a crude and insulting manner. I’m not saying it does not reflect my true beliefs, but I imagine the President has seen this by now and is very unhappy with me, not only for that remark, but for the current uproar that plagues the country. I want to apologize to you, Mr. Trump, for this remark, and for the troubles my actions have caused your administration.

In every media interview I have done, I have attempted to distance your views from my own. In my introduction to the Radical Agenda I have made it a point to say “Please do keep in mind that I support Donald Trump, and not the other way around, but with your help, I sure do hope to someday see that change.” The fake news still insists on trying to twist everything to associate you with me, because they are liars. You already know that, but the public unfortunately does not.

The Trump administration is an important turning point in American history, and everyone knows that. The areas of agreement I have with the president pertain to saving our nation from communism and terrorism. These are noble and common purposes which only terrible people would try to conflate with terrorism or white supremacy. I would love nothing more than for civic nationalists like Mr. Trump to be successful, and save our country without taking demographics into consideration. I have only pursued white identity politics because I thought it was a necessary response to the race baiting of the Democrat party.

I came to Charlottesville to participate in a peaceful demonstration that had been issued a permit, that had been championed by the ACLU, and which I was assured would take every measure possible to avoid violence. My speaking of violence was only in reference to the attacks which came against us anyway, and our ability to defend ourselves from those attacks. I was maced twice in as many days, which I think shows that my concerns were well founded.

If I have to be punished for this, so be it. I accept that Donald Trump thinks I am evil and repugnant, even though I feel quite differently about him. Perhaps someday, someone can explain to me where I have been in error in my observations of differences between racial groups. Until then, I feel obligated to say what I feel to be true.

I am sorry to my country for the tensions my actions have brought, even if they are lawful and righteous, I did not intend to create a problem this severe. I am sorry to my president, for making him look bad, even though this is primarily the fault of lying journalists, corrupt, power hungry Democrats, and sellout Republicans.

I fully intend to turn myself over to law enforcement peacefully. My attorney shares my concerns that the Charlottesville police intentionally created a violent conflict on Friday and Saturday. We are both afraid that if I turn myself in today (which was my original plan once Phil Christiana of the FBI’s Joint Terrorist Task Force told me he saw the warrant in NCIS) that I will spend the weekend in a jail controlled by corrupt Democrats who already tried to get me hurt. I fear they will put me in a cage with black gang members who might well kill me, or at least hurt me severely.

I have been shut out of nearly every financial and communications system I once had available. PayPal, Venmo, Dwolla, and Stripe all disabled my accounts. I was shut out not only of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and MailChimp, but now even my online dating profiles at OKCUpid,, and Tinder have all been disabled, although I never used them for anything other than talking to women in pursuit of romance. I am sure this website will soon be shut down as well. People are trying to silence me, and I think this is wrong to do, since I am calling for peace and deescalation.

The plan right now is to turn myself in Monday with an attorney present, and I am also speaking to the Associated Press about them being there when it happens. Phil Christiana told me that I should call the UVA police to discuss this, but my attorney says I should not talk to police. I have relayed Phil Christiana’s number and message, along with contact information for UVA police to my attorney and asked him to make this call. I await his reply at the time of this writing.

I believe I acted honorably and legally. I believe this is an ideologically motivated attack on me and my people. I am willing to face the consequences anyway. I am willing to go to prison unjustly for my cause. I am only trying to do so in as safe a manner as I can.

Mr. President. Thank you for being honest when nobody else is. I know you don’t support me, and I’m sorry I insulted your family, and that my activities have harmed your administration.


Christopher Cantwell comedian, writer, voice artist, and Patriot.