Spare Walter Block

In the wake of communist rioters having the cooperation of authorities in Charlottesville, it appears a great deal of confusion exists over both messaging and facts. We can expect this from the “mainstream” (Jewish) media, so that isn’t much worth correcting. When I see misconceptions from intellectuals of greater integrity however (Jewish though they may be), corrections are more worthy of our efforts.

Walter Block, a libertarian who has been hugely influential on my ideas, has a piece over at titled Charlottesville, Moral Equivalence, and Donald Trump. In it, Walter correctly asserts that when decent people are compelled to honestly compare the misdeeds of communists and national socialists, the national socialists simply lack the body count to compare with the communists. Just as correctly, Block recognizes that the reds were (as per usual) the initiators of violence at the festivities earlier this month.

The misconceptions are confined to who exactly was marching in Charlottesville, and what may or may not happen should we acquire political power.

Block seems to have given into the common misconception that all people skeptical of Jewish influence are Nazis, but this is most certainly not the case. I am proof of this. To be sure, I find Nazis preferable to communists, and even Democrats. To a lesser extent, I find them more tolerable than many Republicans. In a general election between Adolf Hitler and Hillary Clinton, my notorious sexism alone would make this an easy decision. This of course, is not a particularly high bar to set for one who has read a great deal of libertarian literature, however. I imagine if Block could see past his fear of persecution, he might well make the same decision.

The people who marched and fought for their lives on the streets of Charlottesville have little they agree upon, frankly. It is an identitarian movement, not an ideological one. We are white, and so we along with those few non-whites among our ranks, are pursuing white interests. When Jews use their disproportionate influence in finance, media, and State, to undermine those interests, we use the pattern recognition centers of our brain to identify the problem and seek solutions.

When one wants to solve a Jewish problem, it is understandable to make certain associations with questionable historical narratives such as the so called holocaust. Without challenging the merits of those historical narratives, one can still assert that whites need not incinerate every last drop of Jewish blood from the Earth, to remedy the brainwashing and other ailments that Jewish influence carries with it.

My understanding of history is that Hitler simply wanted to deport the Jews from Germany. Given what we’re told about how they were supposedly treated in Germany, a free ride elsewhere might seem like a fine prize for this allegedly persecuted minority. Oddly though, few if any wanted to take these folks into their borders, and it is from here we begin having conflicts between Jewish historians and so called “holocaust deniers”.

Whatever the actual case, what we can clearly see is one group wishing not to associate with another, and violence ensuing when this disassociation failed to manifest itself peacefully. Likewise, in America today, I and many others wish to rid ourselves of Jewish influence over the levers of State and finance. Also similarly, we are met with violent resistance when we even try speak of this issue, and so we are left with few options by which to rid ourselves of this burden.

Yet, for all this concern about “Nazis” being bloodthirsty monsters hell bent on the eradication of all inferiors, not a shot was fired as hundreds of armed white nationalists (myself included) were illegally denied a right to speak, and pushed by government authorities into mobs of communist rioters who assaulted us mercilessly. It would seem the evidence is in stark contrast to the media narrative, as per usual.

Some of my favorite intellectuals, Murray Rothbard, Ayn Rand, Ludwig von Mises, and yes, Walter Block, are all of Jewish descent. I wish no violence upon them, and individually, I wouldn’t mind having them as neighbors or friends. The idea that the alt right would come to power, and begin systematically exterminating them from the Earth just doesn’t match up with what one hears coming from alt right intellectuals. Sure, the gas chamber memes are a favorite form of humor. Sure, if we are left with a choice of compulsory association or violence, we will choose violence, but only because compulsory association is itself a form of violence. If the choice were left up to me, or anyone with a reputation in the alt right though, I think the consensus preference would be to discuss our differences peacefully and arrange for a mutually beneficial separation.

Granted, there may be a degree of coercion involved in that separation, which libertarians find distasteful, and insofar as this is concerned, I share that distaste. However, if we want to live in a society that more closely resembles the covenant community model, we must reluctantly accept that coercion is not exactly absent in the alternatives either.

Seeing as to how I have become something of a respected figure in the alt right with my media production, and proven myself in combat, I suspect my influence carries a bit of weight. So I will here decree that anyone who harms Walter Block or his family will answer to me. We should instead direct our energies at the lying bastards who are ruining our society with their deceptions, and prove our civility and reasonableness by working with people like Walter to honestly negotiate a peaceful conclusion to our once compulsory association with his people.


Christopher Cantwell is a former political prisoner, and current host of the Radical Agenda. The most entertaining podcast of the Alt Right.