My Legal Situation as of August 22nd 2017

I wasn’t teasing when I said I planned to be in jail by end of day yesterday. I’m just a little bit confused about what’s going on and I’m trying to gather more information. Sadly, the authorities and media have not been particularly helpful. I first heard from a livestreamer that I had a “class 6 felony warrant” for my arrest. The police would not confirm or deny this by phone, which, in combination with other false information (such as the fanatic’s gender), gave me reason to doubt the source. I left VA on the public request from a police spokesperson, but stayed nearby to monitor the situation and make turning myself in easier when the time came.

I contacted an attorney, but he dropped my case right around the time I read in the Boston Globe that I had two felony charges (one of which is a class 3) for what I presumed was pepper spraying a guy in a brawl at UVA (which the reds started). After a bit of struggle, I did find another suitable attorney who said he would contact the VA authorities on Monday morning to find out the truth. Before he could do that, I got an email from the New York Times saying I had four warrants out for my arrest. My attorney called VA authorities but they wouldn’t tell him anything, which I thought quite odd if they were willing to talk to the media.

Later I heard a report that I had been arrested, but after further investigation I determined this not to be true.

Since the VA authorities have proven corrupt, by trying to censor our speech based on content, ignoring a federal court order, and by pushing hundreds of armed white nationalists into a crowd of communist rioters, I doubt both their trustworthiness and their sanity. Since the media obviously got it wrong in reporting my arrest, and their stories differ quite dramatically from the recordings of our interviews, I carry similar doubts about them. Both attorneys I talked to said that I was due all the privileges and immunities of a citizen until I was “served” with a warrant, so I don’t believe I am committing any crime by waiting for more information before I return home or to Virginia. So that is what I am doing right now.

However, since literally millions of people want to kill me right now, I am keeping a low profile. The phone number widely publicized for me has been so filled up with death threats, that I can no longer sort through all the hate and violence to find worthwhile messages. My attorney has my email address, and he can contact me if the authorities want to relay any information to me. I have no interest in violence or lawbreaking, so if they are interested in speaking with me, I hope they will communicate with him instead of harassing innocent people or wasting taxpayer resources.

Before you ask, I am not going to publicize my attorney’s name. The VA authorities have this information, so there is no sense in making it public. The last thing anybody needs is for his phones to become clogged with the kind of communist menacing that has made me fearful for my life.

In the worst case scenario, I imagine the many civil suits being launched will expose some information once subpoenas start flying around. I look forward to this, because my entire existence revolves around telling the truth, fighting corruption, and exchanging ideas. It is quite sad that legal compulsion is necessary to get the VA authorities to pursue the same goals.


Christopher Cantwell comedian, writer, voice artist, and Patriot.

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